How to make $1,000 dollars a day


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How to make $1,000 dollars a day

  1. 1. 6-Step ResidualPassive Profits System By Eric Gilliam Copyright (c) 2013 – All rights reserved Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  2. 2. IntroductionCongratulations on getting this report! You have just taken the first step to makingsome real money online, while building a sustainable online business of your own.Chances are you have probably tried earning some money online before. Chances areyou probably have read many reports or online courses showing you to make “TONSof money”... Chances are you are yet to make ANY significant income online... Chances are you are probably nodding your head right now and wondering whyYOU are one of the 90% of online marketers who are not making money online yet,although you have tried very hard...Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on this for you today... Working foryourself from the comfort of your own home can not only be very fulfilling, it can beVERY lucrative, but its by no means as easy as pushing a button...The reason why most people are still struggling to make money online, is that theyare bombarded with different methods and techniques of making money online andhave no real actionable, proven system that they can follow. Every day you probablyget emails from so called “gurus” who want to sell their “NEW AND SECRETMETHOD” to you. Can you say “information overload”?Here is a wake up call! There is no MAGIC money method. There is NO push-button money spitting software or plugin!Although there are many different methods to make money online, its not theMETHOD thats important. Its the SYSTEM that you have in place, that you have tofollow. Most marketers take years, through trial and error, to find a system that worksfor them. Today, I want to remove all that trial and error for you.I have found a proven system that works for me, and a lot of other top marketers outthere, and with this report, I wish to make a difference in your life and give you aneasy-to-follow, step by step system that ANYONE can use to make money online – Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  3. 3. doesnt matter HOW experienced you are in online marketing.You are going to discover a step by step system to make money, passively online. Youjust have to set up the systems and profit with it month after month! I truly believethat this method is one of the easiest way to get quick, recurring profits, with theminimum work involved.But you still have to remember, that this is not an instant money making method.There are no such things. It will require some work on your part (what doesnt?), butbe assured that the amount of success that you will achieve with this method willdirectly be related to how much effort you put into this. Can you say the same foryour regular salary job? Making money with Internet marketing is totally worth it!Take not that this report is going to be short, to the point, with actionable step by stepcontent, so I urge you to read this whole report from the beginning to the end andtake notes along the way, because even though you may know some of the basics,there are a lot valuable nuggets of expert info in here. (Print it out for easy access!)The step-by step Passive, residual profit system explained:To make money online you need a few things: 1. A hot, in-demand product to sell for recurring payments online. 2. High converting lead generation website page to collect leads. 3. A compelling, proven to convert, sales page to use to promote the product. 4. An autoresponder email service, with follow up emails, to convert your leads into paying customers. 5. Tools to communicate and build trust with your leads. (Conference, Webinar and Video software) 6. TARGETED TRAFFIC to drive to your lead generation and sales pages.If you have the 6 steps above in place, than you are guaranteed to make big bucksonline. Sounds too difficult? Dont worry!Dont want to create your own product, salespages and lead generation pages anddont know where to get all the tools, TRAFFIC etc?DO NOT WORRY! I will reveal everything for you in my system. ;) Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  4. 4. Let me go through each step with you and tell you the best way to implementthose and give you a few good tips and recommendations on how you can fast trackthe above. 1. Find Product, with high, recurring commission %.You dont need to create your own product to sell. The fastest and easiest way to sellsomething online, is to promote someone elses product as an affiliate. (I will showyou the best way to do this.)Many product creators have an affiliate program with their product and will givecommissions to their affiliates who make sales of their product.So you simply need to find a product that you can promote, get your specialaffiliate link from the product seller, and then promote this link. This link will go tothe sales page of the product seller and will sell the product to the visitor. This linkhas your affiliate ID encoded in the link, so every time you make a sale, you will getcredit for it and get a commission % of the sale.Most product sellers offer 50% of the total sales price to affiliates so you can make alot of money this way, and you dont have to create the product or the sales page for it!The seller already did this for you.THE PROBLEM IS: Where do you find the BEST product to promote to earn theHIGHEST commissions? Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  5. 5. When looking for a product to promote this is what you need to lookfor:(Make sure your affiliate product ticks all these 5 boxes) 1. HIGH COMMISSION % (100% commissions if possible!) 2. A product that pays commissions on multiple tiers. (You make extra commissions if your referrals also make sales.) 3. Product that pays RECURRING COMMISSIONS. (make one sale and get paid commissions for it EVERY MONTH, so you get passive profits! 