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Stefan jordan and emily powerpoint
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Stefan jordan and emily powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Jordan, Stefan and Emily.
    Our imaginary teaser trailer
  • 2. genre
    Our genre of our film is a social realist horror. We will be including real life teenage events but it will be a horror as well.
    We got this idea from paranormal activity and blair witch project.
  • 3. synopsis
    A group of friends go camping in the woods, they hear noises in the night……
    They go out and investigate but find nothing. Their tent collapses they get scared someone goes out an put the tent up hears a noise in the distance and goes o investigate, then the people In the tent get worried. They go try and find the friend and they find a shoe!( or hat )
    Then they find him dead in a tree and none of them are seen again. But they cant see the antagonist.
  • 4. Marketing
    For our marketing we will have a budget of £15,000 this is then to be able to market our film as
    .Teaser trailers
    . Poster
    . Magazines
    . Social networking sites
    . Radio advertisement
    We will need to make sure that we display these at peak
    times so that the right age group will be listening
    at the right time.
  • 5. brand
    The branding for our film will be a torch this is because it is a general necessity for when you go camping.
    The color of out text will be burnt orange this will represent camp fires and also thrill.
    We got the text from a website called da font we chose this as it looks creepy and also like trees this then links into the theme.
  • 6. campaign
    We are going to market film by TV adverts posters radio advertisingetc.
    Peak times are going to have to be sorted out as the main age group for our films will need to be watching at the time the films is being displayed
  • 7. Budget/production company
    The production company for Paranormal Activity 2 wasBlumhouseProductions. And the budget for it is $15,000.
    The production company for Blair with Project was Haxan Films. And the budget for it was $20,000.
  • 8. Target audience
    The target audience for Paranormal Activity is a 15, this is a film we looked at and researched into seeing as our film is going to include the same sort of story line.
    With blare witch project is targeted at people who like to go camping.
    Which is usually teens to mid 20's.