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  • SPEAKING POINTS When examining customer requirements for content management solutions it often helps to separate the requirements of content contributors from content creators. Content contributors are concerned with desktop integration, meta-data management, version control and workflow to control document approval processes. Content consumers are more concerned with access to ‘content in the context’ of their work. Whether that be through integration with a business application or via a web site. The key is the word ‘context’.
  • You can incorporate human workflow into your BPEL processes very easily. It's a powerful, fully-featured workflow engine which incorporates everything you need for human interaction. You can assign tasks to users and groups. You can define routing rules to say how the task should be passed around. Who should give approval? Does it need several levels of approval? Can the person currently owning the task decide who it should go to next? etc For very complicated routing rules, you can specifiy those in our rules engine. You can define escalation and delegation rules. For example, when you're on holiday, what should happen to tasks that are assigned to you? You can setup notification options, such as being alerted when a task is assigned to you, has been approved, completed, or whatever. And you can choose how you'd like to be notified, by email, phone, SMS, etc. We supply an out-of-the-box worklist application to manage your tasks, add attachments, etc. You can customize this application or create your own since the workflow engine has a public API. You can auto-generate your tasks or create them using ADF components. You can also use Microsoft Excel to view tasks and take actions. With the abstracted identity management, you can plug in your directory store (OID, LDAP, etc) so that rather than duplicating data, we use your existing directory structure. And finally, there is an audit of all actions so you can view history, run reports, etc.
  • Marvel Entertainment is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. It is working with Oracle to optimize... Digital asset management for Licensing and Publishing divisions Workflow and collaboration for Production and Brand Assurance departments General document management platform for the enterprise.
  • SPEAKING POINTS Oracle helps Audio Manufacturer SHURE to manage the company’s project documentation. Oracle helps the Renault Formula 1 Team to securely manage important engineering documents while the team is preparing for the racing season and when they are on the road. The Coca-Cola Company uses Oracle Web content management and Digital Asset management capabilities to manage their vital brand assets
  • Oracle - Document Life - 6apr2012

    1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle WebCenter – “Content is King”Alexandru BaciuSenior Technology Pre-Sales Consultant SOA&ECMOracle Romania
    2. 2. The Information Explosion• Documents, Images, Voice, Video, IM, Email…
    3. 3. Is Content Slowing Down Your Business? The cost of content-disabled applicationsSHIP/ OPEN/ ENTER DATA INTO SEND TO OTHER REVIEW/ RETURN TO FINALIZE INPREP/ SORT APPLICATION PARTIES REVISE/ ORIGINATOR APPLICATION APPROVE • 80% of information is unstructured • 42% of transactions are still paper-based • 30% of people’s time is spent searching for relevant information - Source: Gartner Group
    4. 4. Oracle Content Management Oracle’s end-to-end solution for document driven processes Capture Extract & Index Store Access Workflow Approve Archive Documents Document-centricDocuments scanned Automated data Stored to central accessed from End-workflows & Resolution Archived extraction repository user UIs monitoring CONTENT MANAGEMENT 4
    5. 5. Oracle Content Management A Strategic Focus @ Oracle• Key Component of Enterprise Software – Over 90,000 Oracle middleware customers – Over 7,900 Oracle enterprise content mgmt customers• Content Management Critical for – Oracle Fusion Middleware – Oracle Applications & Fusion Applications – Blending structured & unstructured information mgmt – Stand-alone E2.0, WCM, ECM business• ECM Continued Focus Area – New features continually added since Stellent acquisition in 2007 – Key new capabilities in 11g+ – Growing R&D resources since Stellent acquisition 5
    6. 6. Oracle WebCenter Unified and Integrated Content Management Oracle Enterprise Content ManagementSOA, BPM, JDev Desktop & Portal OOTB Application Mobile Connectors Office Web Apps Connectors Delivery IntegrationsIdentity Mgmt High Values Features and Services Notes / Domino Business FUSION Capture Web Content Archiving Imaging Intelligence MIDDLE File Systems Digital Assets Document Rights Records WARE Application Core Content Services Grid 3rd Party Oracle Database 3rd Party SecureFiles, AuditVault, Database, File System Database Vault, RAC
    7. 7. Oracle WebCenter ContentContent Consumer FunctionalityContent Contributors Content Consumers • Policies and Procedures • Call Centers • Technical • Knowledge Base Documentation • Intranet Sites • Engineering Documents WorkersOffice Docs • Web Site Customers Content Server • Invoices and Orders • Applications • Self-Service Scanned Data • Claims Extranet Suppliers
    8. 8. Content Check-In Getting Content into the System• Browser-based – Submit any file types• Optional Web forms• Content Categorization – Automatic metadata – Based on rules, text & properties• Behind the scenes… – Security - only the right people view or edit – Index for search
    9. 9. Content Check-In Getting Content into the System• Desktop Integrations – Windows Explorer • Drag and drop into folders • Check out & view metadata directly from Windows Explorer – Email Integrations • Drag and drop email & attachments into folders • Access managed content • Outlook & Lotus Notes – Desktop Applications • MS Office, etc.
