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  • Hi, My name is Jason Cyr and I am the CEO at Tiipz.\n\nTiipz is Market Research for the Social Media Generation. \nSimply put, we use the power of both social media and mobile to turn your fans, and customers into research panels and focus groups. \n\nLets look at the two problems that Tiipz will solve for thousands of businesses.\n
  • Problem #1 - Market research is a $9 billion dollar a year industry in North America.... and its LAME.\nWhy? because it hasn&amp;#x2019;t evolved. \nPeople did not like taking surveys and polls 20 years ago and they don&amp;#x2019;t like taking them today. \nFor businesses research is time consuming, and expensive and does not build any engagement between consumer and brand.\nand this isnt the only problem....\n
  • The other problem is that with 100s of millions of customers on Facebook and Twitter... businesses are JUMPING on the social media band wagon, but to what effect?\n\nI would argue that the majority are struggling to find their voice in terms of content that they create, and more importantly in terms of proving the value... I mean real ROI that business can measure from using these tools.\n\nSo what happens when you solve these two problems?\n
  • Micropinions Happen... and they allow us to do what we call engagement based micro-research\n
  • Micropinions are interactive questions that are essentially the tweets of the research world...\n\nThey are fast to create, easy to answer, socially shareable. They are rewarding to respondents because every time you answer one you gain a point and those points can then be redeemed for deals from the brand you are interacting with.\n\n
  • The best thing about micropinions is the data that they collect.\nTiipz respondents are linked to social and demographic profiles which allow business to really understand not only how people are responding but WHO is responding.\n\nThese same demographics allow businesses to very specifically target micropinions (or promotions) which means you can target all the moms on your fan page, who live in Squamish and buy cloth diapers.\n\n\n
  • Tiipz takes This... A question asked on Facebook which produces unstructured qualitative data and is lucky to get 3% response... \n\nand we turn it into this.... [advance slide]\n
  • An engaging interactive question that early testing has shown gets as much as 10% response\n
  • And from that engaging question we capture structured, quantitative results that can be filtered and analyzed to suit the needs of the business.\n\n
  • Its pretty easy to see the value for businesses, but what about their customers?\nWell this is where our rewards step in. Tiipz offers a configurable and simple to deploy incentives program that keeps people responding, happy and gets them out of the online world and into your store. \n\n\n
  • Ultimately we save businesses lots of money on research and provide real measurable ROI from their social media efforts.\n\n
  • Social media is not our only delivery method\nThere is a custom Mobile experience integrated with QR Barcodes and location based services which means micropinions will be served up based on where you are in YOUR world!\n\n\n\n
  • Right now we are strategically targeting brands with large social followings, and who have merchandise for rewards... Think about it.. there are thousands of them!\n\n
  • Having just come out of Beta our user numbers today are in the hundreds, But thanks to these brands who are either currently live, or about to go live, we expect to have upwards of 10,000 registrations by the end of the month.\n\nIn fact this weekend Tiipz will be an interactive partner at the Live@squamish concert reaching 10-15 thousand music fans over the course of the weekend.\n\n\n\n
  • We started writing code in January....\nWe launched the first full version of Tiipz last night at the launch party\nand Ill now invite you all to pull out those smart phones and sign-up right now by scanning this barcode or going to tiipz.com/grow\n\nThank you!\n\n\n\n
  • Tiipz Pitch

    1. 1. Market Research for theSocial Media Generation
    2. 2. Problem #1: Traditional Market Research
    3. 3. LameProblem #1: Traditional Market Research
    4. 4. Problem #2: Social Media Bandwagon
    5. 5. MICROPINIONS Happen
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    7. 7. Your Voice.Your World.Your Rewards.