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UPcell is the leading rewards program for the Hospitality Industry with a Gamified SAAS program for increasing sales, employee recognition and influencing behavior. "Don't market to a single guest until you market to your Staff first".

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  1. 1. UPcell Employee Rewards Program Marc Benioff, CEO POWERED BY: “Turn every employee into your Chief Marketing Officer”
  2. 2. How do you communicate with 1000’s of employees to: While making it FUN and ENGAGING? • Sell featured menu items • Push out Social Offers • Increase sales
  3. 3. UPcell Benefits 3 Drive sales objectives through measurable actions and gamified incentives. Incent and influence staff to drive sales of your preferred items or menu categories. Achieve both category and menu-wide sales increases through a motivated and focused staff. Turn “Servers into Sellers”. Motivate Staff Influence Guest Purchase Decisions Increase Sales 1 2 4 Leverage your staff’s social networks to promote your marketing message. Turn “Employees into Brand Ambassadors”. Social Amplification 3
  4. 4. 4 Increase menu item sales by over 250% and increase menu category sale by 5% with National, Local and Regional Contests for your staff. Powerful Sales Program1 Design, promote, manage and track sales/marketing programs from head- office to staff directly on their mobile phones. Employee Rewards Platform2 Leverage your Staff’s social networks for a massive social lift of your marketing programs. Referral Program3 What is UPcell? Training Tool4 Incent and reward staff for viewing Streamed training video, quizes and supplier content.
  5. 5. 2nd How does UPcell work? 5 1st Reward sales of specific menu items, training, and referring exclusive offers for friends & family Web-based app that is accessible via mobile device or desktop computer that links staff to their POS sales Simple SMS & Email communication driving staff participation through: Contests, Recognition, Rewards and Prizes Gamified contest automation through POS integration ensuring accuracy
  6. 6. Award points for any desired behavior:  Sale of product  % sale of product vs. product category  Social sharing  Sharing new ideas to Head Office Track points relative to peers; creating competition Create stickiness through rewards for repeated interactions  Points for daily login  Sharing offers with Family/Friends  Pushing new menu products to Social Networks  Viewing Training Material 6 Why it works: Gamification Gamification is the use of game mechanics & rewards to increase engagement and loyalty.
  7. 7. Gamification : Case Study for CBCF 900 employees participated by asking guests to “round-up” their bills for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. • Staff were awarded “Ribbons” for passing/out-selling the person in front of them and for posting on facebook to friends and family. • Over 1000 Social Shares were pushed to friends and family members = 160,000 viewed posts (Avg. person having 160 friends on facebook). • $58,000 raised for CBCF Note: No prizing was awarded. Contest was based solely on Recognition/Status.
  8. 8. “Feature” Menu Item Sales Increase vs. Menu Category Sales Increase 8 250% Increase In Target ProductAvg. Results: 5% Increase in Menu Category 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Dessert Wine Beer Summer Menu Product % + Category % + 330% + 225% + 385% + 215 % +
  9. 9. Influence Purchase Behaviour Before 10% After 50% With UPcell Without UPcell Incentivize staff to promote your preferred products. Increase sales for most profitable items Increase menu category sales & Average Check Sales of “Feature” beer vs. total alcohol sales 9 With 1 to 1 communication channel with your staff you can directly influence which Menu items are recommended and purchased by patrons.
  10. 10. Staff & Social Sharing UPcell enables staff to push out Brand Approved messages and offers to friends and family through facebook, twitter, SMS and email. 1977 social shares = 494, 000 + Social Impressions
  11. 11. “In an Industry Climate where there is flat-to-no new traffic; UPcell allows us to increase sales/avg. check without having a single new guest walk through the door.” Customer Feedback Andy Moore, Digital Marketing Director, Prime Restaurants
  12. 12. UPcell Employee Rewards Program Powered by: 905-799-9980 x 801
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