    10. 10. Finding Content Once it’s in…can you find it again?• Search by… – Metadata: author, contract #, release date, type… – Full-text: keywords• Advanced Search Capabilities – Personalized – Drill-down approach – One-click search – Saved Searches – My URLs
    11. 11. Accessing Content Do you have the right application for viewing?• Automatic Conversions – HTML, PDF, JPEG, etc. – Web & wireless• PDF Watermarks – Template-based – Static and/or dynamic • “Confidential” • “Internal Only” • Logos for branding • Currently viewed by… – Watermark using metadata or managed content
    12. 12. Monitoring & Tracking Content What’s being changed? Who’s looking at content?• Subscriptions – New revisions – New items that meet your criteria - type, author, etc.• RSS feeds – Monitor ‘what’s new’ in the system use RSS readers• Content Tracking – View access history – See who accessed what when – User vs. admin reports
    13. 13. Approvals & Routing Content Workflow• Route items automatically – Individuals – Groups• Edit, Review, Notifications• Email Notifications• Ad-hoc routing – Triggered by user during check-in (metadata)
    14. 14. ECM for Images, Audio & Video Digital Asset Management• Protects valuable visual assets: • Logos/Branding, Corporate Images/Illustrations, Flash• Manages all file types: • EPS, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, SWF, Quicktime, Real, WMA, AVI, MP3• Multiple renditions, multiple uses: • Web, Lo/Hi Res Print, Color/B&W• Easy search and retrieval • Thumbnails, storyboards, and closed caption
    15. 15. ECM – Directly From Your DesktopWindows Explorer with Smart Productivity Folders
    16. 16. ECM – Directly From Your DesktopIn Microsoft Office
    17. 17. Summary of Workflow Features Task Assignment Task routing • Users • Declarative patterns • Roles • Ad-hoc routing • Groups • Document based routing • Complex routing with business rules Management Rules Notifications • Escalation, Expiration • Declarative specification of: • Delegation, Vacation rules • When – assigned, expired, … • Work load balancing • Who – assignee, manager, … • Email, Voice, Pager, SMS Worklist Application Reports, Audit Trails, … • Profile based – assignee, • Productivity and distribution supervisor, group owner, reports process owner • Complete history and audit • Available as portlets trail • Completely customizable • Web Services and Java API Task Forms Identity Management • ADF based task forms • Roles and Org. Hierarchy • Auto-generated, user defined • Integrates with OID, LDAP, • Task Data controls JAZN; custom plug-ins • MS Office integration
    18. 18. Extreme Performance & Scalability Oracle WebCenter Content & Exadata• Single system for all uses • Imaging, digital asset mgmt, collaborative document sharing, Web site delivery• Configurable fast-check-in services • Trigger high volume ingestion features per use case or content item Benchmark Results: • 179 million docs / day • Two Node Content Server + Exadata DB Machine; Half Rack Hardware
    19. 19. It’s MarvellousMarvel Entertainment is one of theworlds most prominent character-basedentertainment companies. They useOracle Content Management solution.
    20. 20. Example Customers • Oracle helps Vodafone to roll global intranet, external websites, call centers, yet configurable per country’s needs and to improve online adoption with reduced operational costs Oracle Helps the Renault Formula 1 Team Manage Important Documents While On The Road "The overall simplicity of the installation, customization, and configuration was very important to us" Oracle helps Monster the world’s leading Web site for recruiters and job seekers to manage multiple sites “Users loved the ease of use of the product and saw immediate efficiencies that could be gained”
    21. 21. Oracle Enterprise Content Mgmt The Industry Leading Platform• Only truly unified ECM product• Broadest ECM functionality• Unique content platform strategy• Most scalable ECM infrastructure• Fastest growing ECM solution