Griswold Home Care 2013 Spring Expo


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Griswold Home Care 2013 Spring Expo

  1. 1. Griswold Home Care’s 2013 Spring Expowas one of the largest attended Expos inthe company’s history.
  2. 2. Thank you caregivers, vendors, andfranchisees for your continued supportand passionate dedication.Happy 31st AnniversaryGriswold Home Care!
  3. 3. 100 Griswold Home Care franchisees and their staff,12 vendors, 5 key note speakers, and 15 Home Officeteam members meet inPhiladelphia April 18th-20th.
  4. 4. A Night at the Please Touch Museum
  5. 5. “I was impressed, as usual, by your team’s choice in beautifuland interesting venues. Kudos to the home office team whomade the 2013 Spring Expo a valuable and memorable eventfor vendors as well as franchisees.Your team is truly warm and welcoming – thank you!”- Rose Martin, National Account Manager of Society ofCertified Senior Advisors
  6. 6. “I have attended a lot of conferences over the years and veryfew compare to the quality of that of Griswold Home Care’s2013 Spring Expo. The venue, food, presenters, breakoutsessions, exhibitor format, and interaction from the corporateteam were first class. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity tobe a part of it.”- Aaron Marcum, Founder and CEO of Home Care Pulse.
  7. 7. Getting Down to Business
  8. 8. “The 2013 Spring Expo was one of the best Ive attended. Ileft with a host of action items, including something fromalmost every session. The corporate team is doing a great jobof creating and implementing useful initiatives.The home office staff made the Expo a huge success,congratulations and thank you!”-Brad Culp, Director of Atlanta Northeast/Lanier Offices
  9. 9. “I am amazed with all of the excitement that the foundation hascreated. The foundation received generous donations today, andGraham and I were able to recruit dozens of volunteers who wantto further the foundation’s work in their areas. The interest anddesire to get involved is truly overwhelming. The 2013 Spring Expohas been a fantastic experience for me and truly beneficial for theGriswold Cares Foundation.”-Amanda Sites Hope, Foundation Administrator of the GriswoldCares Foundation
  10. 10. "The 2013 Spring Expo was a fantastic experience forFHS. Throughout the EXPO, we had great opportunities tonetwork and meet with all of the attendees. The event wasorganized perfectly. Overall, this was a truly great event for FHS.”-Matt Murphy, President of Financial Health Services, LLC
  11. 11. “I am delighted to have created a partnership and Griswold Home Care. Griswold Home Careis a top-notch organization who has set a very high standard ofhow things should be done. The professionalism, support, andgenuine concern found in every department is a testament totheir universal commitment. By combing our efforts, we willtruly make a difference!”- Debbie Burak, Founder
  12. 12. Let the Games Begin!
  13. 13. The Griswold Team Takes a Fun Break ForOur Own In It To Win It Game Series
  14. 14. “I came away from the 2013 Spring Expo re-charged, full of ideas,less fearful of things to come – i.e. Affordable Care Act, and witha feeling of relief that came from observing and understandingthat there is a dynamic home office team working hard every dayto make GHC owners shine in the market place.I am so proud to be a part of GHC. My Thanks to the “A” Team!”- Elaine Gordon, Director of Passaic, Sussex & Warren CountyGHC Offices
  15. 15. Casual Dinner at Continental Midtown
  16. 16. “The 2013 Spring Expo was my first Griswold Expo experience.Without exception, every aspect of the program was meaningful andsubstantive. Many valuable ‘take aways’ for me. I’m looking forwardto sharing everything with my staff.Perfect execution!”- Anne Eidschun, Executive Director New Castle County, DE office
  17. 17. Griswold Home Care is taking strides toward becoming anational team in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s disease!Our first step was inviting all Expo attendees to joina seemingly spontaneous Alzheimer’s walk throughPhiladelphia.
  18. 18. "I was honored to be included in the 2013 Griswold HomeCare Spring Expo. I was glad to have the opportunity toshare some facts and figures about Alzheimers disease andto engage Griswold partners from around the country.”-Claire Day, Delaware Valley Chapter of the NationalAlzheimer’s Association
  19. 19. “Alzheimers is the 6th leading cause of death and every 68seconds someone in America develops it. We cant do thisalone. We need our strong partners in caring to share ourvision of a world without Alzheimers Disease.”- Claire Day, Delaware Valley Chapter of the NationalAlzheimer’s Association
  20. 20. Thank You Team Griswold!
  21. 21. Coming Together to Give BackBuild A WheelchairCommunity Service Event
  22. 22. Teams of participants work together toanswer trivia questions, earn tools/partsand build wheelchairs.Points awarded for helping your neighbor!
  23. 23. Together, Griswold Home Care built anddonated 8 wheelchairs to AmericanVeterans cared for by Caring HeartManor, a Rehabilitation and NursingCenter in the Greater Philadelphia Area.
  24. 24. For your continued support andpassionate dedication…
  25. 25. We thank you.Happy 31st AnniversaryGriswold Home Care!