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Guestengine sth


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Programme de fidélisation St-Hubert POWERED BY:
  • 2. Presentation Overview • GuestEngine Overview • The GuestEngine Difference • Overview + Case Studies of Staff facing programs •Q/A • Overview + Case Studies of Guest facing programs •Q/A • Live Demo of Guest Loyalty Programs •Q/A 2
  • 3. Première question Est-ce que votre programme de fidélisation fonctionne en français et anglais? Oui. Absolument. 3
  • 4. Deuxième question Who is: 4
  • 5. Deuxième question GuestEngine is a relationship marketing company that specializes in providing innovative marketing and loyalty programs to the hospitality industry. Founded in 2007, we provide integrated programs for some of Canada’s and USA’s well-known restaurant chains. 5
  • 6. C’est quoi: Integrated Loyalty Platform? 6
  • 7. Loyalty :: The GuestEngine difference There’s two sides to a loyalty program 7
  • 8. Loyalty :: The GuestEngine difference The Guests who join… and the Staff who promote it. 8
  • 9. Loyalty :: The GuestEngine difference But if you want to utilize ANY digital offer (Social, Mobile, Email, SMS, etc…) You need to close the loop on your POS system. 9
  • 10. Loyalty :: The GuestEngine difference This integration is completed on the Maitre’d POS system and available to St-Hubert today. 10
  • 11. POS Integration :: Closing the Loop Know your guests better: •Frequency •Date/Time •Food Preferences •Coupon Users •Social Media Influencer •Contest Participant •Feedback •Recommends your brand 11
  • 12. POS Integration :: Closing the Loop Know your Staff better: • Drives Loyalty Memberships • Drives Social Offers • Social Media Influencer • Service Score • Recommends your brand to Family and 12 friends
  • 13. Two Programs working together 13
  • 14. UPcell “Changer à chaque employé a votre Chief Marketing Officer” Employee Rewards Program Marc Benioff, CEO POWERED BY:
  • 15. How do you communicate with 1000’s of employees to: • Sell featured menu items • Push out Social Offers • Increase sales • Reward Training While making it FUN and ENGAGING?
  • 16. UPcell Benefits 1 Motivate Staff 2 Incent and influence staff to drive sales of your preferred items, loyalty, feedback or menu categories. Drive sales objectives through measurable actions and gamified incentives. 3 Social Amplification Leverage your staff’s social networks to promote your marketing message. Turn “Employees into Brand Ambassadors”. Influence Guest Purchase Decisions 4 Increase Sales Achieve both category and menu-wide sales increases through a motivated and focused staff. Turn “Servers into Sellers”. 16
  • 17. What is UPcell? 1 2 3 4 Powerful Sales Program Create National, Local and Regional Contests for your staff to compete in. Employee Rewards Platform Gamified platform enable you to reward employees for increases in Sales, Service, Contests, Social Referrals and any action or behavior you can think of. Referral Program Leverage your Staff’s social networks for a massive social lift of your marketing programs. Training Tool Incent and reward staff for viewing Streamed training video, quizes and supplier content. 17
  • 18. How does UPcell work? Web-based app that is accessible via mobile device or desktop computer that links staff to their POS sales 1 to 1 communication that links Brand directly to Staff Reward sales of specific menu items, participating in training, and referring exclusive offers for friends & family Gamified contests through POS integration ensuring accuracy and automation 1st 2nd 18
  • 19. Why it works: Gamification Gamification is the use of game mechanics & rewards to increase engagement and loyalty. 19
  • 20. Who’s using: Gamification Major brands are incorporating Game mechanics into their Marketing/Loyalty and Employee Rewards Programs. Including: Nike, Pepsi, Samsung 20
  • 21. Behaviors and Actions: Gamification Award points for any desired behavior:  Sale of product  % sale of product vs. product category  Social sharing  Sharing new ideas to Head Office  Driving Loyalty Membership Create stickiness through rewards for repeated interactions  Points for daily login  Sharing offers with Family/Friends  Pushing new menu products to Social Networks  Viewing Training Material  Receiving positive Feedback Track points relative to peers; Creating competition by: Location Region Nationally 21
  • 22. Gamification : Case Study for CBCF 900 FOH employees participated by asking guests to “round-up” their bills for Breast Cancer Foundation. • Staff were awarded “Ribbons” for passing/out-selling the person in front of them and for posting on facebook to friends and family. • Over 1000 Social Shares were pushed to friends and family members = 160,000 viewed posts (Avg. person having 160 friends on facebook). • $58,000 raised for CBCF Note: No prizing was awarded. Contest was based solely on Recognition/Status.
