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Apresentacao viii ciclo_2013_g_souto-ger_partesinteressadas17082013
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Apresentacao viii ciclo_2013_g_souto-ger_partesinteressadas17082013


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PMI-RS : 8º Ciclo de palestras Sobre Gerenciamento de Projetos da Serra Gaucha. Guilherme Souto

PMI-RS : 8º Ciclo de palestras Sobre Gerenciamento de Projetos da Serra Gaucha. Guilherme Souto

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Gerenciamento das Partes Interessadas Caxias do Sul, 17 de Agosto 2013 Guilherme Souto- PMP, CSM Accenture
  • 2. 2 Stakeholders Management Agenda Pain Why How What Got it?
  • 3. 3 Pain The Standish Group - The CHAOS Report Incomplete Requirements13.1% Lack of User Involvement 12.4% Lack of Resources 10.6% UnrealisticExpectations 9.9% Lack of Executive Support 9.3% Changing Requirements& Specifications8.7% Lack of Planning8.1% Didn’t Need It Any Longer 7.5% Lack of IT Management6.2% Technology Illiteracy4.3% Other 9.9% Bull Survey Bad Communications –57% Lack of Planning– 39% Poor Quality Control– 35% Missing Interim Deliverables – 34% Poor Budget Management– 29% Poor Project Management – 20%
  • 4. 4 Projects do not fail due to issues like this… Why
  • 5. 5 … but because of this… ; Why
  • 6. 6 Why … and this is what you get:
  • 7. 7 Why
  • 8. 8 Why Simon Sinek – Golden Circle Acreditamosque o sucesso dos projetosque vão beneficiara humanidadedependem da sutentabilidadede como tratamosnós mesmos, seres humanos.
  • 9. 9 6 Cs Approach to Engage How The Six Cs Definitions Mindsets Cooperation Developing supportive relationships across geographies, time zones and cultures We help each other Convergence Maintaining a clear purpose, direction, and shared set of priorities across distances We pull in the same direction Coordination Sharing processes, routines, tools, standards, and structure We work together Capability Leveraging the knowledge, skills, and experiences on the team We share what we have Communication Creating shared understandings across the team We pay attention to one another Cultural Intelligence Developing an inclusive virtual workplace We play well together
  • 10. 10 It is no rocket science... How Managing stakeholders as clients (TRENTIM, 2013) Good stakeholder communication can be controlled by you and your team by developing communication plan. Some stakeholders need hand- holding while others are happy with the interim progress reports they receive. In either case, help develop your communication plan by understanding more about your stakeholders.
  • 11. 11 Key Questions! How How will you keep them satisfied? Do you need to manage any of them closely? How will you monitor your stakeholders? How will you keep them informed? What do yourstakeholdersneed from the team? What does the team need from the stakeholders? What issues should the team discuss with the stakeholders? What will be the communicationplan? How often do the stakeholdersneed to be informed?
  • 12. 12 Have you ever seen it before? How
  • 13. 13 … we know the path… How Managing stakeholders as clients (TRENTIM, 2013)
  • 14. 14 Let`s review our deliverables? The BASICS... What PMBoK
  • 15. 15 Let`s review our deliverables? The ADVANCED... What The book, Practical ProjectRiskManagement:The ATOM Methodology,byDavidHillsonandPeterSimon
  • 16. 16 Let`s review our deliverables? ALTERNATIVES... What Salience Model
  • 17. 17 Let`s bring review ou deliverables for this journey? The FUN... What Gamification- Richard Bartle Test
  • 18. 18 Let`s review our deliverables? Other DIMENSIONS... What Revista Liderança - Kelly Campolongo
  • 19. 19 Let`s review our deliverables? The NEW... What Tracom – Social Styles
  • 20. 20 What
  • 21. 21 What
  • 22. 22 What Power Map Tool Let`s review our deliverables? INNOVATING...
  • 23. 23 Who needs it? What Information they need? When we shall provide? How to provide? Who may provide?... What
  • 24. 24 Got it? “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 25. 25 Guilherme Souto Accenture / ESPM CONTATO Obrigado !