Sclerotherapy - The Future of Surface and Varicose Vein Removal


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Sclerotherapy - The Future of Surface and Varicose Vein Removal

  1. 1. Grove Beauty ClinicSclerotherapyThe Future of Surfaceand Varicose VeinRemovalBy Grove Beauty Clinic
  2. 2. Grove Beauty ClinicIntroduction to SclerotherapyA revolutionary new treatment that allows varicose vein sufferersto stop concealing their blemished legs and instead enjoy pain-free pins, without the need to endure painful and incapacitatingvein-stripping surgery.
  3. 3. Ground BreakingSclerotherapy, or foam vein removal, is aground-breaking leg vein removaltechnique that is altering the face of surfaceand varicose vein removal for victims of thisunappealing and often agonising complaint.
  4. 4. Grove Beauty Clinic!  Scalerotherapy is a non- surgical choice for vein removal with no requirement for a general anaesthetic and is practically pain free with a high level of success rate. What is Sclerotherapy?!  In clinical trials, 56% did not need an additional Preceding Sclerotherapy, the only options for leg treatment. vein removal were vein stripping surgery, a painful and costly procedure with a recovery time of!  A swift procedure with a three day recovery time many weeks. The other option, laser technology, is and no reduced movement much better as a non-surgical option and with a following leg vein removal. recovery period of just eight days.!  It is also suitable for thread or surface vein removal.
  5. 5. Grove Beauty Clinic How does it work? Sclerotherapy is appropriate for both varicose and surface vein removal Blood fails to be and it is obtainable at two levels. carried up the leg A surgeon must treat varicose veins; this can be done on the NHS or privately.Killing the vein and To treat surface veins, a less severe eliminating the Causing the vein to become damaged varicose vein but still unpleasant varicose vein, sclerotherapy can be controlled by an experienced microsclerotherapist. If a varicose vein is present, the surgeon must first treat this. If only The vein then Sclerothapy injects surface vein removal is necessary, becomes inflamed chemicals into the the patient can opt for specialised and blocked problematic area treatment at Grove Beauty Clinic.
  6. 6. Grove Beauty ClinicAre you Suffering?Does the sight of your legs embarrass you? Talkto our resident consultant microsclerotherapist,Frances Devine at The Grove Clinic aboutsclerotherapy.Frances has is a State Registered Nurse and hasbeen one for over 30 years. She has beentreating problem veins for 18 years and hasspecialist training from a leading consultantvascular surgeon. A resident RegisteredSclerotherapy Nurse does all sclerotherapytreatments conducted at Grove.
  7. 7. Grove Beauty ClinicSpecialist....Sclerotherapy is appropriate for both varicose andsurface vein removal and it is obtainable at twolevels.A surgeon must treat varicose veins; this can bedone on the NHS or privately. To treat surfaceveins, a less severe but still unpleasant varicosevein, sclerotherapy can be controlled by anexperienced microsclerotherapist.If a varicose vein is present, the surgeon must firsttreat this. If only surface vein removal is necessary,the patient can opt for specialised treatment atGrove Beauty Clinic. Right: Frances Devine, resident consultant microsclerotherapist
  8. 8. Grove Beauty Clinic Established twenty years and headed by registered nurse Dianne Peters,Grove Beauty Clinic is one of the leading professional Beauty Clinics in London,offering a variety of highly specialist treatments including skin tag, milia, mole, blood spot and wart removal, sclerotherapy, Ellipse Super Light IPL, dermal fillers and Botox. The clinic also prescribes the highly specialist brand of Cosmedix facials and skin care products. Website: Telephone: 020 8579 2010 | Email: Address: 53 The Grove, Ealing, West London, W5 5DX.