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E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
E Books and Readers
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E Books and Readers


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. E-books! Will readers use Readers?
  • 2. What’s an e-book?
    • Electronic book - can be read:
      • Online (not going to talk about these)
      • Downloaded to a device
        • Computer
        • PDA
        • Mobile phone
        • E-book Reader
  • 3. Formats (Tower of eBabel)
    • .epub – open format based on XML, published by the International Digital Publishing Forum
    • .pdf – new version released last week by Adobe resizes pdfs to smaller screens
    • .doc, .txt – basic word processing formats
    • .xml, html – basic web formats
  • 4. Big Guns
    • .azw – Amazon’s proprietary format, can only be read on a Kindle
    • .bbeb, or .lrf – Sony’s proprietary format, can only be read on the Sony Reader
    • .mobi – format from MobiPocket, can be read on multiple devices
    • PNPd – Palm ereader format
    • … and many more…
  • 5. Sony Reader
    • First model introduced in 2006
    • 3 models to date
    • Opened to epub formats in Summer 2008
  • 6. Sony, continued
    • Can only buy books from Sony eBook Library (Windows only)
    • Download content to computer, then sync Reader
    • Only supports Sony format, and non-DRMed formats
    • New version has touch screen for note taking and annotations.
  • 7. Amazon Kindle
    • Debuted in November 2007
    • Uses same e-ink display as Sony
    • Wireless connectivity over “Whispernet” provided by Sprint
  • 8. More on the Kindle
    • Can only buy books from Amazon’s Kindle Store
    • Proprietary Amazon format
    • Can subscribe to RSS feeds and Newspapers for a fee
    • You can add your own content, but only after going through a conversion process
  • 9. Kindle 2!
    • Releases today!
    • Sleek new design, more memory, more battery life, and text-to-voice capability
  • 10. CyBook by Bookeen
    • Lesser known
    • No proprietary format, can’t support epub or any DRM other than .mobi
    • Comparable technical specifications
    • to Sony & Kindle
  • 11. iRex iLiad
    • 3 different models ranging from small and basic to large and very sophisticated
  • 12. More iRex
    • Most expensive models
    • Has the largest screen
    • Wacom tablet technology, touch screen, wireless
    • No proprietary formats
    • Uses Linux
  • 13. Plastic Logic
    • Scheduled for release early 2010
    • Full paper size (8 1/2x11)
    • Touch screen controls
    • Sleek design, may add color
    • May be flexible
  • 14. Comparisons
    • Great comprehensive table from the MobileRead Wiki:
  • 15. Barriers for readers
    • Price
      • Cheapest Readers are around $300
      • Each book ranges from $5-$10
      • Plus other fees
    • Book Availability (which leads to…)
    • DRM
    • DRM
    • DRM
  • 16. E-book availability
    • List of free e-book sites:
    • E-book Stores:
    • From (Arizona) libraries:
  • 17. DRM
    • Proprietary formats make it difficult to “own” e-books
      • Can’t read on every device
      • No guarantee of perpetual ownership
    • Must be aware of which formats are supported by which Readers
      • This is complicated
  • 18. Final Thoughts
    • Very personal decision – have to find the right balance of price, convenience (dedicated Reader vs. other mobile devices), content accessibility and availability, and individual feelings on DRM.
  • 19. Bibliography
    • Ebook Presentation Bibliography on Google Docs:
    • http:// =dds3f5t9_37d87772gc