4. A proven, high quality, over-delivering product. 5. A product with high converting sales pages – that are proven to convert!If you are looking for a profitable product to promote, the product that I make themost money from, is called Pure Leverage, by internet multi-millionaire Joel Therien.I am making most of my passive profits monthly from this product. Its so good, Idont even promote it much anymore, and still make residual profits from it, and otherrelated products, month after month.This is why I promote this program and why I make so much money from it: • Pays 100% commissions • Pays 50% commissions on all earnings of your referrals, and THEIR referrals – infinite levels deep. (massive profit potential) • Pays RECURRING Monthly commissions. Every time you make a sale, you get paid that amount EVERY MONTH! • This products sales page converts like gang busters! I am getting a conversion % of almost 6% to my email lists. (For every 100 clicks I send, I make 6 sales!) • If you are a reseller (affiliate) of this product, you also get a lot of high converting PROMO TOOLS, like lead generation squeeze pages, banners, High converting email swipes to use to promote!So, if you are still looking for an awesome program to promote for 100% residualprofits, just click here to join Pure Leverage.(After you have joined, you can become a reseller of the product. It costs a few bucksto become a reseller, but its totally worth it for the amount of profits that you canmake with it. 100% commissions, recurring, is almost unheard of in this industry.) Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  6. 6. Obviously, you can promote any product that you can find, you dont have to promotethis program, its just a recommendation of mine. Just make sure that your productand its affiliate program, ticks all the 5 boxes above. (Check all the 5 points above.)There are lots of products in the, and other affiliatemarketplaces that you can also look for. (Many pay as high as 75% commissions.) 2. Get a HOT lead generation page (Squeeze Page) to collect leads to put on your email list.Most people need to be exposed to an offer more than once in order to get them toorder.For that reason its best that you dont send all your traffic directly to your sales page.You need to capture all the visitors as leads, so that they can be on your emailmarketing list.This way, you can send emails to them, over and over, promoting your product.This is the best way to convert visitors into buyers, because you can expose them tothe same offer more than once and persuade them more effectively of the benefits ofyour product, so that they can buy it.To get people on your list, you simply need to have a short “squeeze page” whereyou offer the visitors some free information (free report or video), to enter their nameand email address to subscribe to your list. When they enter their details to receivethe freebie from you, they are automatically subscribed to your email list. (You use anautresponder system for creating this optin form and collecting leads, I will tell youabout that later.)So where do you get a squeeze page with compelling and persuasive copy on it toconvert the visitor into leads?Well, obviously if you have your own website and domain, you can create your ownsqueeze page as an HTML page. Its not very difficult, but it takes some time to learnhow to do this and you need to get a few HTML templates to make this easier foryou.I just skipped this whole creation of squeeze pages, because I look for an affiliate Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  7. 7. program, where the owner already give me Squeeze pages, that are proven to convertwell.My top converting squeeze pages, come included when you join Pure Leverage.When you join them, you dont even have to have your own hosting or domain name,they give everything for you. (GVO, the main company of Pure Leverage, has theirown servers and are one of the top hosting companies.)When you join their program, and become a reseller, you get a whole bunch of promotools, including high converting squeeze pages.You can choose from a whole range of squeeze pages that they have split tested forsuper high conversions, so you just choose which one you want, use your specialaffiliate link for that particular squeeze page and then start promoting it.All visitors that subscribe on this page, becomes one of YOUR OWN LEADS, andare on your autoresponder, so you can mail them as many times you as you like andeven send automated follow up emails. Look at a squeeze pages that you get for free, included with Pure Leverage. (I am getting 40% - 50% opt-in conversion on this one!) Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  8. 8. (and there are many more different variations to choose from)With Pure Leverage, you get so much more than the squeeze pages, you get theirwhole lead capture system included, so you dont need to do ANYTHING yourself,Everything is already done for you.But, of course, you can search on Google and find some HTML squeeze pagetemplates, if you have your own affiliate offer that you promote. Just google HTMLSqueeze page templates. You can modify these with a HTML editor like Kompozer.Just make sure that the squeeze page looks professional and make sure you split testthe headline on it for maximum conversions. Conversion is everything! You shouldaim for at least 40% conversion rate for normal traffic.So after this section you should have a lead capture page to collect leads! Now youcan start marketing to your leads that you collected. 