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Oracle - Programatica2010
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Oracle - Programatica2010


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  • 1. <Insert Picture Here>Building Rich Internet Web Applicationsusing Oracle ADF and JdeveloperAlexandru BaciuTechnology Sales Consultant – Oracle Romania
  • 2. Agenda• The Challenge• Oracle F i O l Fusion stack t k• Developer Tools choice• Oracle ADF overview
  • 3. Rich Internet Web Applications
  • 4. What We Wanted – Business Drivers• C tti Edge UI Cutting Ed• Refresh data on page without full page refresh• Immediate validation• Drag-and-Drop• Pop-up• Dynamic and complex l D i d l layouts t• Agility• System Integration• Standards• Scalability, Security, Scalability Security Portability• Time to market
  • 5. How We’ll Get ThereJava EE 5 SOA Web 2 0 2.0
  • 6. Oracle Fusion – What Is It?• O l Fusion Applications Oracle F i A li ti • Oracle’s next generation of enterprise applications• Oracle Fusion Middleware • Integrated standards-based middleware platform• Oracle Fusion Architecture • Recommended architecture for your custom applications
  • 7. What is the Fusion Product Stack?• Oracle JD O l JDeveloper – th d l the development t l l t tool• Oracle ADF – the development framework• Oracle O l SOA Suite – th i t S it the integration l ti layer• Oracle WebCenter – the Web 2.0 portal layer
  • 8. Oracle Fusion Middleware – The Platform
  • 9. The Fusion Architecture View Business Logic Data User Business S B i Services i Interface ADF Business ComponentsWebCenter ADF Faces components Data Database Binding Schema SDO Services Events Human Workflow Mediator /BPEL Rules Business Service Process facts Engine Activity Assign Task Monitoring results Task Complete Monitoring Human interaction Orchestration Policy evaluation
  • 10. The Challenge• O one side: On id • JSF, EJB, Ajax, JavaScript, BPEL, SOAP, WSDL, RMI, JNDI, JDBC, O/R, HTML, DOM….• On the other side: • Thousands of developers p • Most don’t know these technologies • Most come from 4GL background • Expecting a visual and declarative approach • Don’t have time to learn all these new technologies • Need to focus on their specific application needs• How do you make it easy and approachable?
  • 11. It’s A Transition EBS D Developer l Fusion D F i Developer lTool Forms or JDeveloper JDeveloper 11g 10.1.3Framework OAF ADFProcess Flow Workflow BPELPortal Oracle Portal WebCenterLanguage PL/SQL Java
  • 12. It’s A Transition Forms D F Developer l Fusion D F i Developer lTool Oracle Forms JDeveloper 11gFramework Oracle Forms ADFProcess Flow ?? BPELPortal Oracle Portal WebCenterLanguage PL/SQL Java
  • 13. Scary ?
  • 14. Not if you reach the right information
  • 15. The Solution - Oracle ADFAbstraction – High Level Concepts g p•B i Business S i Service • EJB, JPA, POJO, Web Service, JCR, BPEL• UI Component • HTML, Ajax,Flash,JavaScript• Task • Page Flow, BPEL Flow, Human Flow
  • 16. Oracle Application DevelopmentFramework (ADF)• End-to-end Ja a End to end Java EE frame ork that is extensible framework e tensible• Utilizes and adds value to the Java EE platform• Abstracts Java EE complexity• Provides declarative and visual development• Enables developers to focus on the application, not the low- level infrastructure• Creates reusable and maintainable code• Metadata simplifies the basic task of wiring user interfaces to services• Implements Java EE best practices and design patterns, including i l di MVC
  • 17. Oracle ADF – High Level ArchitectureMVC – Model View Controller View Controller Model Business Services
  • 18. Oracle ADF – High Level ArchitectureThe Fusion Stack ADF Faces ADF Controller ADF Model ADF Business Components
  • 19. Oracle ADF Components for Fusion Apps and what they do• ADF F Faces Rich Cli t C Ri h Client Components t • Ajax enabled JSF components • UI components with built-in Ajax support• ADF Controller • Declarative definition of Web-pages and task flows Web pages • Reusable flows• ADF Model • Declarative way to bind UI to business services• ADF Business Components • Declarative validation • Reusable components to manage DB access and logic
  • 20. Oracle ADF - The Bigger Picture Standards based Standards-based Productivity with Choice Desktop Browser-Based ADF View Office Mobile JSP JSF ADF Faces SwingMetadata Services (MDS) Controller s Struts St t JSF/ADF T kFl TaskFlows ADF Bindings (JSR 227) Model a Java EJB BAM BPEL Web ADFbc BI Essbase Portlets S i Services Business TopLink Services Data Services Relational Data XML Data Legacy Data g y Packaged Apps g pp
  • 21. A Single IDE For All The Artifacts•JJava EE• Web User Interfaces• Mobile Interfaces• Web Services• SOA JDeveloper• W bC t / Portlets WebCenter P tl t• Database• XML
  • 22. JDeveloper - Unified Development Tool SOA Java Web 2.0
  • 23. Full Lifecycle Support
  • 24. Visual and Declarative• WYSIWYG UI design d i• Flow diagrams• Modelers• Visual XML Editors• Process Flow
  • 25. Choice of Development StylesVisual Dialog Code
  • 26. Tooling Product Strategy•C Complete & i t l t integrated t li f th platform t d tooling for the l tf • End-to-end, Java EE, SOA, framework, WebCenter, database • Based on industry standards • Free• Productivity • Reduce the complexity and cost of developing for the platform• Choice • Choice of implementation technologies • Choice in development style • Choice of deployment platforms and databases • Choice of IDE solutions
