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ULMA Group´s catalog. English 2011
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ULMA Group´s catalog. English 2011


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ULMA group´s catalo 2011 …

ULMA group´s catalo 2011

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  • 1. ULMA Group
  • 2. Having established a history based on a Corporate Values culture,the ULMA Group is in tune with the future, at the cutting edgeof technology and the most advanced and optimised processes.ULMA is now one of the largest Business Groups in NorthernSpain after being present on the market for 50 years and havingdemonstrated a strong commitment to Innovation, Employmentand Added Value.
  • 3. ULMA is a young, dynamic and modern Business Group that is loyal toits stakeholders and sector. It is a people-oriented Group.The organisation is modern, professional and open to an increasinglyglobalised world.
  • 4. Linked to the Mondragón Cooperative Experience from the start, theULMA Group is now a Division of the Mondragón Corporation IndustrialGroup, the leading Business Group in the Basque Country and one ofthe largest in Spain. ULMA reaps the benefits of coming into existenceand growing in an environment set by avant-garde companies in theeducation, finance, training, research and welfare sectors.
  • 5. ULMA identifies itself as an open-minded international Group that isreceptive towards its partners and adapts to the specific culture in eachmarket and country. The Group channels its efforts towards a new outlookof the world, by developing and fostering sustainable advantages throughproactive management of all of its external activities. Its Internationalisationproject is future-oriented and is based on competitiveness. This providesan efficient and effective response to an increasingly-globalised market.
  • 6. Growth opportunities around the world are detected by analysing specific localsituations. ULMAs strategy is aimed at improving corporate practices to adapt themas initiatives to the international markets in which the Group is present. Being intune with intelligence data flows around the world gives a competitive edge in thisnew millennium. The world is its natural market.
  • 7. The ULMA Groups Promotion Policy strives to promote and foster new corporateactivities within the sectors of its Businesses or the overall Group, in order to createnew activity areas. These new activities involve new corporate structures with ProductLines, Business, Cooperatives, etc. which contribute specifically to the Business inaccordance with the principle of horizontal development.ULMA Embedded Solutions cooperates with its customers on product innovationthrough developing embedded systems, a combination of custom-design hardwareand software to fulfil a purpose or specific function. The priority for ULMA EmbeddedSolutions is adapting to its customers and respecting the quality and turnaroundtimes that the industry demands. Being oriented towards services such as technologyconsultancy and post-production maintenance gives it an extra edge over thecompetition.
  • 8. ULMA Inoxtruck invents, designs and manufactures cutting-edge easy-to-clean and stainless steel handling equipment, mainly for the foodsector and laboratories in industries such as pharmaceutics. These sectorsare subject to strict hygiene standards throughout the value chain dueto the fact that the handled product, be it food or medicine, is forhuman consumption.
  • 9. In order to contribute to progress towards a more sustainable developmentmodel, ULMA undertakes to create sustainable value for the areas in whichit operates. We want to do our bit to build a more prosperous, fair andhealthy society, for present generations and those to come. Making economicsuccess and social welfare compatible with the Environment is the corearound which the Groups corporate strategy pivots.
  • 10. The Group set up Fundación ULMA as a reflection of its corporate social vocationand its commitment to improving society through its corporate activity. Foranyone who works for the ULMA Group, making progress means responsiblyfulfilling their commitments to stakeholders.
  • 11. The ULMA Group is formed by 7 cooperatives and centres its activity around strategicBusiness units. Its Organisational Model is based on diversified, independent Businessesthat share and adopt a common Mission, General Policies and Management Strategy inorder to unite and develop the corporate project. The Groups organisational model strivesto foster and contribute to the development of its Businesses, as well as setting up a clearand flexible organisational development framework that can be adapted to changes in thecurrent Businesses and potential new corporate activities.
  • 12. To sum up, the Model aims to transcend the particular vision of the Businessesand Cooperatives to provide a solution to the ULMA Groups commonproject, through pooling objectives and renewing the commitment tocontinue sharing this common future.
  • 13. ULMA Agrícola manufactures and sells structures and systems for protectedcovered cultivation. The latest climate control, data collection and systemautomation technology is used in the greenhouse structures, providing turnkeysolutions based on integrated engineering principally targeted at theAgriculture and Livestock sectors.