3. Get a high converting sales page to sell your productWhen selling a product online, you own product, or an affiliate product, you need topromote it with a sales page. A sales page is a one page website whos only functionis to capture the visitorss attention draw in the visitor, and persuade the visitor thatthey NEED this particular product to get them to buy it.At the end of the sales page there will be an order button. The visitor can simply clickon this button to order the product online.Ofcourse any sales page wont do. You need to make sure that the sales page isvery compelling and well written to get maximum conversions for you.It doesnt help that you can drive a lot of traffic to this page, but you cant convert thevisitors into buyers. So conversion % of your sales page is EVERYTHING!Lets look at some Math. Lets say your product costs $25 and you get 100%commissions per sale, so you make $25 per month from every sale you make, as anaffiliate. Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  9. 9. If you sales page converts 1% of all visitors:If you send 1000 visitors you make 10 sales which equals to $250 per month.If you sales page converts 3% of all visitors:If you send 1000 visitors you make 30 sales which equals to $750 per month.If your sales page converts at 6%:If you send 1000 visitors you make 60 sales which equals to $1500 per month!So even though you sent the same amount of traffic, the sales page can mean thedifference between making $250 per month and $1500 per month!Sales page copywriting is quite an art form, but luckily you do not have to write yourown sales page. Almost all affiliate products come with their own sales page. Whenyou promote your affiliate link the visitors will land on the product sellers sales page.But all sales pages are not created equal – You need to make sure that the sales pageof your product CONVERTS VERY WELL!Here are some of the core elements of a good sales page: • Must have a strong headline that attracts the visitors attention. • Must preferably include a compelling sales video on the page. • Must provide PROOF that the product or system works (screenshots/ video of earnings) • The seller must show proof of his credentials. (past success and proven track record) • Strong benefits of the product • Must show over-delivering value of his product and add great BONUSES. • Have a strong call to action to convert the lead into a buyer.You can check out a great example of a high converting sales page with all of theabove when you go view the Pure Leverage Sales Page here.So basically the quality the sales page must be a big consideration for you, for theaffiliate product that you choose to promote.After you have the sales page to send traffic to, you are all set, and ready to startsending visitors to the sales page to make sales! (and BIG PROFITS!) Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  10. 10. 4. Get an Autoresponder service to build a list andpromote to your leads.An autoresponder is a software service or system that you need to store all your leadsand be able to send automated mass messages to your leads. (your subscribers.)An autoresponder is VERY important, because list building is the most importantpart of making money online. When you have a big list of leads you can market tothem over and over.Imagine you have a list of 1000 subscribers:Every time you send an email to all of them, you potentially get 1000 eyes on youroffer. Practically not all of them will open your email and not all of them will click onyour link in your email.So lets say that you get only 5% of the 1000 people to click on your affiliate link thatyou are promoting.That means you get 50 highly targeted visitors to your offer. So if your sales pageconverts at 6%, for a $25 per month affiliate offer, then you can make 3 sales and get$75 in commissions!Now imagine sending an email every day! If your list is big and responsive enough,you can easily make $75 extra per day! And if its a recurring program that you arepromoting like Pure Leverage, you get that ADDED to your monthly total! So if youmake only 1 sale a day ($25 per month), then you can easily make 30 sales in yourfirst month getting you: $750.. If you continue making 30 sales per month, the nextmonth you will make $1500, the one after that, $2,250!And remember if you are a reseller of Pure Leverage you also get paid 50% of allsales your whole downline of referals make!That is what is so exciting about a program like Pure Leverage. If your referals eachmake just a few sales per month, then the total commissions that you get from themwill soon get ASTRONOMICAL!I dont even promote this program actively to my email lists anymore, my referals,who signed up from my affiliate link, makes sales for me and I get paid 50% of thosesales! And this goes infinite levels deep! Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  11. 11. Now, lets get back to your Autoresponder service... You get many autoresponderservices, like Aweber, Getresponse etc that you can join. Normally they charge you amonthly payment per how big your list is. For an aweber an getresponse list itcurrently cost you $19 per month for your first 1000 subscribers if I am not mistaken.For my 10,000+ aweber list, I pay over $150 per month, just for my autoresponderservice! Its a bit expensive, but I make almost a 100 times that per month with mylist. ;)So you have to find an inexpensive, but reliable autoresponder service to use for yourlist building.Ofcourse, if you become a member of Pure Leverage, you get an unlimitedsubscriber autoresponder service by GVO – for FREE!!So by paying only $24.95 per month for Pure Leverage, you not only get all the othergreat products, that include a Blog, Hosting, Coaching and training material and a tonof other things + the ability to become a reseller, YOU ALSO GET ANAUTORESPONDER for free! That is worth the price of Pure Leverage alone!And you can promote ANY products via this autoresponder. You dont have topromote just Pure Leverage with it. Its just an awesome extra! Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  12. 12. So that is another great PLUS for me and why I love that program so much.But, obviously, if you are promoting your own products and other affiliate products,you can join any other autoresponder service as well.So after you have an autoresponder, you can start building a list of leads through yoursqueeze pages, and you can start making some serious money, but how are you goingto keep your list responsive so that they will listen to you, trust you and buy yourstuff? 