Analyst presentation: First quarter 2013 results
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Analyst presentation: First quarter 2013 results

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Analyst presentation: First quarter 2013 results

Analyst presentation: First quarter 2013 results

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  • 1. Hera Group Q1 resultsAnalyst Presentation15th May 2013
  • 2. +8.4% Cagr*Q1 2013: First picture of Acegas Aps consolidation122515112065155221182282Ebitda Ebit Pretax Net profitQ1 12 Q1 13Hera strong growth in all main financialtargets driven by the Acegas Apsconsolidation in Q1 ‘13 (42m€ Ebitda) andby the organic growth of Hera (+15m€Ebitda).Positive performance in waste, water andgas operations on “like for like basis”.Pretax profit benefits from accountingextraordinary earnings related to Acegas Apsmerger (according to IAS accounting principle).Commercial expansion (Energy and Waste)and cost control confirmed positivecontribution also in Q1 2013.Capex slightly decreased to 54m€ (including9.6 m€ of Acegas Aps) compared to 71 m€ ofQ1 ’12 (Hera and Acegas Aps combined).Positive cash generation reduced financialdebts to 2,612m€ from 2,686m€ (Hera andAcegas combined as at 31/12/2012).Q1 EPS constant growth(€ cent)Q1 Result Highlights+25.3%+84.0%+136.8%+0,2%+0,1%(2.3%)(2.2%)+20.1%11.7* Normalising Net profit Q1 ‘13 from extraordinary earnings related toAcegas Aps merger.
  • 3. Q1 ’13: Strong growth even on “Proforma” basisLower volumetraded, highertariffs, and marketexpansion.Financial chargesincreased due toAcegas Aps merger,(4.3m€) partiallyoffset by Hera’slower charges.2Normalised Q1 ‘13tax rate ~41.3%.Acegas Aps mergerdeterminedaccounting of thedifference betweenprice paid and netEquity value (IASprinciple).(H+Acegas Aps)
  • 4. 224.7281.5+14.9+41.9180280Q1 12 Hera Acegas Q1 13Ebitda margin up to 18.8% (from 15.9%)Ebitda growth both in Hera and Acegas ApsEbitda growth by legal entity(m€)Ebitda by strategic area(m€)3• Growth fuelled by better margins offsettinglower volumes in all commodities.• Market expansion progressing reaching 550kcustomers in electricity (plus about 120kcustomers of Acegas Aps) and increased wastevolumes from third parties (+41k tons of specialwaste related to Hera stand alone).• Regulated activities performed in line withexpectation, especially water.• Acegas Aps Ebitda increased by +19% in firstquarter (+6.7m€) mainly in gas, water and wasteactivities.+25.6%All main strategic areas posted positivegrowth.• Mix regulated/liberalised re-confirmed thegood balancing (about 50% regulated inline with Q1 ‘12).
  • 5. 2,686.3173.67.526.153.9 11.62,611.820002100220023002400250026002700280029003000Initial debt(H+AA)CashgenerationNWC Provisions Capex Other Final DebtPositive operating cash flows reduce net debtIncreased cash generation Q/Q fully fundedseasonal effects on working capital and capexreducing debt by 74.5 m€.Acegas Aps net debt increased by 20.5m€to 490m€ as at 31/3/’13 (from 470m€ as at31/12/’12). Hera net debt decreased by95m€ mainly thanks to lower capex andincreasing operating cash flows.4Q1 2013 Debt change(m€)* Net profit+Depreciations +adjust. for non cash items (such as “Extraordinary income”and IAS fig. interests)0--74.5m€*Capex(m€)
  • 6. Hera stand alone dataFinancial highlights5Waste: confirming positive recovery in Special waste volumesGroup Ebitda increased thanks to M&A,higher special waste volumes (+41K tons)and higher renewable electricityproduction (from 170 to 258 GWh). Costcutting activities are providing theexpected return.WTE treatment capacity was exploited atfull operating capacity and sortedcollection increased to 53% (from 50% Q1’12). New bio-digesters capacity (2MW)fully on stream end Q1 ‘13.Q1 ‘13 Acegas contribution involumes*: Urban waste (60k tons), WTEtreatments (by 81.8k tons). Ebitda goodperformance relates to WTEmanagement.*to be added to Hera stand alone data
  • 7. Water: tariff framework underpinned resultsFinancial highlights Group Ebitda increase underpinned bynew tariff framework and M&A.Volumes (-5%) and New connectionsstill affected by negative macro scenario.New transitory tariff system (2012-2013)progressively entering at regime.Full cost structure under tight controlalso thanks to the new divisionalorganisation.6Consolidated data
  • 8. Gas: good performance in spite of mild winter season and uncertaintyFinancial highlights Revenues reflect reduced tradingvolumes as a consequence of generaleconomic condition and lower operating rateof thermal plants.Volumes sold to final clients slightdecreased because of winter seasonweather conditions and reduced activity inthe “service industry segment”.Customer base: 1,115k (in line with Q12012) as of Hera in addition to ~110k clientsof Acegas Aps subsudiary (Est Energy).Ebitda increase mainly driven by margins incommercial activities, thanks to effectiveprocurement strategy and Acegas Apsconsolidation.7Consolidated data**51% Est Energy
  • 9. Electricity: market expansion continuesFinancial highlights Revenues affected by lower consumptionsas a consequence of negative macroscenario. Negative effect partiallycompensated by commercial expansion.Customer base further increased (Herastand alone 12 months increase: +50kclients) to above 550k to be added toAcegas Aps about 120k customers.EBITDA reflects good performance ofcommercial activities as well as regulateddistribution activities.Limited impact of production operations.8Consolidated data
  • 10. In difficult scenario, proactive marketingapproach and M&A contributed to enhancevalue creation (normalised EPS 5 year cagrabout 8.4%).Cost reduction and normalised gas tradingactivities enhanced operating margins (Ebitdamargin at 18.9% from 15.9% of Q1’12).Acegas Aps aggregation activities progresswell and, following acquisition of 98.7% ofshare capital, the stock was delisted (on 3rdMay).Performance in April confirm quarter’strends of all liberalised activities.DPS of 9 €c approved by AGM and will bepaid on the 6th of June.Closing remarks922515112065155221182282Ebitda Ebit Pretax Net profitQ1 12 Q1 13Q1 Result Highlights+25.3%+20.1%+84.0%+136.8%+0,2%+0,1%(2.3%)(2.2%)
  • 11. Q&A session
  • 12. Proforma Profit and Loss accounts10