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  • 1. Ally Edwards, Stanford „13Julia LaSalvia, Stanford „13Sara Colvin, Stanford „13
  • 2. THE PROBLEMThe Stanford dating scene is virtually non-existent.54% of Stanford students are unsatisfied with the “dating scene” on campus. 76% of Stanford students are either unsatisfied or impartial to the “dating scene” on campus.
  • 3. THE VISIONWe‟re not only connecting Stanford groups across campus, but we‟re giving students an excuse to meet other students that they wouldn‟t otherwise get to know.[CS boys and the Women‟s tennis team UNITE!]
  • 4. THE VISION (CONT)We‟re creating a positive dating environment and moving away from the “hook-up” culture at Stanford.81% of students identified the social scene at Stanford as defined by hook-ups. ew.
  • 5. THE SOLUTIONThis is a precursor to Facebook. You‟re connecting with people you haven‟t met yet. Unlike Facebook, you‟re not connecting with people you already know.Facebook helps you keep track of your friends. GroupDate helps you make new ones.Not to mention, GroupDate promotes safety in numbers and is run by a team who can tell you from experience; awkward one-on-ones are no longer cool.
  • 6. HOW DO WE KNOW?We studied abroad together in Oxford, and got to experience the beauty of “crew-dating” firsthand. 3 single girls. 3 years in college. Do the math.
  • 7. MEET ALLYSpent 2 years running a small printing business out of her high school.Spent 2 summers in the social media division at Intel.International Relations major, human rights enthusiast.A marketer at heart.
  • 8. MEET SARASpent 2 summers working in editorial.Start-up Capital Ventures intern focused on entrepreneurship.English major, future best-selling novelist.The creative muscle.
  • 9. MEET JULIAOrganized events for the entire Stanford student body.PoliSci major, future Olympic field hockey goalie.Team-building guru, specializing in inspiring everyone.
  • 10. OUR MARKETWe‟re in it for the college students dissatisfied with the established culture of one-night stands and hook-up buddies (so, most college students). The potential combinations of groups for GroupDate are virtually endless – any one person can be in any number of groups, coed or single-sex.We‟re calling out the Kappas, the boys on the ultimate frisbee team, the freshman girls in Roble, our homies in CS105, the guys from Cardinal Life, and the advocates in our campus‟ queer-straight alliance.
  • 11. OUR PRODUCTWe‟re offering a web application that provides a platform for different student groups to publish group profiles through which they can connect with the other groups listed on the site.Free to basic users, monetized by a premium subscription option, ad sales, and sponsorships; non-discriminatory; social; partnered with other start-ups; future mobile phone app; potential for Facebook integration
  • 12. OUR GOALSWe want to revolutionize the college dating scene.We want to break down barriers between social groups.We want to empower shy students to make new friends.We want to facilitate new relationships, friendships, and networking opportunities. We want to be the first place you go when you want to hang out.
  • 13. MEETING THOSE GOALSIn 5 weeks: solidify a programmer, copyrights, branding efforts, and monetization strategyIn 10 weeks: have beta site fully functional, begin marketing and funding of programEnd of Summer quarter: will have tested service on students that remained on campus during the summerEnd of next year: 100+ groups registered on the site, and begin partnerships with services like Stanford restaurants and Uber, and look to expand service to other campuses