Innovation Spotlight: InteraXon | Ariel Garten, InteraXon

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Ariel Garten, CEO, InteraXon

Ariel Garten, CEO, InteraXon

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  • This is muse, slim easy to wear 4 sensor headband. It uses eeg tech to read from the surface of yuoru head, It slips on just like a pair of glasses, with sensors that touch your forehead and behidng your ears.It connects wirelessly to the little computer we al have in our pockets, and give you a windwo into yrou own mind.This is my brain, this is my brain on iphoneDEMO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • GAMINGHere is a brainwave- controlled game we created. As you can see, it brings the neuro game brought from the planet Risa to life. You can shoot the disks into the tubes just by focussing your mind.. We debuted it at a star-trek can imagine they were excited to fill the shoes of a certain #1….Again, our Prime Directive at Interaxon is:
  • Use EEG to help your golf swing, buy EEG games at Toys are Us, share your emotional state with the world with brainwave controlled cat ears, and drive a car with your mind. (that’s still in alpha- don’t try that one at home, folks)A range of applications that
  • Fatigue MonitoringAdditional health tracking
  • Home monitoringEnvironmental controlsSecurityEntertainment
  • Sports
  • Our investors see the potential which is why we’re proud to announce to you guys first, that we’ve locked down $6 million in international investments.YIPPEE


  • 1. Common mental illness doubled in last 15 years Over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from brain-based health and productivity challenges +$300 billion annual impact on economy due to stress in the US 27% live with anxiety or depression in the US 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems Emerging Digital Brain Health Market
  • 2. Emerging Digital Brain Health Market 26 % of adults using mobile phones for health information and tools in the US as of Q3 2011 80% of U.S. Internet users claim to have used the web for health-related information & answers Smartphone app-based mHealth market increased by a factor of 7 to reach $US 718 million in 2011 (Source: Research2guidance Mobile Health Market Report 2011 – 2016 January 11, 2012)
  • 3. Our Product • Exercises to respond positively to stress • Build abilities to focus and boost working memory • Track the stability of your attention and see where your mind is at • Mobile access and cloud storage for anytime access Personal Brain Health System
  • 4. Our Product • Exercises to respond positively to stress • Build abilities to focus and boost working memory • Track the stability of your attention • Monitor employee progress • Mobile access and cloud storage for anytime access Workplace Stress Reduction & Productivity
  • 5. 2 Billion suffer from brain- based health issues $2 Trillion global economic burden
  • 6. Our Product Where can this go?
  • 7. 16
  • 8. 20
  • 9. Through demonstrations like publically performing at the powerplant we hope to keep building awareness and literacy Help people experience TCC in a variety of ways understand how it works, its potential and positive impacts-> and realize that they can, are, should be a part of the conversation. WEAK On the quintophone performing with live band at the Powerplant GalleryOntario Premier’s Innovation Awards,
  • 10. Ariel Garten, CEO (416) 839-9943
  • 11. View demo video on Youtube