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  • 1.
  • 2. Hi, my name is Siby the Siberian tiger and I live in Eastern Russia in the Birch forests.
    For years, Siberian Tigers have become endangered because people keep hunting us for our fur and the Chinese think that it is still a good idea to use our body parts for medicine to cure diseases.
  • 3. Humans also keep destroying our habitat to build more houses and shops. In the wild, there are less than 400 in the left
    So one day my friend Po and I came up with a plan to save me. One thing I know is that Po is a very smart deer.
    So, Po and myself set off to find an answer of how to save my race.
  • 4. We headed for the river where we had a drink and found some meat to eat. We still had no idea how we could save the Siberian Tiger.
    In the shadow of the trees Po and Siby saw the big frightening hunters. Siby had seen these poachers before and they were killers.
  • 5. The hunters saw Po the deer and fired the gun. It hit her on the leg. They missed Siby and Siby ran and ran through the beautiful rain forests
  • 6. The poaches continued to chase the endangered Siberian tiger, but the tiger turned quickly and ran in the opposite direction. Siby was feeling tired and very saw.
  • 7. picture
  • 8. Siby licked the wound on Po’s leg and that is when we saw a large building that said, “save the world’s largest cat, the SIBERIAN TIGER’.
  • 9.
    “That’s me, I’m the world’s largest animal!” We went into the strange building.
  • 10. I later found out that people all over the world can make a donation to conservation organisations just like this one to help save other Siberian Tigers like me.
  • 11. This is really cool! You can even write a letter to the goveusrnment to try and help save.
  • 12. THE