Mobile Application to facilitate use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Spanish National Health Service


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Mobile Application to facilitate use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Spanish National Health Service

  1. 1. G-I-N Conference Berlin 2012 Juan Manuel García-Lechuz Mobile Application to facilitate use of Irene Muñoz Guajardo Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Spanish Sofía Arguis Molina National Health Service GuíaSalud Background The use of mobile phones as a delivery tool of the Internet content and the sales of smartphones are increasing every year. This has led to an emerging market for mobile applications. This is reflected on the rising number of users who access GuíaSalud Website through a mobile device. The Spanish National Health Service (NHS) Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) Programme has been working adapting its web contents to mobile devices since 2009, specifically CPG questions, recommendations and algorithms. At first, we began adapting the content of the CPG to PDA format, but the emergence of new tools and consumer trends have made us to change direction towards the current needs of our users, that is to say, towards mobile applications. 2009 2012 Objetives Methods Search and selection of Development and Uploading all To develop a mobile application mobile applications testing of the app relevant contents (APP) to disseminate CPG belonging developed by other functions with some (CPG questions, to the Spanish NHS CPG organisations. first proof texts in recommendations Programme. Determination of the APP iPhone OS and OS and algorithms into requirements (features Android mobiles. the application). and contents). Results Discussion This APP, available in Android Market and Apple Store, provides access to This mobile application facilitates access to CPG through a friendly and easy to the recommendations of 20 CPG, as well as search and download their use interface. The impact on the dissemination of the CPG belonging to the different pdf versions. The APP allows also access to other different Spanish NHS CPG Programme is currently being audited by monitoring the website sections of Spanish NHS CPG Programme such as news and users’ downloads. We also collect entries made in the media on the internet recent events, information about the application and the institution, and about our application. allows visiting the institution’s profile in some social networks. Guí a S a l u d A P P s D o wn l o a d s - I ph o n e a nd A nd r o i d ( 2 0 12 ) [ Launch of t he A P P was t he Fe br uar y 6, 2012] Implications 1600 1400 1349 1200 This mobile app provides a new 1000 884 dissemination channel for CPG, 800 which intends to answer users’ 600 523 needs and integrate new Access: 386 396 Access: 400 behavioural trends. 200 199 95 63 90 31 0 Febr uar y M ar ch A pr i l M ay J une I phone A ndr oi d