Ralph jocham a scrum primer

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  • 1. Scrum PrimerRalph Jocham effective agile. ralph.jocham@effectiveagile.com
  • 2. Ralph Jocham•  Started as programmer; discovered process as a problem early on•  First Unified Process with UML•  Agile since 2000 with XP•  Scrum in 2003•  Oracle, LinkedIn, Roche, Google, The Gap, Swisscom, Texas Instruments, Siemens Medical, ThoughtWorks, JPMorganChase•  Did come around, different cultures and domains•  Founder of effective agile.•  Trainer with Scrum.org
  • 3. Plan   Analyze       Design   Code   Test   Release  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 3
  • 4. Work is organized by activity Plan   Analyze   Design   Code   Test   Release   è Big Batches25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 4
  • 5. Big Batches Is this the right approach for software development?25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 5
  • 6. Scientific Management Is this the righttr on ol    an d  C approachdfor software mm anCo development?25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 6
  • 7. Scientific Management25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 7
  • 8. Complexity Stacey  Graph   Cynefin     Empirical Defined   far  from  agreement   Complex   Complicated   Chaos   Probe   Sense   Sense   Analyze   Respond   Requirements   Respond   Complex   Emergent   Good  PracCces   Chaos   Simple   Act   Sense   Sense   Categorize  agreement   Respond   Respond   Simple   Complicated  close  to   Novel   Best  PracCces   close  to   certainty   Technology   far  from   certainty   (source:  Dave  Snowden,  IBM)   (source:  Ralph  Stacey,  University  of  Herfordshire)   25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 8
  • 9. Demming Cycle25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 9
  • 10. 35% of Requirements Change25-­‐Nov-­‐2011   effective agile. 10
  • 11. >60% of features are rarely or never used (source:  Standish  Group)  25-­‐Nov-­‐2011   effective agile. 11
  • 12. Value Original  SoluCon    Welcoming  change/   Coping  with  Complexity       Spri nt  n prin t  n+1   S AddiConal  Value   2   Sprin Sprint   t  11   Original  Vision  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 12
  • 13. 25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 13
  • 14. t  1970   Aug us25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 14
  • 15. 25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 15
  • 16. DefinedWaterfall (Defined)"Plan for the entire Plan   Analyze   Design   Code   Test   Release  project up-front   JSP-­‐188   V-­‐Model   GAM-­‐T-­‐17   Hermes   MIL-­‐STD-­‐2167A   MIL-­‐STD-­‐498  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 16
  • 17. Defined vs Emperical Waterfall (Defined)" Plan for the entire Plan   Analyze   Design   Code   Test   Release   project up-front   Scrum (Empirical)" Plan   Plan   Plan   Plan   Design   Design   Design   Design   Plan   Plan a little for the Plan   Plan   Plan   Plan   Code   Code   Code   Code   entire project and then Test   Test   Test   Test   a little for each Sprint" Release   Release   Release   Release   intern   intern   intern  (source:  ADM)   extern   extern   extern  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 17
  • 18. Higher Chance of Success 0.9  Probality  of   Success   0.5   Empirical   Defined   Edge  of   Chaos   0.1   Low   Medium   High   Complexity   (source:  ADM)   25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 18
  • 19. Why a higher Change? Visibility   Ability  to  Change   Business  Value   Risk  (source:  ADM)   Waterfall   Scrum  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 19
  • 20. A simple Definition of Scrum•  Scrum  (n):  A  framework  within  which   people  can  address  complex  problems,   and  producCvely  and  creaCvely  develop   products  of  the  highest  possible  value.                    (source:  ADM)  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 20
  • 21. Framework Roles Artifacts Events•  Product Owner •  Increment •  Sprint•  Dev Team •  Product •  Sprint Planning•  Scrum Master Backlog •  Daily Scrum •  Sprint Backlog •  Sprint Review •  Retrospective(source:  ADM)  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 21
  • 22. Roles, Artifacts and Events in Action Review   PotenCally  Roles   Releasable  Product  Owner  Development  Team  Scrum  Master   RetrospecCve     Increment     Daily  ArCfacts   Scrum  Product  Backlog  Sprint  Backlog   Sprint  Increment   Sprint   Sprint   Backlog     Planning     MeeCng  Events   Product   DefiniCon  Sprint  Planning   Backlog   of  Done  Sprint  Daily  Scrum  Sprint  Review  RetrospecCve   ScrumMaster  (source:  ADM)   25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 22
  • 23. Reporting25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 25
  • 24. Reporting25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 26
  • 25. Questions? hbp://www.scrum.org/Scrum-­‐Guides  25-­‐Oct-­‐12   effective agile. 27
  • 26. Ralph Jocham  www.effecFveagile.com  effective agile. ralph@effecCveagile.com          @rjocham  25-­‐Nov-­‐2011   effective agile. 28