Grantley Adams


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Grantley Adams

  1. 1. NATIONAL HEROES PART 1 THE RIGHT EXCELLENT GRANTLEY ADAMS Click on the name or the picture to learn more about our hero.
  2. 2. THE RIGHT EXCELLENT GRANTLEY ADAMS GENERAL INFORMATION • Born 28 April 1898 • The first Premier of Barbados • The only Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation. This union of several Caribbean countries did not last long. It no longer exist. • A highly respected lawyer Home Next Slide End show
  3. 3. THE RIGHT EXCELLENT GRANTLEY ADAMS FACTS: • Founding a political party • His home was Tyrol Cot • He is commemorated on the $100 bank note of Barbados Home Next Slide End show
  4. 4. THE RIGHT EXCELLENT GRANTLEY ADAMS FACTS: • The only airport in Barbados is named after him • His son was a Prime Minister of Barbados • There is a statue of him in Bay Street • There is a school named after him Home End show
  5. 5. THE BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY- B. L. P. • The Barbados Labour Party was first called the Barbados Progressive League. • It was started by Grantley Adams in 1938. • Adams and his party also demanded more rights for the poor and for the people. Progress toward a more democratic government in Barbados was made in 1942
  6. 6. TYROL COT , ST. MICHAEL The home of Grantley Adams • The house was built in 1854 • It was the birth place of his son • The house has been restored by the Barbados National Trust • The Adams' antique furniture and other personal things are on display in the house.
  7. 7. THE GRANTLEY ADAMS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The only air port in the island is named after The Right Excellent Grantley Adams. It was renamed in 1976. The airport is in the parish of Christ Church.
  8. 8. THE $100 BANK NOTE • The face on the Barbados $100 bank note is that of The Right Excellent Grantley Adams. The back of the new $100 shows the Grantley Adams International Airport which was named after him.
  9. 9. JOHN MICHAEL GEOFFREY MANNINGHAM ("TOM") ADAM • Lived from September 24, 1931 to March 11, 1985 • He was a Barbadian politician who served as the second Prime Minister of Barbados from 1976 until 1985 • He is buried, along with his father, in the yard of St. Michael's Cathedral
  10. 10. THE STATUE • Located in Bay Street, in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. • It bears a quote by Sir Winston Scott about the hero.
  11. 11. GRANTLEY ADAMS MEMORIAL SCHOOL • It is located in Blackmans, St. Joseph • It is one of the newer secondary schools in Barbados
  12. 12. Check to see what you can recall The Right Excellent Grantley Adams by taking the quiz. Either return to the website or click here to go to the quiz. Home