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Agora2013 Yugo Neumorni

  1. 1. „Virtualizare, Cloud Computing, Everything as a Service” Agora - 21 Feb Cloud Computingthe end of the IT Department? Yugo Neumorni MBA, CISA Presedinte CIO Council Director IT, Vimetco Management
  2. 2. CIO Council Romania• Established in 2005 by five members• 82 active members from large organisations• Membership by invitation only• Monthly meetings• CIO Government Office initiative• Support ANSSI initiative• Co-founder of “Alianta Digitala pentru Romania”•
  3. 3. IT Trends• Cloud computing will be a major shift in technology• BYOD Revolution• The IT department wont be physical.• Cyberwarfare will turn the CIO into a general.
  4. 4. Cloud: Research Highlights
  5. 5. Cloud computing• Cloud reshaped the old IT Outsourcing• Private cloud vs Public cloud• IT as public utility• Cloud is a golden mine for small and medium companies• Cloud a solution for centralizing the IT public services. Governmental Cloud• The IT will disappear from organisations. The IT will have 3 employees.
  6. 6. Cloud computing• Inhibiting adoption factors: – Security – Compliance – Lock-in – Interoperability – Network bandwidth – Privacy – SLAs
  7. 7. Cloud Computing: The New
  8. 8. Infrastructure as a Service• Infrastructure as a Service - Traditional computing resources such as servers, storage, and other forms of low level network and hardware resources offered in a virtual, on demand fashion over the Internet.• IaaS in a general sense, provides the ability to ‘summon’ resources in specific configurations at will and delivers value similar to what one might find in a traditional datacenter.• IaaS’ power lies in its massive on-the-fly flexibility and configurability. It can be equated to owning a magic wand that could conjure up a variety of network and server resources in zero time and occupying zero space.• Examples include services like GoGrid, Amazon’s EC2 and even S3 ( as a storage infrastructure play)
  9. 9. Platform as a Service• Platform as a Service (The space I play in via Apprenda’s SaaSGrid platform) - A runtime-system and application framework that presents itself as an execution environment and computing platform available over the Internet with the sole purpose of acting as a host to application software. Generally, PaaS focuses on enabling SaaS applications, so many well-expected core concepts, such as abstracting away multi- tenancy issues, are expected of any reasonable PaaS offering. Another key concept for PaaS is that it needs to run semi-arbitrary instructions.• Examples include SaaSGrid and Google AppEngine. There are also some higher level PaaS offerings with non-traditional IDEs and coding paradigms like Bungee or that require (IMHO, unnecessarily) new knowledge, skills, and component frameworks.
  10. 10. Software as a Service• Software as a Service – Specialized software functionality delivered over the Internet to users who intend to use the set of delivered functionality to augment or replace real world processes. Generally speaking, users within the SaaS space are aggregated into ‘tenants’, or bodies of 1 or more categorically related users. Think CRM, or SugarCRM.
  11. 11. IT Jobs endangered• Data Centre jobs• Technicians . Repair techs.• Support engineer• HelpDesk staff• System engineer• Web designer• Low level programmers (Fortran, Cobol)
  12. 12. Top 10 Cloud Jobs Cloud systems engineer• Cloud arhitect• Cloud software engineer Job description: Build the virtual systems that support the cloud implementation.• Cloud sales Required credentials: B.S. in computer• Cloud engineer science, information technology or related technical degree; 5-10 years of systems• Cloud service developer engineering experience, holistic understanding• Cloud system administrator of the Internet and hosting from the network layer up through the application layer;• Cloud consultant experience in a 24x7 hosting environment.• Cloud system engineer Requested credentials: Experience with monitoring tools, scripting, configuration• Cloud network engineer management, clustering, Drupal and Internet• Cloud product manager security
  13. 13. Wrap-up• The IT will be radically changing in the future• CIO should leave the comfort zone• Be prepared for change.• Reinvent yourself• Some IT jobs will disappear.• Cloud related IT jobs will be standardized• Mobility and IT consumerism will enforce BYOD Revolution.• IT will become utility
  14. 14. First CIO Council National Conference 13 martie 2013 Marriott Hotel, Grand Ball Room
  15. 15. Q&A• Sources:•••