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As former CEOs, executives, board members, investors and advisors, we know value when we see it. Our M&A, fundraising, and strategic advisory services all have just one goal in mind: Your success.

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GrowthPoint Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S We’re investment bankers. So what, exactly, are we invested in?GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 1 5/7/08 6:50:25 PM
  2. 2. “As a team, we managed We’re invested in creating value. To create value, you first have to recognize it. That’s not as simple as it sounds. Whether to orchestrate a situation it’s early stage technology companies with a great idea and little else in the way of revenue to show, or more mature where we had five different companies with money in the bank, very often it’s the company’s bidders coming to the table IP and its potential that are most important. So we prove our own value with deep understanding of technology, and our at the same time. It was an ability to properly position the impact our client’s company will have on the market and the potential acquirer’s business. M&A work of art.” That’s important because there’s one other step in securing the right valuation for your — Jason Donahue, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO, ClearApp company. Getting some- (prior CEO of Meiosys and Ejasent) one else to agree. We’re good at that, too. The partners at GrowthPoint Technology Partners. All together, we’ve completed over 300 transactions.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 2-3 5/7/08 6:50:27 PM
  3. 3. We’re invested in bringing our experience to bear. Before we did what we’re doing now, we did what you’re “It was critically important doing. We’ve started companies, run them, invested in them, to find a banker I did not bought and sold them. We’re not just number crunchers ready to thumb our BlackBerries. Quite the contrary. We’re seasoned have to educate about my business people who understand finance, operations, technology. They helped shape engineering, marketing and management, having applied those disciplines ourselves in dozens of different companies. and guide our strategy to find That experience gives us something far more valuable than the capability to schedule meetings. It gives us perspective. the optimum partner.” — Eric Shapiro, So when we look at a business or CEO, Caustic Graphics a company or a market, we see it (formerly founder and CEO of Zero G) from a unique vantage point. All of them, in fact. We’ve been on both sides of the term sheet. And we think that makes us more valuable to everyone involved.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 4-5 5/7/08 6:50:28 PM
  4. 4. “They are dedicated senior We’re invested in building partnerships. Even though we make our living as investment bankers, we’re not just dialing for partners with real world dollars. For us, it’s more about having insight into technology, markets, and human nature. It’s about having the perceptive- experience, and I wanted ness to build a compelling case for the value we see. It’s about to have them on my side.” relationships, because acquirers know the kinds of deals we bring them, and clients feel good about how we represent them. — Jason Hart, CEO, Actividentity In fact, both our clients and the acquirers will tell you that we conducted their transactions in a way that made their experience far better than it would have been had someone else been working with them. And yes, it’s about the money, too. But it’s also about every- thing that makes the money worthwhile. The best business is done personally. Especially in this business.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 6-7 5/7/08 6:50:30 PM
  5. 5. “More than once it was their We’re invested in seeing it through. In an ideal world, your banker quickly gets a buyer or investor to the table with a term perseverance, experience sheet, negotiates the very best deal, and then manages the whole thing effortlessly to closing. Unfortunately, no one lives and diplomacy that brought in that world. Better you should have a professional skilled in the parties back together negotiating the vagaries of this world. Someone who will not get rattled or become disengaged at the first speed bump, or and eventually guided us the twenty-first. (On average a deal jumps the tracks at least three times. It’s OK. We’re here to put it back.) Even if it takes to a great outcome for all.” months longer than expected—and that’s to be expected— your banker should be consistently — Jacques Benkoski, former CEO, Monterey Design Systems creative and resourceful, but essentially unrelenting in getting the deal done. Because without that, there is no deal. At this stage, we’ve seen almost everything. Which is to say, nothing scares us.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 8-9 5/7/08 6:50:32 PM
  6. 6. We’re invested in getting the transaction done properly. Getting a deal “done” is not a destination, but a “I cannot recommend process. In other words, “done” is not the ink on a contract, anyone more qualified.” but rather the satisfaction of knowing you made the right decisions. Because a deal is only the end result, and in some — Jeff Nash, CEO, Inclined Plane ways, the anticlimactic finish to what appears to be a hope- lessly complicated labyrinth. So, yes, you could say that we get these deals done properly (and anyone who knows us will tell you the same), but that’s not really what we do. What we really do is everything leading up to the deal. And if all those things—the understanding, the preparation, the connection, the trust—if those are attended to, the deal takes care of itself. There’s just one question you have to answer: “Are these people I can trust to represent my company?”GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 10-11 5/7/08 6:50:35 PM
  7. 7. “I found GrowthPoint’s We’re invested in getting you the best deal. How much is your company worth? That depends on who’s helping you expertise, knowledge of the sell it. Do they believe in the potential of the technology you’ve created? Do they know where that potential will have the most venture markets, and overall impact and to whom it will be most attractive? Still, everyone guidance to be invaluable in has a different idea of what something is worth, and the inter- ested parties don’t always agree. In that case, it takes a great our recent successful capital deal of skill and diplomacy to get everyone to believe in what is essentially a profoundly intangible asset. To aid us in this raise.” endeavor, we keep a very simple metric in mind. We work to get the same deal we’d want if we were — Neal Ater, CEO, Atempo in your shoes. It’s easy to find an investment banker who knows what they’re doing. Find one who knows what you’re doing.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 12-13 5/7/08 6:50:38 PM
  8. 8. We’re invested in you. The way we do business is the way we grow our business. Or, to put it another way, we believe that the best people to speak for the quality of our work are the people who’ve experienced it first hand. And since we also believe that the most important outcome of any transaction is the satisfaction of our client, our reputation grows right along with our network. So whether we’re working in Dublin or Düsseldorf, Munich or Menlo Park, our clients (and our acquirers, for that matter) know who we are and how we work, and that builds confidence in a beneficial outcome for all. After all, we love what we do and GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S we want to keep doing it. The only way we can do that is to never GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S forget what we’re really invested in. Ask someone you trust about us.GPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 14-15 5/7/08 6:50:39 PM
  9. 9. GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S GROWTHPOINT T E C H N O L O G Y PA R T N E R S GrowthPoint Technology Partners, LLC Telephone: (650) 322-2500 FAX: (650) 320-8770 835 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304 www.gptpartners.comGPT_Bro_5.7.08P.indd 16 5/7/08 6:50:41 PM