Stop an argument in less than 2 minutes!


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Quickly apply 3 simple steps to relieve the stress of an argument before it gets out of control.
Instantly boost your confidence knowing these easy-to-use tactics work every time in keeping the peace.
Finally discover the keys to guaranteed relationship success in any situation.

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Stop an argument in less than 2 minutes!

  2. 2. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Legal Stuff Steven Hennigan is not a licensed relationship coach but a trusted advisor. The ideas and advice given in this short report are simply for entertainment purposes only. What you are going to be reading are a collection of experiences derived from real-life situations. Some of the information may not apply to your specific circumstance but can be useful in some cases. By downloading and reading this short report, you agree not to hold Steven Hennigan, Grown Dating Systems or its affiliates liable for any negative results arising from the personal use of this information. Please feel free to share this book with others as it may be beneficial. DO NOT edit this book in any way, shape or form. Enjoy the read and I hope it helps you or someone else grow. Thanks my friend! Steven Hennigan, Author Grown Dating Steven Hennigan 1
  3. 3. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Aren’t You Tired Of Failing In Relationships? “Private Resource Reveals Secret Strategies You Can Use In The Next 24 Hours To Guarantee A Successful Relationship”! Guarantee Relationship Success Even If You’re Single! Jessica took all I had and dragged me through the mud only because I let her. Kiesha and I never got along, her attitude got the best of me. We argued constantly about everything from where to eat to what bus we were riding to work! I ended up marrying Daphne for her looks and had a child by her. She never took the time to understand me and neither did I. We were divorced a year later. Now, I have visitations and a $625/month bill for child support! Steven Hennigan 2
  4. 4. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! I’m Steven Hennigan and I married Jerrika 6 weeks after meeting her! Guess what? We’re still married! Going on our 5th year as of this writing. Mr. & Mrs. Hennigan Nothing but a SUCCESS! Let me share some secrets with you in my book, “Guarantee relationship success even if you’re single”  Save time, energy, and embarrassment by making one little tweak that could make or break your relationship.  Discover how to have them begging for your attention instead of the other way around.  Simplify marriage and make it last forever without feeling “trapped” or “stuck”. Listen, I really want you to have this book along with the one you are about to read so, I’ve lowered the price which is normally $27 to $17! You can’t afford to pass this up if you want to experience TRUE love and success in your relationship. Get rid of the headaches, late night crying, and stressful thoughts NOW! Click or visit the web address link below the “BUY NOW” button to DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY! Steven Hennigan 3
  5. 5. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! How to stop an argument in less than 2 minutes! Now, I know the title of this report sounds crazy but it’s possible. No one gets into a relationship to argue. Although, come to think of it, I had a girlfriend like that. She loved to argue! I think she dreamt of things to bicker at me about. Some people just like the attention and the SEX they have when it’s all over. Nothing is wrong with that in my book! I just hate the whole process. You almost feel like it’s over. Your inner being is crying out, saying, “I can’t wait till this is over”! Maybe this time you’ll win this one. If you’re a female, you’re probably saying you win all of them anyways. Is it me or does it seem like the male’s chance of winning an argument is less than a female winning? The good news is we will always have arguments but they don’t have to last long. Furthermore, they don’t have to end in a bad way all the time. You see, arguments and disagreements fit together with love and affection. Whenever there is sex, love, and emotions flying around, there’s bound to be some sort of conflict. Ok, I know you have a perfect and loving relationship, but how do you feel when you two have arguments? Whether it's your fiancé, partner, or spouse, even the littlest issue could get out of hand into something more serious. So, let’s stop the argument in less than 2 minutes! 1. Listen hard Don't say a word. Find out what they are thinking before trying to give your side. It’s so easy to just jump in and speak over the other person. Listening is so important not only in our relationships but in all aspects of our lives. Steven Hennigan 4
