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Get Some REST: Building Great APIs for Great Apps | Allen Pike, Steamclock Software
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Get Some REST: Building Great APIs for Great Apps | Allen Pike, Steamclock Software


Published on

Allen Pike, Co-Founder, Steamclock Software …

Allen Pike, Co-Founder, Steamclock Software

With the modern explosion of apps and platforms, building APIs has become a core skill for any technology business. Building great web based REST APIs will make scaling your business easier, allow third parties to accelerate your growth, and make supporting new platforms and devices much easier. We'll see why and how building great APIs is key to building great software.

Attendees will learn:
- The state of APIs in 2013
- What makes for a great API
- How to make developers love you
- How to feed and care for your APIs

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • - I run Steamclock Software- At Steamclock, we build iOS, Android, and JavaScript apps - Our work has been featured by Apple, CNN, and Fast Company- Before founding Steamclock, I was a Software Engineer at Apple
  • Triopoly No explosion of viable platformsNo one platform dominatesJavaScript apps increasingly consume APIs
  • Sep 2012: Twitter restricts their APIMar 2013: Netflix restricts their APIJul 2013: Google cans ReaderWhat is going on?
  • Twilio, Urban Airship, Stripe Github, dropbox Instapaper
  • Great APIs lead to great apps
  • Apple iCloud APIsDropbox APIParse (now owned by FB)Other APIs as a Service
  • It was like an archeological dig The CTO had no idea this was happening
  • Not a silver bullet, but at least bronze
  • Some Enterprises will demand XML or other noise, but provide JSON by default
  • it's cheap, it's secure, it's easy to support now saves time and bandwidth. Stack Overflow doesn't even accept GZIP off, this is becoming more common
  • Story This is an alpha-stage platform built by a team of 3. The docs were so thoughtful that Justin trusted them immediately Docs are a marketing message
  • Swagger is a tool and specification for generating API docs
  • This is on the homepage of Hell yes. Show both a simple and a complex example
  • Documentation needs to be googled Reasonable SEO No PDFs, no login walls
  • Twilio is the top 3 results The #1 result is their REST API docs!
  • Versions telegraph and enable change Sets the expectation that things may change
  • Start by solving a problem
  • APIs all the way down The Amazon SOA architecture
  • Transcript

    • 1. Get Some REST The why and how of great APIs Allen Pike, Steamclock Software
    • 2. APIs in 2013
    • 3. Great APIs are table stakes • UI is for users • API is for developers • They need to be clear, fast and easy
    • 4. Mobile Platforms
    • 5. APIs are spreading
    • 6. APIs are restricting
    • 7. Different models, different APIs different APIs • Up front purchase • Pure adoption • A subscription SaaS • API is the product
    • 8. Help us help you • Internal developers • Consultants • Partners • Customers • Fans
    • 9. Building a great API
    • 10. APIaaS
    • 11. No surprises please • Consistent • Standard • Plain • Boring
    • 12. #!QOX!# on,361926297#!QOX!#Daniel Burka,Google Ventu o-founder,@apike,917292#!QOX!#Tobias Lütke,S ae,29817237#!QOX!#Robert Scoble,Rackspace,St utsol,500px,CEO,@oleggutsol,103872#!QOX!#Ell ngh,Tempo AI,CEO
    • 13. Enter REST • REpresentational State Transfer • The modern best practice • Uniform methods, no surprises • Contrasts with SOAP RPC restful-api
    • 14. RESTing up • GET,POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE • Embraces HTTP • Explorable with simple tools • Fundamentally scalable
    • 15. JSON { "XML": [ "Verbose", "Heavy Handed", "Overkill" ], "JSON": [ "Human Readable", "Lightweight", "The new gold standard" ]}
    • 16. The magic formula JSON gzip https
    • 17. Care and feeding
    • 18. Future proof your API • Always version • Sometimes you release a bad API • New versions mark breaking changes • Deprecate and document
    • 19. Support your API • Documentation is just the seed • Blog for news • Forums and Stack Overflow for help • for actual support
    • 20. Drive adoption • Promote novel API uses • Fund hackathons and sponsorships • SEO • Double down on examples and docs • Royal decree
    • 21. Recap• APIs are crucial • Follow standard REST design • Return JSON, gzipped, over https • Support with great documentation • Scale with versioning and marketing
    • 22. Go make great things. apike Get the slides here!