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Top 6 technology threats to your long term care organization HFAM 2011
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Top 6 technology threats to your long term care organization HFAM 2011


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. The top six technologythreats to your long-termcare organizationand how to mitigate them Bright ideas. Smart solutions.
  • 2. Security“While you may have security withoutprivacy, you cant have privacy withoutsecurity.”— Jonathan Gossels, president and CEO, SystemExperts
  • 3. Agenda• Top six threats with steps to mitigate risk• Demonstration• Questions
  • 4. Threat 1: virtualization• Servers• Desktops• Mobile devices• Hosted or in the Cloud
  • 5. How to minimize your risk• Patch operating system• Maintain antivirus / antimalware• Patch hardware• Patch underlying system software
  • 6. Threat 2: Internet gateway• Firewall• Proactive security scanning• Cloud• SaaS• Wireless
  • 7. How to minimize your risk• Update firmware and operating system• Perform monthly security probe scans• Automatic monitoring with alerting• Secure wireless for authorized use only• Encrypt outgoing data when necessary
  • 8. Threat 3: remote access• VPN• Remote desktop• VNC• GoToMyPC / LogMeIn
  • 9. How to minimize your risk• Use VPN combined with two-factor authentication• Use network access control software• Strictly limit use of VNC, GoToMyPC, or LogMeIn to approved users only
  • 10. Threat 4: mobile devices• Smartphones• PDA• iPad• Mini-laptop
  • 11. How to minimize your risk• Antivirus / antimalware• Network access control software• Use of remote locking software – Computer LoJack – MobileMe• Ensure underlying system is patched and secured
  • 12. “I think computer virusesshould count as life. I thinkit says something abouthuman nature that theonly form of life we havecreated so far is purelydestructive…”―Stephen Hawking
  • 13. Threat 5: virus and malware• Email• File transfer• Removable devices• Web
  • 14. How to minimize your risk• Active multiple layer protection• Strict secure file transfer solution• Block unauthorized removable devices• Monitor and limit web access
  • 15. Threat 6: Users• Training• Accountability• Responsibility
  • 16. How to minimize your risk• Provide adequate training for each necessary task• Create and maintain acceptable use policy for all employees• Review and document inappropriate use
  • 17. Demonstration• Group policy – USB – Local files
  • 18. Resources
  • 19. Questions?William Walter, MCSE | | 443.610.7413