  • 23. Program Overview: Contests 1 2 3 Powerful Sales Program Increase menu item sales by over 250% and increase menu category sale by 5% with National, Local and Regional Contests for your staff. Team Building Allow FOH + BOH employees to compete in contests. Modify/Reward Behavior Any behavior or action can be gamified and turned into a contest including: Feedback , Selling, Referrals, Membership Drives, Training Participation 23
  • 24. “Feature” Menu Item Sales Increase vs. Menu Category Sales Increase 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 385% + 330% + 225% + Product % + Category % + Dessert Avg. Results: 215 % + Wine Beer 250% Increase In Target Product Summer Menu 5% Increase in Menu Category 24
  • 25. Influence Purchase Behaviour With 1 to 1 communication channel with your staff you can directly influence which Menu items are recommended and purchased by patrons. Sales of “Feature” beer vs. total alcohol sales Increase sales for most profitable items Before After 10% 50% Without UPcell With UPcell Incentivize staff to promote your preferred products. Increase menu category sales & Average Check 25
  • 26. Program Overview: Social Amplification 1 2 3 Amplify your Social Reach Leverage your Staff’s social networks with our Social Sharing programs. Receive millions of free social impressions from your staff pushing out your Brand’s offers and promotions. Create Brand Ambassadors Turn every employee into your Chief Marketing Officer. An engaged employee is one who cares about the success of the company they work for. Analytics Understand who are your Brand Ambassadors within your employees and how they are impacting your Social ROI. 26
  • 27. Staff & Social Sharing UPcell enables staff to push out Brand Approved messages and offers to friends and family through facebook, twitter, SMS and email. 1977 social shares = 494, 000 + Social Impressions
  • 28. Customer Feedback “In an Industry Climate where there is flat-to-no new traffic; UPcell allows us to increase sales/avg. check without having a single new guest walk through the door.” Andy Moore, Digital Marketing Manager, Prime Restaurants
  • 29. UPcell Employee Rewards Program Questions ?
  • 30. Programme de fidélisation St-Hubert POWERED BY:
  • 31. Develop a mobile loyalty program for guests to: • Increase Guest Frequency • Increase Avg. Check • Increase new trials • Influence and Reward Guests at multiple touchpoints at a variety of St-Hubert concepts While making it FUN and ENGAGING?
  • 32. Loyalty :: Multiple Touchpoints 32
  • 33. Mobile Loyalty Benefits 1 Always with your Guests 2 Allows anyone with internet access to join/participate on any device: There are 2 phones for every person in North America. Rewards, Coupons, promotions have a view rate of 98% 3 Social Amplification Traditional card-based Loyalty programs have no ability for Social Sharing. Turn “Guests into Brand Ambassadors”. Web-based Program Tablet, Phone, Desktop Computer 4 Increase Sales Frequency, Check Avg, New Trials and Team/Group Sharing are all programs designed specifically to increase restaurant sales. 33
  • 34. PROGRAMS :: Overview GuestEngine provides integrated programs in one customizable mobile web-app. Mobile Coupons, Rewards and Digital Offers Surveys/Real-Time Feedback Referral Program Loyalty Program Profile Management Additional Programs: Team/Group Sharing, Contests, Locations, Online Ordering
  • 35. PROGRAMS :: Customization Each tile is customizable in Colour, Image, Size and Position.
  • 36. OVERVIEW :: Sign Up/Sign In Customers can Sign Up or Sign In to receive/review their Rewards and Offers. Sign Up or Sign In
  • 37. Mobile Coupons – My Rewards
  • 38. My Rewards- Rewards Customers receive and can review their offers in the “My Rewards” section. • Rewards are automated with (SMS) Text-Based or email notifications when rewards are available, expiring, etc.. • Automated Rewards include: o o o o o Sign-Up/Welcome Offer Birthday Offer Program Anniversary Offer $ value Offers % Offers * any additional Rewards can be added/modified
  • 39. PROGRAMS :: Mobile Offers Offers have 2 components: One for the Customer & one for Redemption.
  • 40. MOBILE COUPONS – POS REDEMPTION • Guests show their Unique PIN Code to the cashier or Server. • Each code is unique to each individual. • Server/Cashier writes down or enters code directly into Maitre’d EDMS
  • 41. Maitre’d EDMS (External Discount Manager System) 41
  • 42. Case Study: Mobile Coupon Redemption 100 members % % 30% Redemption 97.7% view rate 42
  • 43. Mobile Loyalty – Track My Visits
  • 44. Loyalty: Tracking Visits Unique Bill ID code Second integration with Maitre’d Enables a unique 6-8 digit code on bottom of printed guests cheques. 44
  • 45. Loyalty: Tracking Visits 45
  • 46. Loyalty: Social Sharing 46
  • 47. Social Sharing: Case Study 100 unit USA chain Refer 5 friends get a free Bowl (Dinner) 15,000 offers referred 60% redemption 17,000 new Facebook Fans generated in 2 weeks (36% growth) 47
  • 48. Loyalty Guest Rewards Program Questions ?
  • 49. Proceed to live demo 49