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How Design-Thinking Marketers Can Change Healthcare
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How Design-Thinking Marketers Can Change Healthcare


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Guidelines and a case study on how marketing and communications can lead innovative business strategy that’s customer based by creating and fostering a test environment, using feedback loops for …

Guidelines and a case study on how marketing and communications can lead innovative business strategy that’s customer based by creating and fostering a test environment, using feedback loops for listening to feedback and driving success, and iterating and scaling in the short and long term

Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. How Design-Thinking Marketers Can Change Healthcare
  • 2. Suzanne Towry Director, Communications Vanguard Health Systems Tess Coody Partner & Chief Executive Officer Guerra DeBerry Coody
  • 3.
    • Design Principles applied to Business:
    • Understand and observe
    • Assume the consumer’s point of view
    • Develop the idea
    • Create a prototype
    • Test, test, test
    • Iterate and scale
    What is Design Thinking?
  • 4.
    • Define Goals, then Suspend SOP
    • Diagnose the organization’s culture first
    • Assume the voice of the consumer
    • Look for opportunities to change the status quo
    • Link these to business strategy
    • Create a virtual, design-thinking laboratory
    • Expect change to change expectations
    • Review, refine, repeat
    Where Do You Begin?
  • 5.
    • Improve health
    • Improve the healthcare experience
    • Reduce costs
    Define Goals
  • 6.
    • Impassioned leadership
    • Open to change and evolution
    • Entrepreneurial environment
    • Shared vision, mission and values
    Diagnose the Culture
  • 7.
    • “ I want to feel and be healthier”
    • “ I want a better experience: shorter wait times, more time with my doctor, etc.”
    • “ I want to understand my costs and keep those costs to a minimum”
    • “ I want to be better informed”
    The Voice of the Consumer
  • 8.
    • Re-visioned goals
    • New processes
    • Measurable expectations
    • Greater accountability
    Change the Status Quo
  • 9.
    • Identify opportunities
    • Evaluate resources
    • Build the strategy
    • Define success
    Link to Business Strategy
  • 10.
    • Recruit thought leaders
    • Insulate project from daily operations
    • Embrace ambiguity, complexity and likelihood of error
    • Set only minimum ground rules
    Create a Virtual Laboratory
  • 11.
    • What was… is no more
    • What could be… is
    • 3.What was accepted… is not enough
    Expect Change to Change Expectations
  • 12.
    • Take stock of what is and isn’t working
    • Make changes, additions or deletions
    • Try it again
    Review, Refine, Repeat
  • 13. Design Thinking at Vanguard Health Systems
  • 14.
    • Improve health
      • Healthier and happier employees
      • Improved employee retention
      • Increased productivity
    • Improve healthcare experience
      • Increased consumer preference for VHS
      • Increased physician preference
      • Increased service line volume
    Vanguard’s Goals
  • 15.
    • Reduce healthcare costs
      • Less out-of-pocket expense
      • Greater financial resources
      • Improved bottom line
    Vanguard’s Goals
  • 16.
    • Into the Laboratory with:
    • Tenzing Health
    • Shared Goals with Vanguard:
      • Improve health
      • Improve the healthcare experience
      • Reduce healthcare costs
  • 17. Into the Laboratory with: Tenzing Health What It Is: An unprecedented member-driven health management service that puts consumers in the center of healthcare and connects them with providers committed to excellence and cost-conscious care.
  • 18. Into the Laboratory with: Tenzing Health What It Will Do: Create an integrated delivery network organized around members’ wants and needs, partnering with providers focused on performance and improved health versus service delivery and volume.
  • 19. Tenzing Health Strategy
    • Perform rich, deep analysis on claims data and
    • utilization, something we currently don’t get from
    • Vanguard’s TPA
    • Create a powerful community of members whose voices
    • are amplified by virtue of their ability to speak as a group
    • rather than as individuals
  • 20. Tenzing Health Strategy
    • Provide each member with a Tenzing Health Guide to assist with accessing care, understanding claims, adhering to protocols and more
    • Create aligned incentives on a pay-for-performance basis, rather than fee-for-service, with Primary Care Physicians who will build strong relationships with members and guide their care
  • 21. Tenzing Health Strategy
    • Support employer and members with education, tools
    • and services that help drive workforce health and
    • change behavior to achieve positive outcomes
  • 22. How Are Marketing & Communications Leading the Way?
  • 23. Bedrock to Success: Consistent Communication with Key Messages & Feedback Loops
    • For doctors and staff
    • For provider partners
    • For the employer
    • For members and their families
  • 24. Achieving Shared Goals = Rewards for Provider Partners and Members
  • 25. Tenzing Health Today A Successful Phase 1
    • Reviewed data from initial test among 100 charter members
    • Refined program and process
    • Repeating test among an additional 300 members (Phase 2)
  • 26. Tenzing Health Tomorrow Phase 2 - A Work in Progress
    • Data from Phase 2 being collected and reviewed
    • Analysis will determine Phase 3, which will be rolled out to an additional 6,000 members in July 2010
  • 27. This presentation and the related whitepaper, “5 Steps to Changing the Healthcare Perspective,” are available at Thank you!