Why I Love Lyoness - and the Business & Career Opportunities it Offers

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This is a short presentation that explains why I think that Lyoness is a wonderful organization and why I would like to recommend it to my family and friends. …

This is a short presentation that explains why I think that Lyoness is a wonderful organization and why I would like to recommend it to my family and friends.

What I like particularly about Lyoness is not only that it can help us MANIFEST our DREAMS - by offering us the opportunity to gain financial independence - but also that the organization is set up in a way that automatically creates POSITIVE CHANGE in the world (by supporting two charities: Greenfinity and the Child and Family Foundation).

Membership with Lyoness is FREE - and you are NOT required to buy or sell or do or pay ANYTHING :)

Please click on the links on my Lyconet website to find out more about the exciting OPPORTUNITIES that Lyoness offers to EVERYBODY who SHOPS (groceries, clothes, gas, etc) as well as to all SMALL BUSINESSES that would like to attract more customers:

If you are interested in creating positive change in the world, please also check out my current PROJECT: the establishment of a “CENTER FOR FINDING FULFILLMENT" with a special "7 ESSENTIAL ARTS PROGRAM" (= an alternative universal education system) and other planned institutions (e.g. animal sanctuary, wellness centre, home for active seniors, child and youth programs, and more):

Please email me (email address on my website) if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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  • 1. Why I Lyoness … and Everything You Can DO with it…
  • 2. In my opinion, Lyoness has a LOT of POTENTIAL: in Particular: the POTENTIAL to Provide a Dream Job that Can Help Make Dreams Come True!
  • 3. My Personal Dream Job should be characterized by the following …
  • 4. It should … … Let me Be my Own BOSS so that I Can Do what I Want and in my Own Way
  • 5. It should … … Give me Enough TIME to Do All the Things I LOVE Doing & that Are MEANINGFUL to me
  • 6. It should … … Let me CHOOSE my Own SCHEDULE Every Day – including some TIME OFF!
  • 7. It should … … Give me the Opportunity to GROW as an Individual
  • 8. It should … … Create Enough INCOME for me to LIVE Comfortably & without any Stress or Worries
  • 9. Unfortunately, for Most of Us: Such a Dream Job Remains a Dream Forever and We Are Working … and Working … and Working … NOT to Fulfill Our Dreams but to Pay Our Daily Bills ….
  • 10. I Think Lyoness Can Help Create More Equality, Freedom & Happiness for EVERYBODY by Providing Fair OPPORTUNITIES to ALL!
  • 11. How We Make Money NOW Does NOT Seem to Be Fair Left Side: E & S Right Side: B & I 90%-95% of the Population 5%-10% of the Population Making only 5%-10% of the Money Making 90% to 95% of the Money -> NO Time, NO Security, NO Money -> TIME, SECURITY, MONEY Active Income Passive Income
  • 12. Membership with Lyoness Can Break Up this Unfair System because Getting Active with Lyoness Can Create More Financial Freedom for EVERYBODY i.e. NOT just for the 5% - 10% on the Right Side (Business Owners and/or Investors) but for the 90% -95% on the Left Side too (Employees and/or Self-Employed)!
  • 13. The RESULT Win ~ Win ~ Win => = Great Business Model for a Happier Present & Future!
  • 14. That Everybody Wins Is Possible because Lyoness CONNECTS Customers/Clients ‘Shoppers’ = everybody who shops Businesses ‘Loyalty Merchants’ = grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, car dealers, beauty solons, yoga studios, holistic health practitioners, vets, animal boarding places, art galleries, music schools, tutoring services, law firms, hotels, travel agencies, etc.
