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Noile tehnologii INTEL pentru infrastructuri IT eficiente-19mar2010
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Noile tehnologii INTEL pentru infrastructuri IT eficiente-19mar2010


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Noile tehnologii INTEL pentru infrastructuri IT eficiente-19mar2010

Noile tehnologii INTEL pentru infrastructuri IT eficiente-19mar2010

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  • 1. Noi le tehnologii INTEL pentru infrastructuri IT eficiente
  • 2. Handhelds CE Embedded Netbook HPC Internet Data Center Enterprise Server Laptop Desktop Intel Architecture Platform Advantage Software Scalability, Programmability, Compatibility Software Continuum Across Devices & OS’s * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others Intel Architecture Windows, Moblin Applications & Services
  • 3. Fab and Assembly Test Sites Ireland Fab 24, IFO Oregon Fab 20, D1C, D1D, AFO Arizona Fab 12, 32 New Mexico Fab 11X Massachusetts Fab 17 Costa Rica Shanghai Chengdu Vietnam (2010*) Penang Kulim Dalian Fab 68 (2010*) Israel Fab 28, IDPj Wafer Fab Assembly/Test * Projected 10 fabs operating in the United States, Ireland, and Israel with 1 more under construction in China
  • 4. Silicon Technology Intel Execution On-Time 2 Year Cycle 90 nm 2003 180 nm 1999 130 nm 2001 65 nm 2005 45 nm 2007 32 nm 2009
  • 5. Where is Today’s IT Spending?
    • IT is spending too much on maintenance
    • This limits ability to innovate and grow business with new services and capabilities
    Source: Gartner IT Key Metrics Data 2008. Innovate Maintain Enhance
  • 6. Intel IT Adopted a 2-4 Year PC Refresh Rate
    • Looking at all aspects of client TCO, we found that 3 year is ideal.
    • We vary implementation 2-4 year refresh cadence based on user type.
    Balances Employee Productivity with IT Efficiency Source: Intel Whitepaper “Using TCO To Determine PC Upgrade Cycles” Cadence varies by user type
  • 7. Why We Use a Rich Mobile Client? 1 Intel IT internal data. 2 Intel IT Whitepaper “Evolving Centralized IT Client Management”: 3 Intel IT Whitepaper “Intel Vpro Technology: From Provisioning to Use Case Implementation” 4 Intel IT Whitepaper “Enterprise-wide Deployment of Notebook PCs with Solid-State Drives A $40M Mistake 1 In the late 1990’s, we switched to buying low-end PCs to save capital costs, but PCs could not handle new software during our intended lifecycle Result: premature upgrade of almost 20,000 clients
    • Rich Mobile Client Advantages for Intel
    • Performance Headroom
      • Higher-end Processors 2 enable better productivity, longer life, mid cycle software
      • Built in Management
        • Est. $500k / year savings with Intel vPro Technology 3 with security benefit
      • Advanced Technology
        • Solid State Disk Drives 4 boost user productivity 40%, reduce failure rate 90%
    Existing operating system New operating system Platform Performance 4-Year Depreciation 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Intel Roadmap Intel IT Purchases
  • 8. KEY TAKEAWAY Recommend a processor from the all new 2010 Intel ® Core™ Processor Family: Smarter processors that automatically deliver extra performance when customers need it. Ce este nou la inceput de 2010? Noua familie de Procesoare Intel® Core™ din 2010 Performanta inteligenta cu Turbo Boost Cel mai performant Performanta inteligenta Incepe aici
  • 9. faster 2.0x 4.0x 2.5x vs All new 2010 Intel ® Core™ i5-650 versus the Intel ® Core™ 2 Duo E6400 desktop PC faster faster Typical 3 Year Old PC INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW INTEL® CORE™ PROCESSOR FAMILY Run business productivity applications Run Excel financial calculations during a virus scan Encrypt Sensitive Data 1 1 1
  • 10. All New 2010 Intel® Core™ Platform with Intel® HD Graphics Intel® Core™ Processor Family Enthusiast-Class Media
    • Native Blu-ray* support
    • HDMI*, DisplayPort*
    • Lossless Digital Audio
    Enhanced Intel Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Next-generation Intel® Centrino® Wireless
    • Intel® My WiFi + v.2.0
    • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology for 4-way multi-tasking
    Storage and I/O Leadership
    • Intel® Rapid Storage Technology with eSATA
    • Intel® Rapid Recover
    32nm Intel® Core™ Architecture Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 1#
    • Extra GHz on demand
    • Smart performance with a speed boost
    + Intel® My WiFi Technology is an optional feature and requires additional software and a Centrino® wireless adapter. Wi-Fi devices must be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for 802.11b/g/a in order to connect # Intel® Turbo Boost Technology is exclusively available with Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processor series only * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Enhanced 3D Performance
    • Intel® HD Graphics with dynamic frequency (mobile)
    • DIrectX* 10, OGL 2.1
    DDR3 Memory Technology
    • Up to 1333 MHz (DT)
    • Up to 1066 MHz (mobile)
    • 2 Memory Channels
    Power Efficient, Sleeker Designs
    • Great battery life
    • Ultra-thin laptops
    • Innovative DT designs
  • 11. Intel ® Core™ Processors
        • Intel ® Turbo Boost Technology 1
        • Intelligently accelerates performance when there is thermal headroom to match your workload
        • Intel ® Hyper-Threading Technology 2
        • Smart multi-tasking by enabling each processing core to run multiple tasks, or "threads," at the same time.