  • 14. ULMA Agrícola specialises in supplying technological equipment for diverseactivities and applications in the Agriculture and Livestock sectors, including:Nurseries, Seedbeds, Warehouses, Industrial Buildings, Solar Structures,Drying Houses, Fish Farms, Floriculture, etc. A customised, intelligent solutionis sought in each case.A guarantee of in-house production and extensive knowledge of the sectorprovides the customer with a comprehensive solution. It starts by identifyingtheir needs, and, always keeping the customer in mind, searching for thebest covered production system and automated irrigation or fertilisationsystems, as well as temperature control, humidity and other climate datarequired. ULMA Agrícola aims to provide farmers with the necessarytechnology to consolidate an agriculture and livestock sector that is ableto face the challenges of the future.
  • 15. ULMA Forklift Trucks designs and develops comprehensive and customisedsolutions for every maintenance need, in close collaboration with the customerand with technological support from leading firms in the sector.
  • 16. ULMA sells a complete range of cutting-edge forklift trucks to handle anytype of load inside and outside. First-rate customer service, an extensivecommercial network and after-sales service covering the entire countryguarantee an efficient service and the highest standards.This business aims to fully satisfy its customers actual needs. This is guaranteedby a qualified team of workers with more than 25 years of experience inthe sector and the competitive edge of a professional replacement service.Due to ongoing innovation focused on the search for new customisedsolutions such as financing and rental methods, both large and small fleetscan benefit from its services.
  • 17. ULMA Construcción operates in a global market and has years of experiencein providing industrialised formwork, shoring and scaffolding services andsolutions for the construction sector. The company provides production andsolutions with an emphasis on service, technical advice, on-site installation andafter-sales support. It acknowledges specific problems to each site and solvesthem in accordance with principles of reliability, quality, safety and economics.
  • 18. The products that ULMA Construcción manufactures, and which it developsthrough ongoing R&D work, meet needs in the construction sector. Its largerange of products, which meet the highest quality and safety standards byincorporating compatible systems and designs, provide solutions for specificBuilding, Civil Engineering and Refurbishment works.A close relationship with customers, professional attitude and quality ensureeffective customer management. Through a multidisciplinary team, ULMAConstrucción channels its work methods towards providing the customerwith a comprehensive service, close relationship and "active customerlistening”.
  • 19. ULMA Construcción has a prime objective: to foster a long-lastingrelationship with customers through an excellent service, coordinatingthe efforts of both parties so that every project is successful.
  • 20. ULMA Conveyor Components designs, manufactures and sells components totransport bulk and unit loads such as rollers, idlers, pulleys and garlands. ULMAConveyor Components advances towards the future committed to continuousimprovement, ongoing innovation and customer satisfaction, focusing its corporatestrategy on building wealth for its natural environment and creating employment.
  • 21. The constant search for new development and improvement possibilities for processes,products and services, through advanced engineering in close collaboration with thecustomer, drives the Business forward towards an ongoing renewal process aimed atfinding solutions to meet our customers needs. Our designs keep up with the market,helping to create value and build knowledge through innovative approaches in everyfield.ULMA Conveyor Components has modern facilities and the latest technology in thesector, which guarantee the necessary levels of reliability and competitiveness toefficiently meet market demands. The company uses avant-garde production equipmentto develop, manufacture and deliver in accordance with customer requirements.
  • 22. ULMA Handling Systems provides comprehensive logistics automationsolutions by designing and planning the system up to the after-sales supportand reengineering stage together with the customer.
  • 23. ULMA Handling Systems carries out its Integrated Engineering activity inMaterial Handling Systems through an extensive range of logistics servicestargeted at the Distribution and Automatic Manufacturing sectors.The company provides solutions for order preparation, storage, transportand automatic sorting systems, end of line systems and baggage handling,as well as Supply Chain Software solutions. Its assets are noteworthy: ahuman team of more than 250 workers, accumulated experience and knowhow and a partnership with the leading firm in the sector: DAIFUKU.ULMA Handling Systems pursues a quality system based on meeting customer,supplier and employee needs, managing the different business processesand using the EFQM Excellence Model as its benchmark. The company wasrewarded for its efforts when it received the EFQM 400+ European Seal ofExcellence and the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14.001:2004 certificates approvedby LLOYDS REGISTER QUALITY. It also has the OSHAS 18:001: 2007certificate for health and safety of people.
  • 24. ULMA Polymer Concrete designs, manufactures and sells prefabricated,industrialised and innovative systems and products, in order to: Reduceconstruction times and building maintenance costs, encourage lower energyconsumption, foster comprehensive occupational safety systems, provideenvironmental solutions and strengthen the ties between our company andevery partner involved in the construction process, by promoting the extendeduse of information and communications technology.