  • 15. Both Clients and Businesses “WIN” = They Receive BENEFITS: ‘Shoppers’ = Clients/Customers get DISCOUNTS (= CASH back) & LOYALTY BENEFITS EACH time they make a purchase from ANY of the Lyoness Loyalty Merchants ANYWHERE in the World ‘Merchants’ = Businesses get MORE & MORE LOYAL CUSTOMERS through GLOBAL ADVERTISEMENT of their products & services & through SUBSTANTIAL LOYALTY INCENTIVES for their clients
  • 16. Lyoness also OFFERS: several OPPORTUNITIES to create continuously growing PASSIVE INCOME through a special REFERRAL SYSTEM & a unique LOYALTY PROGRAM!
  • 17. Since Lyoness MEMBERSHIP is totally FREE and since there are NO ANNUAL FEES & NO REQUIREMENTS to SELL or BUY anything, it is relatively easy to REFER your Family & Friends and thus to start creating some PASSIVE INCOME!
  • 18. What I Find Particularly AMAZING: Every PURCHASE through Lyoness Creates POSITIVE CHANGE in the WORLD … because it automatically BENEFITS 2 CHARITIES: 1) Greenfinity Innovative & Sustainable Environmental Projects http://www.lyoness-gff.org 2) Child & Family Foundation Educational Projects http://www.lyoness-cff.org
  • 19. … because of ALL THIS: Lyoness has certainly been EXCELLENT for me  … and I am very GRATEFUL for having been introduced to it! The QUESTION: Would YOU Like to BENEFIT from Lyoness as well? The ANSWER Depends on YOU!
  • 20. You Will Likely BENEFIT from Lyoness, IF YOU Answer YES to ONE or MORE of the Following Statements
  • 21. … you would like to get some CASH back each time you SHOP for your groceries, gas, clothes, cosmetics, computers, cars, tools, home improvements, hotel rooms, restaurant meals, movie tickets, music lessons, yoga classes, spa visits, & other things you would buy anyway
  • 22. … you want to earn some EXTRA MONEY to complement your income and/or to help you PAY BACK your MORTGAGE or your STUDENT LOANS
  • 23. … you wish to START your OWN BUSINESS without any major investments OR: … you are interested in BOOSTING your EXISTING BUSINESS by diversifying it and/or by attracting more customers
  • 24. … you DREAM of giving up your current job to FOLLOW YOUR LIFE’S MISSION while still being able to pay your bills
  • 25. … you want to reduce your work hours to spend more TIME with your FAMILY & FRIENDS and/or to pursue your favorite HOBBIES
  • 26. … you would like to help CHILDREN get a better EDUCATION and/or create a HEALTHIER, GREENER, and more SUSTAINABLE WORLD without doing anything and without paying any money….
  • 27. IF YOU have answered YES to ANY of these statements, Lyoness is the RIGHT CHOICE for YOU! All you need to do now is to find out HOW to BENEFIT from Lyoness by clicking on the various INFO LINKS provided at my Lyconet Website http://www.mylyconet.com/gudrundreher/
  • 28. If you are READY to BENEFIT from the numerous OPPORTUNITIES that Lyoness has to offer, the best time to GET INVOLVED is NOW! Since Lyoness only STARTED very recently in Canada & the US and since the company will soon be EXPANDING in North America & internationally, the real BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Are NOT in 5 or 10 years When many people will be Lyoness Members already, but NOW!
  • 29. The Lyoness BENEFITS at a Glance * Successful * Global * Free * * Sustainable * Reliable * Certified * * Helps Children and Families in Need * * Supports Green Alternative Technology * * No Fees * No Risks * No Obligations * * Huge Market * Great Earning Potential *
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  • 32. Thank YOU for WATCHING my Presentation! Please Click on the VARIOUS MENU Options http://www.mylyconet.com/gudrundreher/ to check out: • What Lyoness Is • How Lyoness Works • How you Can Benefit from Lyoness • Who the Current Loyalty Merchants Are • How to Register - and Much MORE! If you CHOOSE Lyoness, CONGRATULATIONS to Your NEW PATH! Please feel free to ask me any QUESTIONS you may have! Thank you!