  • 27. IDE Product Focus• O l Customer F Oracle C t Focused d • JDeveloper • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse • Oracle Forms / Reports• Community Focused • NetBeans• JDeveloper is the strategic / primary IDE, however, all three Java IDE options are committed to
  • 28. Developer Tools FocusJDeveloper End-to-end Enterprise 2.0 & SOA Support the Fusion Middleware platform Visual and declarative productivity
  • 29. Developer Tools FocusOracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Integrate I t t Oracle’s Eclipse work Support the WebLogic Platform Focus on core Java EE tech
  • 30. Developer Tools FocusNetBeans Support the Java platform Reference impl. for i l f Java tooling Community focused platform
  • 31. IDE Feature Focus MatrixFeature Area JDeveloper OEPE NetBeansJava SE EE SE,Web ServicesMobileADFSOAWebCenterModeling / UMLSpringJavaFXWebLogic Integration g gGlassFish Integration
  • 32. <Insert Picture Here> <I t Pi t H >Oracle ADF Overview
  • 33. Oracle Fusion Development Relational Data Business User Services Interface XML Data Business Web 2.0 Packaged Apps Processes Services
  • 34. Oracle Fusion Development Relational Data Business User Services Interface XML Data Business Web 2.0 Packaged Apps Processes Services
  • 35. Business Service Goals• B id Obj t R l ti Bridge Object-Relational gap l• Manage CRUD operations • Q i /DML Queries/DML• Implement business rules • Data validation • Business logic• Reusable• Standards-based
  • 36. ADF Business Components A framework that simplifies developing Java EE business services for developers familiar with 4GL tools, declarative development, and relational databases• Simplify data access• Simplify validation and business logic• Uses SQL b U based d t views d data i• Separate data views from business logic• Implement best practices I l tb t ti• Easy customization
  • 37. ADF BC - Making Things Simpler• Query b example an Q er by e ample any field• Master/Detail coordination• List of values• Calculated fields• Various validations• Exposing services• Range fetching• Transaction control• Locking mechanism• State management g• All done declaratively without coding!
  • 38. ADF BC Familiar Concepts for Forms/4GL Developers• Declarative D l ti DB access d fi iti – similar t bl k definition i il to blocks• Built in events – similar to triggers in Forms• Declarative D l ti property setting f attribute t tti for tt ib t• Declarative validation• Declarative LOV• Declarative calculated fields• Built in query by example• Find/Execute query support• Reusable property sets• Transaction management using commit/rollback
  • 39. Oracle Fusion Development Relational Data Business User Services Interface XML Data Business Web 2.0 Packaged Apps Processes Services
  • 40. From These
  • 41. To These - Fusion ApplicationsHCM
  • 42. To These - Fusion ApplicationsProjects
  • 43. To These - Fusion ApplicationsProcurement
  • 44. And These – Mobile Applications
  • 45. ADF Faces - Component Based UIDevelopment
  • 46. And More Components …
  • 47. ADF Faces Rich Client Components• 150+ AJAX enabled J bl d JavaServer F S Faces components t• Drag-and-drop framework• Dialog d Di l and popup f framework k• Navigation menu framework• Partial P ti l page rendering d i• Advanced data streaming• Complete JavaScript API• Skinning• Accessibility
  • 48. Visualizing DataSome of the data visualization components th t areS f th d t i li ti t thatavailable: Graph Hierarchy Viewer Pivot table Gantt chart Gauge Geographic map
  • 49. Data Visualization Components
  • 50. ADF Mobile Browser• D li Delivers mobile-optimized bil ti i d native look-and-feel user interface to mobile browsers• Adjusts to device’s browser device s capabilities
  • 51. ADF Mobile Client•R d Renders t an on- to device mobile client with device-native UI device native components
  • 52. ADF Controller - TaskFlows• Define flows of pages and methods• Diagram your process• Build reusable task flows • In other flows, inside other pages• Advance functionality in a declarative way • Executing code in a flow g • Security • Bookmarking • Back button support • Exception and transaction management • Save for later • Memory scope management• An extension to the JSF page flow engine
  • 53. Bounded Task Flow Example addCust editRecord createCustomer Bounded Task Flow
  • 54. Reusable TaskFlows Bounded Task FlowTask Flow Private Implementation and StatePageregion
  • 55. Fusion Development Relational Data Business User Services Interface XML Data Business Web 2.0 Packaged Apps Processes Services
  • 56. ADF Model - Data Binding• ADF Model • JSR-227 Data Controls• Service Oriented Interface • Abstract implementation from clients • Loose coupling between services and application• More Productivity • Drag and drop data binding• More Reusability for Services • Discover and share services
  • 57. <Insert Picture Here> <I t Pi t H >A few other things g
  • 58. End-to-end Security
  • 59. Debug Declarative Components
  • 60. Source and Official Support•SSupported customers get the source code t d t t th d• Support by Oracle Support•T i i b O l U i Training by Oracle University it
  • 61. DemonstrationDeveloping Rich Internet Applicationswith Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper
  • 62. Summary• O l JDeveloper Oracle JD l <Insert Picture Here> <I t Pi t H > • Integrated enterprise development tool• Oracle ADF • Extending Java EE functionality • Plugging holes • Simplifying Development • End-to-End
  • 63. Learn More•O l /t h l /jd <Insert Picture Here> <I t Pi t H > • Download • Tutorials • Discussion forum • Samples • Books • Blogs • More…
  • 64. Question & Answers•O l / iddl