5. Get Communication tools and Build trust with your subscribers and team to increase responsiveness!It doesnt help you have a list of 5,000 subscribers and no-body opens your emailsand clicks on your links!The size of the list isnt everything – the RESPONSIVENESS of your list is just asimportant.How do you keep your list responsive and loving you, so that they cant wait to openeveryone of your emails and buy everything that you recommend to them?You give them value! You keep in contact with them! This is the best way to buildyour brand and make a name for yourself to stand out from the countless othermarketers who continuesly mail your subscribers as well.How do you do this?An effective way is to record videos that you send to your subscribers.Screencapture videos or videos of yourself, giving them tips, helpful hits and extratraining on how they can make money! (and then you can always pitch a product atthe end of the video!)A good video recording tool is Camtasia. Its an amazing video tool, but it costs about$299 to get it. You can simply record the videos, format it into html format and thenemail via your autorsponder service. Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  13. 13. There are cheaper ways to get a good video recording and sharing tool though. Youcan search on Google for cheaper alternatives.Ofcourse if you are a member of Pure Leverage, you will find that you already haveaccess to their video recording and mailing tools.You can record and send videos to your downline and other subscribers! Its all builtin in Pure Leverage membership area. Heres more info about it:But whats even better than simply sending recorded videos is communicating withyour leads LIVE via a online conference or Webinar!Now, you join Gotowebinar, which is the best webinar service there is. Its good, butcosts about $60 per month just for 100 seats!With Pure Leverage you already get access to their webinar service, meetcheap,for free!This alone is worth twice the price of Pure Leverage, I am sure you will agree,because you get it for free included if you join for only $25.And because its integrated with your downline and leads, it makes it much easier tocommunicate and promote to your subscribers! Heres some more info about the specifics of the Conference tools you get included: Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  14. 14. So, by regularly holding live meetings and recording some valuable videos to stay incontact with your leads, you can keep them responsive and they will buy anythingthat you recommend to them.It makes selling VERY easy and you dont have to talk with anyone face to face, ifyou dont want to. EASY SALES! 6. Getting targeted TRAFFIC to your offers!Just having a great product with awesome sales pages, isnt enough to make sales andmake money.You need to get TRAFFIC and lots of it! Not just any traffic, you need to get targetedvisitors to view your offers in order to convert them.Would you make any sales if you try to promote a weight loss product to somebodywho already has 0% fat? Would you promote dog training products to people whodont have dogs or hate animals? Hehe.So you need to make sure that you only get visitors to your sales pages, who arepotentially interested in what you have to offer them. Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  15. 15. Obviously the easiest way to promote your offer is if you promote it via emails toyoru subscribers, who we already know are intersted in making money online. Theysubscribed to your offer, because they were interested in making money online, so ifyou sell them a product that can help them to make more profits online, obviously thechance of them buying it is SUPER HIGH!But how do you get traffic to your squeeze pages to build your list of leads?And this is where most people struggle, especially newer marketers...There are tons of ways to get targeted traffic to your offers.I can write a whole ebook on this subject!There are just so many ways. Some of the best ways to build your list is to buy trafficfrom Solo Ads from people who already have huge lists of leads. You can pay themper click that they send promoting your free offer on your squeeze page. So if youpay them to send 200 visitors to your offer, they will promote your link to theirsubscribers until they get you 200 visitors. So with a squeeze page that converts at50%, you can easily get 100 new leads by buying a 200 click solo ad! This is the bestguaranteed way to get guaranteed, targeted traffic!If you buy one solo like this, it can cost you about $100 per 200 clicks, so basically itwill cost you about $1 per subscriber. So if you convert your offer at 5%, you caneasily be in the profit zone, just by promoting to these subscribers ONCE, andremember, when they are one of your leads in your autoresponded, you can market tothem over and over, daily, so you can sell many products to them!Inside the members area of Pure Leverage they give you all their top sources androlodex of trusted solo sellers, that they know have quality lead lists for you to use.Another way is to buy media traffic, ie paying somebody to put banners of your offeron their pages. This is very difficult, so I dont recommend you do this, except if youhave a lot of money to invest in testing out difference sources. (Pure leverage alreadytested out a few traffic sources of media buying, so you also get info on that insidemembers area.)Other methods include posting videos, with your link on Youtube, advertising youroffer on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. The biggeryour friends base is the more eyes will be on your offer. You simply tweet about abenefit of your product and include your affiliate link. Or post your video, reviewingthe product on these social sites. This is FREE traffic! Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  16. 16. One of the best ways to drive a steady stream of regular visitors to your offers is tocreate an Authority blog where you make regular posts related to your niche ormarket.So if you are into the Online Money Making Niches, then you simply create one blogpost every few days about a topic related to that. As you create more and morecontent, your website rankings will increase and many of your posts will rank onGoogle. So you will start getting organic traffic from the search engines – for FREE!And the more you post, the more pages will be on Google and the more people willfind your BLOG – seeing your links to your offers and banners that will direct to yoursqueeze pages and sales pages. Later you can just sit back and watch visitors pile into your site and buying your offers – making you PASSIVE PROFITS!If you dont know how to create your own, professional looking authority blog, youshould really consider joining pure leverage as they give you a whole done-for-youAuthority Blog, included in your membership. They even give you content to postand make it SUPER EASY to promote their system. Get more info and see exactly what you get here: Become a member of Pure Leverage NOW!There are just so many ways to get traffic! If you need more training on how to gettraffic, you seriously need to consider getting a proven traffic system, course orCoaching to learn the best methods to drive quality targeted traffic. Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  17. 17. With Pure Leverage you get a whole Traffic System and training included. WithFull coaching materials and training, so they will teach you everything you needto know!So, its a simple as that! Just send all traffic to your squeeze pages, collect the leads,promote your affiliate product or products to your leads and make money!!If its a recurring product that you promote, you will grow your monthly residualincome and your profits will just increase month after month! And the bigger yourlist becomes the more money you will make!I make over 1$ per every subscriber I have per month! That is how valuable theseleads can be. So if you have 10,000 subscribers, you can easily make over $10,000per month!Take action – for HUGE PROFITS!!So now you know the system that I use to make money online. Its a proven systemthat most successful marketers are using, and I honestly think its the best way for youto get started.Only thing left to do for you is to TAKE ACTION!! If you are just going to leave thisreport on your hard drive, you are not going to make any money. Go through mysteps above and start taking action and I have no doubt that you will be successful!!My TOP recommendation to FAST TRACK your progress with my system:Become a member of Pure Leverage, as soon as possible. Especially because itsstill a brand new system! You can position yourself now at the top! Not only does itgive you all the internet marketing tools that you need anyway, (These are worthhundreds of dollars, but FREE with Pure Leverage) It also pays 100% commissionson all your sales and 50% on all of your downlines sales. (If you become a reseller oftheirs.) You can make recurring, PASSIVE profits, from your whole downline, monthafter month!Remember RECURRING Commissions is the only way that you can make sure thatyou get PASSIVE PROFITS, month after month. You only need to make the saleonce, and you get paid over and over for it! Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  18. 18. Look at the difference between a normal commission based program and a Recurring based program, like Pure Leverage:The best thing about being an affiliate reseller of Pure Leverage and what makes itbetter than any other affiliate program out there, is that it pays you 50% profits thatyour WHOLE downline makes. Imagine the MASSIVE POTENTIAL OF THIS!If you ONLY make 3 sales, and your referals can also make just 3 sales, look at thepotential for your downline! This will go VIRAL VERY QUICKLY!!Now, ofcourse, you are not going to make only 3 sales, you are going to make tons ofthem! And even though some of your referals will make less than 3 sales, some ofthem are also going to make tens or even hundreds of sales!This all compound over time and the earning potential with a program like this is Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  19. 19. HUGE!FREE BONUS FROM ME (Valued at $250+):As a FREE BONUS, just for you – if you join my team of Pure Leverage Members Iwill help you personally to become successful promoting this awesome 100%commission based program, I truly believe its the best system out there to profitform! I give you FREE COACHING FROM ME and my team!After you have joined through my link below, you will have access to my personalemail address and phone number, I will send you my skype contact details.I will get in contact with you there PERSONALLY to coach you and give you extratools and tips and methods that I only use for my students, partners and PureLeverage team. With these tools you are GUARANTEED to be successful!I will give you personal coaching and FORCE you to be successful, becauseremember, I also get paid for all the sales my referrals make, and SO DO YOU! Sothe more sales you make and the more sales YOUR REFERALS make, the moremoney ALL of us make. So for that reason I want to help you to make as MUCHMONEY AS POSSIBLE! I wont leave you hanging!So TAKE ACTION, and CLICK HERE to JOIN MY PURE LEVERAGE TEAMand change your life, starting today!I hope you take action now, and I will see you on the INSIDE!And even if you dont decide to join Pure Leverage, I still hope that you got enoughvaluable content form this report to start your own business and make some goodmoney! Go out and PROFIT!I have no doubt that you will be successful with my techniques!All the best! Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage
  20. 20. Earn 100% Commissions with Pure Leverage