  6. 6. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! No matter how we're engaged with listening, it's important to understand that listening involves more than just hearing the words that are directed at us. This one is extremely difficult and hits home for me. I find it hard to have my listening involve more than just hearing. My wife has told me many times that I hear what I want hear. She then experiences me exploding and taking all that she mentioned out of context. This happens all because I hadn’t been truly listening. It finally hit when I realized listening was an active process by which we make sense of, assess, and respond to what we hear. WOW!!! You see, the listening process actually involves five stages: receiving, understanding, evaluating, remembering, and responding. So, you must hear and identify the speech sounds directed toward them, understand the message of those sounds, critically evaluate or assess that message, remember what's been said, and respond to the information you just received. How you choose to respond is totally up to you, verbally or non-verbally. Steven Hennigan 5
  7. 7. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Actively listen!  Think about what you are going to say before you say it.  Try not to let your feelings get in the way.  Provide feedback shortly after the other person is done ranting.  Restate or paraphrase what you heard in your own words. The goal here is let them know you understand their point of view. Not necessarily agreeing with it but they were understood. This also demonstrates sincerity and that nothing is being assumed or taken for granted. After your response, pay attention to their body language. You should begin to see some relief. More than likely they only wanted to be listened to not just heard. Speaking before listening may get you in trouble. If the action can't be undone, apologize right then and there; don't hesitate about it. 2. Hide your ego! Many times when an argument ensues, we start off wanting to win. It’s human nature. Making yourself look “better” than the other person with defeats and fighting back will continue the argument further. If you are really angry, consider simply using body language. Nod your head and listen to what they have to say. Don’t let your ego get the best of you. The other person will win automatically! You true personality shows through. It tells them, “look at my low self-esteem”. “I have to bring you down to make me feel good”. You would be showing them all of your discomfort/shame, lack of confidence, and trust you have in yourself. Hiding your ego is hard. Steven Hennigan 6
  8. 8. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Especially if you can’t admit you have one. So, let’s work this out together. I know I have one and that’s why I’m trying to help you. Take these simple steps to build some inner strength:       Simply be yourself Be kind to them even when its tough Be generous when it makes the least sense to Respond to aggression with forgiveness Be important, not self-important Let it go 3. Apologize even if it wasn't your fault. You might think I’m totally out of my mind. Try it! Works wonders! Humble yourself from time to time. Guess what, if you found yourself unsuccessful at step #2, hiding your ego, you can make a comeback in this final step. Here’s what you do. Go back to the argument and issue an apology. Be really sincere about it. The sincerity will take you a long way with this step. Steven Hennigan 7
  9. 9. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Sounds like a good idea! Let’s look at a basic example: He or she had to walk home in the cold after work because you didn’t pick them up. They tried calling you but your phone died. You got off of work and went straight home. When you arrived, they were not there. You quickly plug your phone up to charge. 8 messages are waiting in your voicemail of them whaling at you and calling you names. You both eventually meet and they are steamed! An argument ensues and gets ugly. You are at a loss for words because you know it wasn’t your fault. This is clearly written all over your face. Solution: Apologize immediately! Tell them how truly sorry you are that they had to walk home. Let them know you understand how angry they are. Offer a quick way to make it up and promise that it never happen again. Steven Hennigan 8
  10. 10. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Finally offer solutions to the problem to prevent it from occurring in the future. They’ll look at you like “THOR” or someone bold and strong! It will be difficult for them to comprehend why you’re being so nice, not confrontational, and understanding. This will stop your argument in less than 2 minutes! Hope this helped! Reliable Relationship Solutions Steven Hennigan 9
  11. 11. STOP AN ARGUMENT IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES! Highly Useful Resources – Click each link for more info. Couple stops argument over sexual issues by using a weird and twisted trick… Start an argument with a handshake? Boyfriend in failing relationship discovers two hidden techniques that spiced things up again and brought her to him in less than 24 hours! Confidence is a learnable skill! If you don’t master the skill of building powerful confidence, you won’t be able to live life to your fullest potential! Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection…Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless! Steven Hennigan, Author/Relationship Advisor Steven Hennigan 10