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Newsletter 34 ing

  1. 1. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments.P RO JE C TPablosky Column Display SolutionGrottini Retail Environments supports Spanish footwe-ar brand Pablosky with a display solution for popularchain El Cortes Inglès. read more…E VE NTSBack from IRDC International retail design conference S EPTEMBER 5-7, 2012 > R ENAISSANCE CHICAGO DOWNTOWNGrottini Retail Environments sharesour experience from the 2012 editionof IRDC in Chicago. A program richin events and opportunities, and theannouncement of the winner of thecoveted Retailer of the Year award-Macy’s. read more…E VE NTSRETAIL VISIONS2012.Grottini Retail Environmentssponsor of POPAI’s 5th edition ofthe annual conference “RetailVisions 2012”. Eye on Retail Designand the Science of Display. read more… MILANO 8 NOVEMBREG RE E N EW SThe Higg indexSAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition,association connecting all majorplayers of global apparel andfootwear industry, launches theHIGG, the index of sustainablefashion. read more…S H O P P ING X-P ERIENCEThe shoppingsoundtrackMusic, a strategic element contribu-ting to enhance the consumer’s shop-ping experience and to strengthenthe brand. read more…O N T H E SHELVESVisual merchandising.Antonio ProvenzanoA valuable guide to discovering thesecrets of successful visual merchan-dising, a “must” discipline when itcomes to retailing and store manage-ment. read more…FOLL OW US ON:
  2. 2. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. P RO JECT Pablosky Column Display Solution Grottini Retail Environments supports Spanish footwear brand Pablosky with a display solution for popular chain El Cortes Inglès. Successful partnerships bring on new successful projects, Grottini Retail Environments again partners with Pablosky, the Spanish brand with over 40 years dedicated to children’s and teen footwear. Pablosky conti- nues in its successful expansion in the international market, from Europe to the Middle East. Innovation has always been the strong point of this brand, not only in the design of product, but also in its retail environments, where the shopping an addictive game experience for children, and adults as well. The latest innovation Grottini Retail Environments designed for the brand is a new special element enri- ching the Pablosky store present in the shopping centers of Alcala De Henares and Sanchinarro of El Corte Inglés popular chain (and soon to be installed in the in the Salamanca Mall location). The new project creates a display column which enhances and promotes the wide range of products offered within the selling environment. Standout points of the product include high quality construction materials, the choice of graphics, the playful chromatic element, and both decorative and integrated LED lighting. Due to the versatility of the product, Pablosky plans to use the fixture for expanded applications, such as walls. F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION
  3. 3. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. International retail design conference S EPTEMBER 5-7, 2012 > R ENAISSANCE CHICAGO DOWNTOWN E VE NTS Back from IRDC Grottini Retail Environments shares our experience from the 2012 edition of IRDC in Chicago. A program rich in events and opportunities, and the announcement of the winner of the coveted Retailer of the Year award- Macy’s. The 2012 edition of the International Retail Design Conference played out at The Renaissance Chicago Downtown in Chicago, with Grottini Retail Environments once again among the sponsors of the event par excellence when it comes to Retail Design. IRDC provided 3 intense days of networking, education and inspiration, and a packed program of events and meetings, with insights from top brands such as Target, McDonalds, Macys, Gap and Starbucks. Beside them also the most prestigious design firms such as WD Partners, MulvannyG2, Callison, BHDP and Big Red Rooster. IRDC served as a welcome venue to share ideas, novelties, insights, intuitions in 360°; from urban retailing to the reinvention of the largest fast food chain in the world. Prizes and awards were presented, including the coveted "Retailer of the Year" that VMSD (Visual Mer- chandising and Store Design magazine) awarded to Macys, historic and best example of the department store sector. This grande dame continues to influence changes within the market, by the ongoing expansion of its offering, ‘My Macy’s’ targeted product assortment, their owned and exclusive brands as well as inno- vative in-store technology. Macy’s representative Amy Hanson- Executive VP, Property Development and Credit and Customer Service, accepted the award and shared the story of Macy’s Inc. success. IRDC was once again a positive and enriching experience of networking and synergies and filled with our industry’s most talented leaders. Here are some shots of the event, by in demand retail photographer Richard Cadan, frequent collaborator of Grottini. Keith Gibson, Arch. Alessandro Luciani, Francesco Eric Feigenbaum e Nicola Evoli. Grottini. F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION
  4. 4. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. E VE NTS RETAIL VISIONS 2012 Grottini Retail Environments sponsor of POPAI’s 5th edition of the annual conference “Retail Visions 2012”. Eye on Retail Design and the Science of Display. "Visions and Strategies for the Construction of a Successful Brand" is the focus of the 5th edition of the annual POPAI conference. "Retail Visions 2012” will be held November 8th 2012, 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, at the Triennale in Milan. An event bound to repeat the success of the previous edition’s participation with over 250 attendants, inclu- ding top speakers, partners and managers of Italian and International brands. The focus of this edition will be upgrading of visual merchandising techniques, through the analysis of best practices presented by the best in the field. The science of displaying products is an increasingly professional asset, critical for all retailers and integral in the design of the store: both visual and store design inter-connected and complementary, together able to give life to a unique and frustration free shopping experience. This edition offers a rare opportunity of discussion and sharing with the forefront players in the current scene of visual communication, both in Italy and throughout the world. Attendees will analyze the rela- tionship between retail design and visual merchandising, and the business impact of these synergies. The winner of the coveted “Retailer of the Year Italy 2012” award will be announced at this event. Industry Luminaries stand out among the Speakers of the event: Eric Feigenbaum, Chair of Visual Merchandising LIM COLLEGE Luisa Collina, Professor of Design at the Politecnico of Milano Angelo Michilli, Owner Michilli Inc Francesca Murialdo, Director laboMint Cristina Lazzati, Vicedirector Retail Area Sole 24 Ore Group, will be the conference moderator. Here, all information about the event registration: (source: F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION
  5. 5. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. G RE E N EW S The Higg index SAC, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, association connecting all major players of global apparel and footwear industry, launches the HIGG, the index of sustainable fashion. Good news from the Sustainability world, in the apparel and footwear industry, thanks to the SAC, Sustai- nable Apparel Coalition. The association which represents more than 60 brands of apparel area (including Adidas, Asics, Coca Cola, H&M) retailers, manufacturers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, experts and academics (more than 1/3 of the market), developed and launched the Higg Index’; conceived to evaluate the envi- ronmental performance of products in fashion industry. The index is based on pre-established assessment tools such as the Outdoor Industry Associations Eco Index and Nikes Environmental Apparel Design Tool, in order to more accurately measure the envi- ronmental and social impacts of the industry. In this way, companies can identify opportunities to lower impact and enhance long-term sustainability. The variables of reference for the evaluation are varied and complex: materials, packaging, manufacturing, transportation, through to the end of life of the product. The current Higg version is focused on the measurement of environmental performance required in the following categories: water use and quality, energy and greenhouse gases, waste, chemicals and toxicity. SAC is constantly committed to refining this instrument. For the future, they anticipate the embedding of metrics related to social and labor aspects. Conceived to be a unique, transparent and open source, to assess the environmental impact of the entire life cycle of an apparel or footwear item, the index can also turn into a universal tool for conveying the sustaina- bility of the product to the consumers and operators. To find out more about SAC project F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION
  6. 6. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. S H O P PING X-P ERIENCE The shopping soundtrack Music, a strategic element contributing to enhance the consumer’s shopping experience and to strengthen the brand. The Retail Industry is a complex and curious “creature”, where today more than ever it is critical to be the best: Often overlooked, is the importance of music in the environment , both for customers and for staff. The right music is able not only to make the shopping experience more fun and engaging, but can also strengthen the brand, extend the shopping visit and motivate customers to return. The right music allows customers feel at ease when shopping; a silent store may be found as a less inviting and motivating environment, and can shorten the shopping visit. The choice of the right music for a retail environment must be strategic, and based upon the core customer of your brand, and their lifestyle. The right mix will catch the consumers’ ear, reinforce the ambiance of your environment and captivate your shopper. Music can also bring the advantage of strengthening the brand; when you offer a well curated and original music selection, customers will associate music to your product and brand. While primarily music will make customers happy and enhance their shopping experience, don’t underesti- mate the positive impact to staff. Music can motivate performance, create a positive morale and even incre- ase productivity and decrease team turn-over! ( F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION
  7. 7. Talking about Grottini, Retail and Environments. O N T HE SHELVES Visual merchandising. From Emotional Marketing to Visual Sale. Antonio Provenzano A valuable guide to discovering the secrets of successful visual merchandising, a “must” discipline when it comes to retailing and store management. This book is geared to providing the essential skills to carry out a successful visual merchandising program. The text covers aspects connected to neuro marketing and visual grammar, to productive processes, with a special focus on product mix and facings. You can also find “must” of operative and strategic activities: store lay-out examples, business areas, display structures, commonly used criteria and themes, construction geometries and execution guidelines. The book provides an analysis of display language logics: shapes, colors, alternations, display point and focal point. The book is rich in illustrations, drawings and maps, and particularly full of suggestions and tips due to the contributions of Daniele Tirelli and Marco Turinetto. Use this guide as a “navigator” through the fascinating and multi-faceted world of visual merchandisers, sale and marketers as well as entrepreneurs. Antonino Provenzano, is an expert of visual communication and Visual Merchandising; serving as a trainer in visual merchandising at numerous universities and training boards. He collaborates with a number of magazines with his articles and research on visual merchandising and store design. Antonio is currently in charge of Visual Merchandising at Iper Montebello SpA. (source: F O LLO W US ON: PA RT N E RSSEND TO A FRIEND CONTACT US OR SEND FEEDBACK STOP OR CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION CHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESS ONLINE VERSION