        • Intel ® Smart Cache Technology
        • Enables dynamic and efficient allocation of cache to match the needs of each core for efficient data storage and manipulation
        • Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator HD 3
        • Enhanced Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator HD now integrated into the processor
    Intelligently delivering performance when you need it
  • 12. TURBO! Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Dynamically Delivering Optimal Performance & Energy Efficiency Single-Threaded Workload < TDP Highly Threaded Workload < TDP Without Intel® Turbo-Boost Technology With Intel® Turbo-Boost Technology
  • 13. CORE CORE
  • 14. CORE CORE
  • 15. Mainstream Client Platform Repartitioning Westmere based 2-Package Solution Penryn based 3-Package Solution Repartitioning of the Client Platform >30% Package Area Savings
  • 16. Intel Switchable Graphics (Optional Platform Feature) * Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others Switch between integrated and discrete graphics “on the fly” for optimal battery life or performance
    • What is it?
    • Ability to switch between integrated graphics and discrete graphics “on the fly”, no reboot necessary
      • Discrete graphics vendor choice
      • Supported on Windows 7* and Vista*
    • Benefits for consumers 1
    • Enjoy extended battery life with Intel® integrated graphics and switch to discrete for intense graphics workloads
    • Stay unplugged longer
    Switchable OR Extend battery life on Intel-based systems with switchable graphics Intel® HD Graphics Discrete Graphics
  • 17. Laptops with Intel ® Core™ Hitting on all cylinders
    • On average mobile users are 51 additional minutes
    • more productive each day 1
    • Enabling telework can increase productivity 15 to
    • 20% 2 , and reduces commute related emissions
    • Reduce workforce support costs by 40% or
    • more 3
    • Reconnect 60% faster in the event of a disaster by
    • giving employees laptops 4
    1 Year Old PC New Mobile PC 3 Year Old PC Dramatically save on PC energy costs ~24x better ~5x better Be more cost effective , productive and Green More responsive encryption Do it faster
  • 18. Another Way to Look at the Savings It’s like going from almost seven 60-watt regular bulbs… … To one 15-watt CFL
  • 19. 2010 Intel® Core™ vPro™ Platforms Integration of Security and Manageability Intel ® Active Management Technology: enhanced manageability provides better PC diagnostics in more places Intel ® Anti-Theft technology build intelligence into the PC to detect potential theft and respond based on IT policy Smarter, Energy-efficient Performance 32nm Westmere architecture delivers higher integration, leading performance and lower power Expanded Manageability Enhanced Security
    • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 1
    • Intel® HD Graphics
    • KVM Remote Control
    • PC Alarm Clock
    • Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology
    • Intel® Anti-Theft Technology
    • Remote Encryption Management
  • 20. Good Reasons to Buy Up Intel® Core™ i5-430M Processor Intel® Pentium® T4400 processor See Mobile system configurations for details.
    • Multitasking based on PCMark* Vantage Overall Score
    • Content Creation based on Intel® HDXPRT 2009 Edit Video sub score
    • Accelerated Productivity based on SYSmark* 2007
    LAPTOP *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others FASTER Agile Multitasking 1 FASTER Content Creation 2
  • 21. Good Reasons to Replace that Old Desktop Intel® Core™ i5-650 Processor Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor E6400 DESKTOP See Desktop system configurations for details.
    • Multitasking based on PCMark* Vantage Overall Score
    • Content Creation based on Intel® HDXPRT 2009 Edit Video sub score
    • Accelerated Productivity based on SYSmark* 2007
    *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others FASTER Agile Multitasking 1 FASTER Content Creation 2 FASTER Accelerated Productivity 3
  • 22. i7-xxx, QX9xxx, Q9xxx, X9xxx, T9xxx, P9xxx, SP9xxx, SL9xxx, SU9xxx P7xxx, P8xxx, SU7xxx T6xxx, SU3xxx T34xx, T4xxx, SU2xxx, SU4xxx 5xx,7xx, 9xx,T1xxx, T30xx-T31xx, SU23xx Good Best Processor Series Rating 1 Ratings based on features of processor— cores, threads, GHz, cache, architecture, turbo, SSE, perf. per watt; Platform brand rating based on underlying processor.
  • 23.  