  • 25. ULMA Polymer Concrete has developed a wide range of products aimed atfour market segments. These are prefabricated Systems for Pipework (linearDrainage, Electrical pipes and Signalling), Building (architectural elements:gutters, copings, etc), Industrialised Vertical Enclosures and VentilatedFaçades. The constant search for innovation and new techniques to improvein terms of ecoefficiency results in new products that have been recognisedby the most prestigious engineering and architectural firms.An ongoing innovation process aimed at searching for new constructionsolutions has taken the company to the forefront of the market, where itdevelops a wide range of specialist products. The company thinks up uniqueproducts and processes. This is the innovative response that ULMA PolymerConcrete brings to the construction sectors demands.
  • 26. ULMA Packaging designs and manufactures packaging equipment, systemsand services that give its customers products first-rate protection andpresentation. Its seven product lines guarantee an extensive, varied andcomprehensive offer.
  • 27. Presentation, care and protection are important for any product. ULMAPackaging fulfils these requirements by designing and producing custom-designed equipment, systems and services with seven product lines: FlowPack, Thermoforming, Thermosealing, Vertical, Shrink and Stretch Wrap,and Sleeve Wrapping.Thanks to this strategic approach, ULMA Packaging has made itself a nameas a benchmark company for every Packaging sector and an essentialstrategic partner for anyone looking for a quantum leap in quality andservice, as well as aesthetics and functionality. The company helps itscustomer to conquer the consumers feelings.
  • 28. ULMA strives to stay abreast of technology needs in the sector throughthe R&D&i department, ULMA Packaging Technological Center.It seeks Total Quality in its management system through managementand creativity.
  • 29. ULMA Piping manufactures and supplies cast-iron accessories for pipes,flanges and fittings for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power generationindustries. The companys productive capacity has positioned it as oneof the world leaders in its sector. It exports 95% of its products to morethan 70 countries and it has received the most demanding certificatesand authorisations.
  • 30. The ULMA Piping production and management system has received the ISO90001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certificates, awarded by LLOYDS REGISTERQUALITY ASSURANCE. This, together with a highly-qualified human team andinnovative production plant with automated forging centres and presses up to8,000 tonnes, not to mention automated machining lines, has turned thecompany into a world leading in manufacturing cast-iron accessories for pipes,flanges and fittings for the energy sector.In a market where quality is a strategic asset, output and reliability in terms ofdelivery times guarantee a highly-competitive and prestigious product authorisedby the main companies in the industry: EXXON MOBIL, TOTAL, SHELL, CHEVRON,PETROBRAS, SAUDI ARAMCO, and so on. ULMA Piping provides a quality andservice guarantee for the most demanding energy sectors in the world.
  • 31. corporate addresses ULMA Agrícola ULMA Agrícola, S. Coop. Bº Garibai, 9 P.O. Box 50 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 034900 Fax: +34 943 716466 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.947909 ULMA Forklift ULMA Servicios de Manutención, S. Coop. Trucks Ps. Otadui, 8 P.O. Box 32 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) Tel: +34 943 718033 Fax: +34 943 783502 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-75.037127 ULMA Construcción ULMA C y E, S. Coop. Ps. Otadui, 3 P.O. Box 13 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 034900 Fax: +34 943 034920 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.023065 ULMA Conveyor ULMA Conveyor Components, S. Coop. Components Bº Zelaieta, 11 P.O. Box 14 48210 Otxandio (Bizkaia) SPAIN Tel: +34 945 450075 Fax: +34 945 450257 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-48.028.872 ULMA Handling ULMA Manutención, S. Coop. Systems Bº Garagaltza, 50 P.O. Box 67 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 782492 Fax: +34 943 782910 - +34 943 718137 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.091443 ULMA Polymer ULMA Hormigón Polímero, S. Coop. Concrete Bº Zubillaga, 89 P.O. Box 20 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 780600 Fax: +34 943 716469 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.563623 ULMA Packaging ULMA C y E, S. Coop. Bº Garibai, 28 - P.O. Box 145 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) Tel: +34 943 739200 Fax: +34 943 780819 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.023065 ULMA Piping ULMA Forja, S. Coop. Bº Zubillaga, 3 P.O. Box 14 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 780552 Fax: +34 943 781808 E-mail: Web: Tax Reg: F-20.025250 Central Departments Grupo ULMA, S. Coop. Bº Garagaltza, 51 - P.O. Box 22 20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) SPAIN Tel: +34 943 250300 Fax: +34 943 780917 Web: Tax Reg: F-20.544326