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Founded in 1966, Groenewout provides professional consulting in Logistics and Supply Chains Management. ...

Founded in 1966, Groenewout provides professional consulting in Logistics and Supply Chains Management.
Our core competence has been sharpened in supply chains optimization and detailed designs of manufacturing-, distribution- and
fulfillment centers. We place a great deal of emphasis on both the identification and realization of feasible opportunities.



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    Presentation Groenewout Presentation Groenewout Presentation Transcript

    • General Presentation GroenewoutBreda, January 20129026X075/IvD/GH General PresentationThe recommendations, advice and conclusions, mentioned in this report, are based on the information and data provided by client.Savings, operational costs and investment estimates are depending on the assumptions and preconditions stated in this report.
    • Profile GroenewoutFounded in 1966, Groenewout providesprofessional consulting in Logistics andSupply Chains Management.Our core competence has been sharpened in supply chains optimization and detailed designs of manufacturing-,distribution- and fulfillment centers. We place a great deal of emphasis on both the identification and realizationof feasible opportunities. General presentation 2012 2
    • Our consulting service portfolioGeneral presentation 2012 3
    • Our consulting methodology MULTI-DISCIPLINARY Groenewout’s team consists of highly qualified business consultants with unique, complementary disciplines. HANDS-ON More than 40 years of experience in operational environments & implementation processes. INDEPENDENT Groenewout has no formal obligations towards suppliers or contractors whatsoever and always gives an independent advice, keeping the interest of the client as a first priority. INTEGRITY Groenewout highest value is integrity, externally towards client organizations and their employees and internally towards Groenewout employees. PROFESSIONAL • Quantifiable: Quantification is the basis for our advice. • Quality: Highly qualified professionals with more than 150 years of logistics experience. • Leading edge expertise: Groenewout strives to maintain a leading position as a Logistics and Supply Chains Management specialist, creating a continuous learning environment to develop the organization and the individual.General presentation 2012 4
    • Quality measured by our clients (Fine) Chemicals Healthcare Electronics 3rd-Party Logistics Fast Moving And many other industries Service Providers Consumer GoodsGeneral presentation 2012 5
    • Our focus areasSupply Chains Logistics Construction Mgt.Management & EngineeringGeneral presentation 2012 6
    • Supply Chains Management OUR SERVICES, YOUR BENEFITS Supply Chains Design Your Benefits• European) distribution network designs • Increased flexibility & improvement of responsiveness• Optimization of supply chains & logistics processes through Lean Six Sigma principles • Operational cost savings & balance sheet improvements• Design and implementation of Sales & Operations • Optimized structure & efficient organization Planning processes• Comprehensive costs- and risk analysis for best practice • Competitive service levels & economical transition period outsourcing decision making • Integrated purchasing & supply chain solutions • Reduction of (non-product related) purchase costs & budgets Supply Chains Implementation Support • Optimized sourcing structure & location• Inventory management & -optimization • Professional vendor & relationship management• Benchmarking costs on a pan-European basis through an extensive transport- & warehousing cost database• Warehouse- and transport tendering & negotiations support General presentation 2012 7
    • Description BenefitsCiba (SWX: CIBN) is a leading global specialty chemicals • An improved European distribution footprint with acompany, dedicated to producing high-value effects for its savings potential of circa 10% in logistics operationalcustomers’ products. Ciba provides products and one-stop service in three segments: Plastic Additives, • A number of quick-wins that lead to financial savingsCoating effects, Water-& paper Treatment. This relates to and/or customer service improvements whenproducts – adding performance, protection, color and implemented.strength to plastics, paper, automobiles, buildings, homeand personal care products and much more. Ciba is active • A MS-Access based tool that allows sales & marketingin more than 120 countries around the world and is to conduct different profitability assessments on theircommitted to being a leader in its chosen markets. In customer base.2007, the Company generated sales of CHF 6.5 billionfrom continued operations and invested overCHF 260 million in R&D.OpportunitiesIn defining an integral, new supply chains strategy inEurope, Groenewout was asked to define theaccompanying optimal European Distribution NetworkFootprint, with a focus on the number of warehouses andtheir respective locations.SolutionGroenewout provided a number of deliverables• Optimal European distribution footprint with its operational logistics costs, investment & transition costs• Assessment on delivery reliability and lead-times• Customer profitability analysis• Analysis on minimum customer order values. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XC024 Page 8 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsMaxxium Worldwide is a premium wines & spirits brand • Groenewout was able to deliver the required modelingsales and distributor network, with operations in 34 results very quickly, while being flexible towards scopecountries, and among others delivers to travel retail and setting and approachB2B markets. • Full view on potential synergies, e.g. 10% on transportation in UK after adding new products that currently have their own route to marketOpportunities • Potential costs savings & sensitivity analysis.Since two out of four corporative brands decided to leaveMaxxium, the remaining brands had to define the optimalstructure for their joined volumes on short notice.Groenewout was asked to advice on the UK market andthe European Travel Retail.SolutionSupporting the distribution network advice, Groenewoutprovided an overview of potential scenarios incorporating:• Inbound & outbound handling costs & quantities• Inventory costs and storage costs & quantities• Transport costs & quantitiesGroenewout also presided the workshops of the jointventure’s team during the decision process. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XM017 Page 9 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsAstraZeneca is a major international healthcare business • A proof of strategy that the anticipated futureengaged in the research, development, manufacture and packaging facility structure did not lead to additionalmarketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and the supply supply chain costsof healthcare services. It is one of the worlds leading • A number of quick-wins that lead to financial savingspharmaceutical companies with leading positions in sales and/or customer service improvements whenof gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neuroscience, implemented.respiratory, oncology and infection products.OpportunitiesIn defining a new packaging and distribution strategy inEurope, Groenewout was asked to define theaccompanying optimal European Supply Chain Footprint,with a focus on the number of warehouses and theirrespective locations.SolutionGroenewout defined a number of European distributionscenarios (number and location of warehouses), on:• operational logistics costs• investment & transition costs• delivery reliability and lead-times. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XA043 Page 10 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsSupply chain project for Diversey, an industry leader in • Substantial annual operational cost reduction in totalcleaning and hygiene solutions to the institutional and supply chain costsindustrial marketplace. • Significant decrease of European inventoryDiversey serves customers in the lodging, food services, • Increased flexibilityretail, health care, food and beverage sectors as well asbuilding service contractors worldwide. • One integrated logistics concept and organization as a shared service.OpportunitiesDiversey commissioned a business study, resulting in anupdated business strategy. In the area of supply chainmanagement Diversey defined three main improvementopportunities. Diversey management was committed toimprove their supply chain in terms of operational costsand optimize their product delivery by detailing andimplementing the defined supply chain opportunities.SolutionGroenewout analyzed different alternative logisticsnetworks for different supply chains.A sub-regional logistics model was determined to be theoptimal solution for chemical products and utensils.For machines and accessories products a centralizedsolution with maximization of central stock function anddirect shipments was determined to be the optimalsolution. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XJ001 Page 11 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Focus area Logistics OUR SERVICES, YOUR BENEFITS Logistics Design Your Benefits• Warehouse feasibility studies with accurate future investment & running costs projections early in the design • Flexible facility design & competitive responsiveness process • Cost efficient operations & maximized productivity• Warehouse layout- & process improvements through Lean Six Sigma principles • Lean processes & efficient organization• 3D simulation creating virtual logistics environments to • Improved processes & economical transition period optimize material flows• Optimization & alignment of WMS, inventory control, • Increased delivery cycle time & increased fill rates material handling & transport control systems • Operational cost savings & balance sheet improvements • Optimized processes & efficient organization Logistics Implementation Support • On time deliveries & economical transition period• Design, tendering & contracting of logistics equipment and • Visibility of goods & control of freight costs –IT • Reduction of transportation costs• Warehouse realization- and operations start-up support• Operational problem solving and production • Rationalization of contract partners re-engineering • Clear performance based agreements• Operational support in performance improvements General presentation 2012 12
    • Description BenefitsJabil is an electronics solutions company providing • Clear project approach with logistics expertisecomprehensive electronics design, production and product • Maximized storage capacity combined with flexibility andmanagement services to global electronics and technology efficient handling processescompanies. Jabil Assembly Poland (JAP) serves several OEM’swith final assembling and distributing of TV sets (LCD and CRT). • Detailed quantifications to support decision process • Final solution prepared for implementation.OpportunitiesJAP was growing very fast and was outgrowing the capacity ofthe facility. This had a significant negative impact on theefficiency of the logistics processes. Jabil designed a new sitewith more space dedicated for receiving, storage and handling ofcomponents and finished goods.Groenewout was asked to develop a new logistics concept thatshould be more efficient and fit in this predefined facility.SolutionGroenewout has executed the project in three steps:Step 1: Data gathering by Jabil. Based on client data,Groenewout has analyzed the current and future businessvolumes, both flows and storage, also taking into account theseasonality patterns.Step 2: Generating various solutions varying with storagedensity, mechanization levels, splitting local supply flows fromstorage products, etc. Together with the Jabil team the optimalconcept was defined, both qualitative and quantitative.Step 3: Detailing out the preferred concept in CAD drawing withprocess descriptions, material handling equipment requirements,investments and operational costs etc. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XJ003 Page 13 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsAbbott Laboratories B.V. has a central production facility in • Clear picture of future growth consequences, bothZwolle. In this facility nutritionals are produced, prepared visualized as founded with figuresand packed. The nutritionals, distinguished in powders and • Future role and relation of production and logisticsliquids, are packed in cans, plastic bottles and tetra packs. identified • Phase time schedule for next decisions and steps.OpportunitiesAbbott wanted to develop a master plan that defined aBlue Print for the site in Zwolle for five years ahead. ThisBlue Print will consist of a lay-out plan defining wherefunctional areas for production, logistics and facilities arelocated.SolutionAs from the generation of the first data including growthfigures it became clear that logistics was an importantfactor to include in the master plan for the facility. Thefuture logistic movements and related operational costswere decisive to choose for two main warehousing areas, 200 ml I & Tetra 3/4 Processing Staging Aseptic fillingclose to the related production activities. In this concept NLPC 1000/1500 Filling Filling Storage 220 ml RTH Storagemore flexibility towards the future was guaranteed and Dry RM/PM RM/PM Bottles II blending charging One Truckinternal distances for pallet movements minimized. Filling Powder Palletizer? SRPM II Tetra packs 3/4 220 ml bottles I + emballage Downstream Downstream Downstream equipment equipment Equipment Maintenance Workshop + Palletizer Palletizer storage storage Receiving/Shipping I Filling charging 250 ml cans Receiving/Shipping II Truck Canteen 500 ml RTH + toilets Mezzanine Canteen + toilets © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XA038 Page 14 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsDeli XL is a supplier and distributor for the food service • Clear insight in improvement opportunities of existingmarket, with more than 40,000 customers and 60,000 situationproducts. In Ede, The Netherlands, their head office and • Optimal new warehouse concept that meets requiredchilled central warehouse for fresh products is situated. In handling and storage capacitiesthis warehouse, orders are prepared on end customer leveland distributed via four regional warehouses. • Significant cost savings, ROI within clients requirements • Detailed project plan for the implementation.OpportunitiesThe warehouse in Ede almost reached the limits of theirstorage and handling capacity. In the next coming years,Deli XL expected a significant growth. Deli XL wanted toincrease their warehouse capacity via an expansion oftheir existing warehouse.SolutionA feasibility study was conducted to find the most optimallogistics concept for the future warehouse. Starting with athorough analysis of the existing situation, the basic datafor the future warehouse was prepared. From this data,three alternatives for the warehouse were designed. Aftera detailed evaluation, the preferred alternative waschosen. This alternative included:• New strategy for order release and tote filling algorithm• Separate picking and replenishment aisles• 800 m tote conveyors, including shipping sorter with put to light. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XD022 Page 15 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsForever Direct is the European Distribution Center for AVA (Aloe • A detailed business transparency approach of the futureVera of America). AVA exclusively manufactures products forForever Living in Texas (USA). Forever Living Products (FLP) is situation based on data sets, questionnaires/interviews andUS-company founded in ’78. Its corporate HQ is based in Arizona validated assumptions.(USA). FLP is today the worlds largest grower, manufacturer anddistributor of aloe vera, bee and nutritional products. FLP is a • Preliminary business case on which EU-countries are to bemulti-billion dollar company with 8.5 million distributors sourced on order fulfillment from the new EMEA-EDC.worldwide over 125 countries. • Estimation of the savings (annually & one-off). • Optimal logistics concept of new EDC with layout design andOpportunities sizing.FLP operates from an external DC in the Netherlands to serve theEMEA-countries. This DC has initially a bulk replenishment-function to the local, national sales warehouses in the EMEA-region (43 countries in total)In the new situation, a new EDC must be created for pick, pack,ship activities of the direct order-fulfillment shipments for amajor part of the EU-countries and the bulk replenishments forthe remaining EMEA-countries. Besides, new VAL-activities mustbe incorporated in the total solution.SolutionThe As-Is business volumes (flows and inventories) werecalculated in order to determine the To-Be volumes. Topics asactual vs. future order profile, growth expectations, insourcing ofnew EU-countries and new processes and related volumes,seasonality patterns, organization, etc. were taken into account.All these calculations & assumptions were documented in aLogistics Strategic Document (LSD) .In the next phase, “The conceptual design phase”, 4 logisticsscenario’s were defined based on the assumptions in the LSDdocument.Finally, the preferred solution was detailed-out: Layout, Capex &Opex, organization, implementation planning and ROI for bothoptions: rent/lease vs. buying. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XF041 Page 16 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsOutsourcing support for an industry leader in imaging With help of Groenewout, Client managed to complete Dueproducts and solutions for the digital home and digital Diligence and contract negotiations in a very tightoffice environments. schedule. Within a two month period, a complete outsourcing contract was set up and agreed, covering a.o.Supply chain characteristics: short product life cycle, highvalue products, mainly non-European suppliers, trend • A performance based Service Level Agreementtowards European centralization, pan-European • TUPE transfer of 100 staffdistribution. • Facility sale & lease back • Subcontracted contract migrationsOpportunities • IT usage & Legal settlement.To increase flexibility and reduce company asset costs inpreparation of an organizational change, Client wascommitted to selecting a Logistics Service provider tooutsource the complete UK Warehousing and Distributionactivities.SolutionGroenewout supported the tendering process to evaluatethe 4 potential LSP partners. Besides comparing thequality of the financial proposals, during live presentationsby the LSP management teams, a risk assessment andoverall impression formed part of the final evaluationcriteria.After selection of the preferred partner, Groenewoutsupported the Due Diligence and contract negotiationprocess between Client and the proposed Logistics ServiceProvider. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XC018 Page 17 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsNestlé Netherlands is a 100% subsidiary of Nestlé S.A, the world Accomplished 3PL’s warehouse and transport solution, offerednumber one Food Company offering high quality brands to Nestlé the following benefits:consumers. Nestlé Purina is the worlds leading pet carecompany, having brands like Felix, Gourmet, Bonzo and One in • Yearly 10% cost saving, relative to current logistic cost levelits brand portfolio. (warehouse efficiency and distribution synergy) • Potential of additional longer term saving by means of consolidation of Nestlé Food & Purina in a multi-clientOpportunities warehouse environmentNestlé Food & Purina want to re-evaluate their distributionoperations in the Netherlands in order to optimize costs, • Take-over Nestlé resources, where social responsibility hasintroduce flexibility and create additional capacity. been secured.Solution Results Multi Criteria AnalysisGroenewout supported Nestlé to tender their logistics activities, 100%both warehousing and transport: 80%• Set up Request for Quotation• Coordination of bidding process (Q&A follow-up) 60% Implementation skills Score Cost Information Systems• Evaluation of proposals (Multi Criteria Analysis) 40% Operational fit• 3PL site visits Scenario cost comparison on Nestlé Food 20%• Selection preferred LSP € 30 € 0,6 Millions Millions € 0,4Per scenario, including take-over current Nestlé warehouse 0% LSP3 LSP2 LSP5 LSP1 € 25 LSP4facility and activities, as defined in the RFQ, an extensive € 0,2 Cumulative delta (bars) € 20 Cumulative cost (lines)analysis on OPEX and relevant qualitative criteria has been € 0,0prepared: € 15 -€ 0,2 -€ 0,4• Operational fit, including ICT € 10 -€ 0,6• Account Management €5 -€ 0,8• Implementation (risk management) €0 -€ 1,0 JUL 09 JUL 10 JUL 11 JUL 12 JUL 13 JUL 14• Flexibility (changing volumes and products) © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XN009 Page 18 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Focus area Construction Management & Engineering OUR SERVICES, YOUR BENEFITS Construction Management & Engineering Design• Consulting pre-design & feasibility studies on warehouse- and production facilities• Structural & mechanical advise and engineering of new facilities Your Benefits or–adjustments• Advise for complex building environments (e.g. climate- • On schedule go-live of operations controlled, O2 reduction & highly secured concepts) • Operational & transition related risks minimized Construction Management & Engineering • Optimized assets management Implementation Support • Realization of your facility plans within budget• Design, tendering & contracting of logistics- and production facilities towards investors, developers and contractors• Multi-disciplinary project management covering all from basis modular construction to complex climate- controlled environments• Design & roll-out of loss prevention & security systems General presentation 2012 19
    • Description BenefitsHollister is dedicated to delivering products and services in • With a pro-active focus on the tight planning startOstomy Care and Continence Care in all parts of the world. design to go-life European Distribution Centre wasThe corporate headquarters in based in the United States. possible within short timeline • Overall project management allowed for seamless coordination among all contractors; includingOpportunities key-equipment suppliersThe European market has always been serviced from a • All expertise needed for the project in one hand.European Distribution Centre in Germany. Hollisterdecided to move the European Distribution Centre to thesouth of the Netherlands, as this would save costs.Solution• Selecting a project developer and site for the Distribution Centre• Feasibility study and final design• Tendering for the best supplier• Setting up a contract with selected supplier• Realization support and project management regarding the building and the internal warehouse. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XH009 Page 20 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.
    • Description BenefitsAntalis decided to consolidate their operations in the Antalis management appreciated mostly:Netherlands, following their acquisition of Map Merchant. • Well-founded design of lay out and processesWe advised Map Merchant in 2007 to do so to takeadvantage of transport synergies, economy of scale in the • Pro-active and hands-on attitudewarehouse operations and lowering overhead/staff. • Control on quality and timelines • Objective and challenging as project partner.Opportunities The proposed project budget and timelines wereIn spring 2008 Antalis acquired an option on a plot of land honored at all Almere and planned to go live in the summer of 2009,but they lacked a solid project plan. We proposed anapproach for all aspects, except IT.SolutionWe have taken the lead in:• align business volumes and requirements• conceptual design of warehouse operation• select project developer / sign contract• reviewing the detailed buidling design• tender and installation of logistics equipment• equipping offices / prepare moving plan• acceptance of facilityThe building was ready in due time. © 2012 Groenewout B.V. | All Rights Reserved. 9020XA050 Page 21 Material may not be reproduced or distributed, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without written permission from Groenewout.