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Shah storyboard

  1. 1. To Play “The Game” or Not Genevieve Shah
  2. 2. *Sound: Taylor Swift is playing on the background from her computer *Camera Angel: Camera is facing her side, she is laying on the couch *a noise beeps from her computer signaling she has received a message *Camera Movement: camera zooms onto computer for a screen cast
  3. 3. *Sound: music is still playing in the background *Video: screen cast starts, it shows that she received a facebook message and she to type but she stops
  4. 4. *camera angle: camera zooms out and begins shooting live video again *camera movement: camera zooms on her face to show her anxiousness then zooms out for a full shot of the scene *Sound: music slowly turns off *Transition: slowly fades out
  5. 5. *transition: fadein a different scene of the guy she is talking to *sound: noise from sports on the tv in the background *camera angle: camera shooting from the side and waste up *camera movement: moves to shoot from the back to show how he him on *transition: fade out
  6. 6. *Transition: fade back to Rachel on her couch *camera angle: camera is zoomed in on her fingers dialing her friends number *camera movement: zooms out to a full body shot of her *Screen cuts in half and shows rachel on the right and the left side of the screen is the person she is talking to *camera then focuses on Rachel after she hangs up the phone
  7. 7. *transition: camera transitions from the scene of Rachel to an overview of people walking around on the hill *camera angle: camera shoots in on one person who speaks directly to the camera *camera movement: the camera shoots in on 2 friends who speak directly to the camera *camera shoots in on one last person who speaks directly to the camera *fade out
  8. 8. *transition: camera fades back to rachel who is sitting on her coach contemplating what to do or say *camera angle: facing her from the side, you can see her computer screen and she notices that the guy can see that she already read his message *camera movement: the camera zooms in on the clock on her computer and time quickly goes by (time lapse the screen) *camera movement: after a long period of time goes by on the clock the video becomes a screen cast of her responding to him
  9. 9. *Transition: camera zooms away from the clock and back to rachel who is with her friend now too *camera angel: angled from above showing how bored she is waiting for him to answer *camera movement: camera focuses on her friend who is giving her advice *camera zooms out to both girls and shows rachel constantly checking her clock as time goes back
  10. 10. *Sound: noise signaling that she has a message goes off on her computer *Camera: camera becomes a screen cast  shows the conversation and her hesitation *camera movement: camera fades to Rachel showing her friend what she was saying *camera zooms on her friends face telling her that she shouldn’t have said that
  11. 11. *scene of the guys house fade in *camera angle: overview of the room – guys are pregaming *camera movement: zooms in on him *zooms in on his facebook on his phone *zooms out onto him and shows him shaking his head and camera follows his hand as he puts his phone in his pocket without answering
  12. 12. *girls sitting on coach fades back in *Sound: glee is on in the background *camera angle: camera facing the front of the two girls *camera zooms on rachel’s face and her computer showing that she is constantly checking her facebook *camera zooms out and shows both girls talking
  13. 13. *transition: scene transitions to Rachel the next day *camera angle: camera zooms in for a close up of her face *camera movement: camera zooms out and moves to a screencast of her looking at his facebook *sound: facebook message noise goes off *screencast shows a different guy messaged her *camera movement: camera moves to rachels face realizing that she should not play games this time