  • 24. Our Product Vision: All Intel Architecture Devices Connected One Architecture Across Multiple Connected Devices Microsoft Windows; Moblin Linux based OSS: OS & Services Port of Choice Netbooks Notebooks Strategic Growth Areas Core Business Windows, Mac OS Devices & Technology CE (Internet) Handhelds Low-Cost PCs Embedded
  • 25. Mobility: Range of Devices for Customer Needs Mobile with full functionality Complete Internet experience, HD video, play 3-D games, DVDs, store large amounts of data All business and consumer applications, full PC experience Basic applications and Internet access Performance for casual computing Ability to travel light with mobile entertainment and business functionality Navigation, entertainment and productivity PC-like internet experience, rich multimedia and multi-tasking Ability to access the full internet on-the-go Thin and light form factor Fast, energy-efficient performance Ability to travel light with enough performance to power all applications Communication and Information Full internet functionality, multimedia and navigation Get PC-like functionality in a small form factor with voice Laptop High Performance Thin and Light Elegant Power Netbook Mobile Functionality Handhelds Internet Anywhere Smartphone Smart Communication Devices & Technology
  • 26. Next Generation Servers
  • 27. Refresh Opportunities in 2010 1 Estimated 34% single-core & 42% dual-core based on Q4’09 IDC Server Tracker 1. Source: IDC 2009 Q4 Server Tracker. Install base calculated by using this IDC data and a standard life-cycle distribution. Assumptions: 4 yr replacement cycle increases slightly when the recession hit. Aging Servers Limit Innovation & Growth Source: Intel ® Xeon ® Shipments, 2005-2009 2010 will mark an important return to installed base refreshes driven by an uptick in enterprise budgets, new technological innovations, and a return to economic growth.   Source: IDC, February 2010 Approximately 1 million servers have had their replacement delayed by a year. Source: Gartner press release 80% of the server install base is up for refresh If you delayed refresh in 2009, you’re not alone
  • 28. Introducing - Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 Series Boost Performance, Lower IT Costs, Enhance Security 1 Source: Internal Intel estimates comparing Xeon® X5570 vs. L5640 SKUs using SPECint_rate_2006. 2 Source: Intel measurements as of Feb 2010. Performance comparison using server side java bops (business operations per second). Results have been estimated based on internal Intel analysis and are provided for informational purposes only. 3 Source: Internal Intel measurements for Xeon® X5680 vs. Xeon® X5570 on BlackScholes*. Performance Up to 60% performance boost 5 month refresh ROI Energy Efficiency Xeon® 5500 Perf @ 30% less power Up to 15:1 consolidation Secure Virtualization Encrypt today Measure & Enforce tomorrow
  • 29. Huge Opportunity to Refresh old Servers
    • Source: Intel estimates as of Jan 2010. Performance comparison using SPECjbb2005 bops (business operations per second). Results have been estimated based on internal Intel analysis and are provided for informational purposes only.  Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. For detailed calculations, configurations and assumptions refer to the legal information slide in backup.
    Efficiency Refresh 15:1 5 Month Payback (estimated) 95% Annual Energy Cost Reduction (estimated) 1 rack of Intel ® Xeon ® 5600 Based Servers Performance Refresh 1:1 Up to 15x Performance 15 racks of Intel ® Xeon ® 5600 Based Servers 8% Annual Energy Costs Reduction (estimated) – OR – 2010 2005 15 Racks of Intel ® Xeon ® Single Core Servers
  • 30. Intel ® Xeon ® Processor 5600 Series Performance Summary Results are based on internal Intel measurements as of March 16, 2010.  Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. See backup foils for system configuration. Up to 46% Performance Java Energy Efficiency ERP Integer Virtualization HPC CAD Financial Floating Point Memory Bandwidth Xeon 5600-EP (6C, 3.33 GHz) vs. Intel Xeon X5570 (4C, 2.93 GHz) Frequency Sensitive Xeon 5600-EP (6C, 3.33 GHz) vs. Intel Xeon X5570 (4C, 2.93 GHz) Up to 63% performance boost over Xeon ® 5500 Up to 63% Performance Performance tests and ratings are measured using specific computer systems and/or components and reflect the approximate performance of Intel products as measured by those tests. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. Buyers should consult other sources of information to evaluate the performance of systems or components they are considering purchasing. For more information on performance tests and on the performance of Intel products, visit Source: Intel Internal measurements Jan 2010. See backup for additional details Life Sciences Technical Computing Mainstream Enterprise Bandwidth Sensitive
  • 31. Intel ® Xeon ® Processor 5600 Series Building on Xeon ® 5500 Leadership Capabilities 1 Based on voltage reduction from 1.50V to 1.35V, using Power (Watts) = Current x Voltage Greater Platform Energy Efficiency Automated Low Power States with Six Cores 130W 95W 80W 60W (6C) 40W (4C) Up to 10% lower memory power 1 More efficient Turbo Boost and memory power management Better performance/Watt Lower power consumption New lower power CPU SKU options for Xeon ® 5600 Intel ® Xeon ® 5600 Intel ® Xeon ® 5600 Intelligent Power Technology Lower Power DDR3 Memory CPU Power Management Lower Power CPUs
  • 32.  
  • 33. Va multumesc!
  • 34.