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  • With Zune and Media center, where we use content to bring our experiences to life
  • 1919 – 1930 > bauhaus school
  • Our first step in building Metro, was to look not at phones, or computers, but to step back and look at how users navigate information in their every day activities, our team had the inspiration of transportation graphics, where it’s a common design language that millions of people use everyday to find their way, be it at Narita or JFK or the London Underground, Transportation graphics use of universal icons, clean consistent typography and graphic elements, with strong bold colors was the foundation for MetroRecognitionNew Your – London – metro experience should be recognizable and simple, fluid,
  • I hopeyou have foundthis session as exciting and inspiring as I didThe aim of suchencounteris to giveyou a perspective and a broadercontext on whatwe are doing and whyTonightwas about UI, how itevolves and how ithelps to use technology to the full and how itenables new usages or new ways of accessing informationWetalked a lot about Metro, whatinspiredit and how Universalitis. It isoptimised for Touch as shown on the Lumia, but willworkperfectlywith mouse and keyboard as well. This interface isat the core of how we are reimagining Windows and make new experiences possibleMetro isverydifferentiating:It’sfast & fluidIt’sdynamic…and eachtileis a real window on your applicationIt ishighlypersonalAnd itbeautifullyworkstogether to complete scenariosAt the same time itisincredibly consistentWewillbe the first one to offer a similarexêriencethatworksbeautifully on the smallscreen of a smartphone, on slate, on tablet, on ultrabook, notebook, desktop, all-in-one , xbox and TVWhatgoesalongwiththisis the incrediblechoice of devicesThere are alreadyseveral phones out in the marketMany important OEM have unveiledtheir plans on windowstabletsUltrabookswere all the crazeat CES includingsome prototypes or Touchultrabooksenabling no compromise experiencesbetween content consumption and content productionAll-inonesbecoming more and more popularAnd up to TV via XboxThese are veryexciting times for us and I do hopewecan continue this dialogue to furtherdiscusswithyou how Microsoft isunleashing innovation.
  • Reminder on somepracticalities
  • Windows 8

    1. 1. Designer Tipografia Transmissão demoderno internacional movimentoThe Bauhaus
    2. 2. New York Times
    3. 3. Conectado a nuvemDinamico e “vivo”Maravilhoso uso da tipografiaCores vibrantesMovimento
    4. 4. Execute“bata” !
    5. 5. 5 seg. para salvar automaticamenteVisão do usuário: não feche, só deixe o aplicativo
    6. 6. Style apps Desktop apps View XAML HTML / CSSController C C# JavaScript Model C++ VB HTML C C# JavaScript C++ VB WinRT APIs System Services Communication Graphics & Devices & & Data Media Printing .NE Application Model Internet Win32 T/ Explorer SL Core Windows Core OS Services
    7. 7. Controles padrões interface
    8. 8. // Send an SMS to locate a second, lost PCvar new "14250000000"; "Where is my tablet?";------------------------------------------------------------// Elsewhere …, on the lost PC function var // Parse message body and reply with current location
    9. 9. Sua aplicação no estilo Ecosistema de Mais possibilidades! Windows Store App dispositivos
    10. 10.