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Can social media save the TV ad?
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Can social media save the TV ad?


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How big-budget advertisers are learning to embrace conversation.

How big-budget advertisers are learning to embrace conversation.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Originally presented atBlogWorld New York 2012 @Griner
  • 2. About Luckie • Digitally focused agency, founded in 1953 About AdFreak • Clients include AT&T, • Adweek’s daily blog of advertising,Regions Bank & Little Debbie media, marketing and design • Offices in Birmingham, • Founded in 2004 San Antonio and Atlanta • 1 million+ unique viewers monthly @LuckieAndCo @AdFreak
  • 3. First off,do TV ads even need saving? @Griner
  • 4. 166.8 million peoplewatched the Super Bowl this year.Only 66 million peoplehave watched the most popular ad on YouTube(which would be the trailer for Angry Birds). @Griner
  • 5. The average American watchesfive hours of video per day.98% of that videois seen on a television. Source: Nielsen via The New York Times, “Nielsen reports a decline in television viewing,” May 2012 @Griner
  • 6. But in the past two years, America has lost2 million TV households. Source: Nielsen, via The New York Times, “Nielsen reports a decline in television viewing,” May 2012 Photo credit: Oblivious Dude on Flickr.
  • 7. A “TV household,” per Nielsen, is one withat least one television and access to cable,satellite or antenna.Those 2 million “lost homes” probably stillhave TVs — just not traditional access tonetworks. @Griner
  • 8. Advertisingis in a transitional state.TV has the reach. Digital has the depth.Their merger is inevitable and under way. @Griner
  • 9. Today, social media isn’t saving TV adsfrom extinction.Social media is saving TV adsfrom themselves. @Griner
  • 10. On the whole, TV ads remaingutless and self-obsessed.They take very few risks, including the risk ofstarting conversation. @Griner
  • 11. “Awareness”is the metric advertisers usewhen they don’t want to beheld accountable for success. @Griner
  • 12. Today’s real advertising effectiveness ismeasured in engagement.TV should be a launchpad,not the whole mission. @Griner
  • 13. Awareness Engagement Segmentation CRM @Griner
  • 14. So how do you create asocially successful ad campaign? @Griner
  • 15. Well, you can buy your way in. @Griner
  • 16. Supplementing a TV buy with onlinehas consistently proven more successfulthan doing one without the other. @Griner
  • 17. In Christmas 2011, Nutella includedFacebook in its holiday media mix with TV.Result: Facebook accounted for15% of holiday promo salesand reached 30% of all Germans. @Griner Source:, “Nutella says Facebook ads outperformed TV”, May 2012
  • 18. 62% of advertiserssay online video ads should be a complementto TV ads. That’s up from 56% in 2011.Only 10% say online video ads should replaceTV ads. Sources: and Digiday, via:, “Marketers Attempt to Align Online Video and TV Campaigns.” May 2012 @Griner
  • 19. Another survey found that TV ad campaignshave a 50% reach.The number bumped up to 57% whenonline video ads were added to the mix. Sources: Nielsen and YuMe, via:, “Marketers Attempt to Align Online Video and TV Campaigns.” May 2012 @Griner
  • 20. But simply buying into the online spacedoesn’t create social buzz.Is it about tactics? @Griner
  • 21. Let’s talkhashtags. @Griner
  • 22. #TrumpRoastUsed more than 27,000 times duringComedy Central’s 2011 Roast of Donald Trump,helping make it make it the network’smost-watched Tuesday in history.
  • 23. Soon, hashtags were a staple ofTV programming. @Griner
  • 24. The Voice leveraged Twitter to generate200,000 tweetsper episode(That’s five times the social engagement ofAmerican Idol). Source: Bluefin, via Mass Relevance, “NBC’s The Voice Drives Real-Time Engagement”
  • 25. TV content creators have learned thathashtags focus conversation. @Griner
  • 26. A well phrased and clearly communicatedhashtag makes it easy for viewersto talk about you. @Griner
  • 27. But most brands struggle with hashtags.Why?Because ads and social media remain toodisconnected. @Griner
  • 28. #McDStoriesTo raise awareness of its new supplier-centricads, McDonald’s paid to promote the hashtag. @Griner
  • 29. The brand’s Twitter feed only used thehashtag twice.But consumers (mostly critics) used it 1,600times in the first two hours, after which thepromotion was pulled. @Griner
  • 30. The hashtag ended up generating negativepublicity instead of supporting the brand’snew (and quite good) TV ads.
  • 31. So what was wrong with #McDStories?Too vague, too detached from the pointof the ads. @Griner
  • 32. Wendy’s has also been struggling withhashtags. @Griner
  • 33. #HeresTheBeef #UpgradeYourMeal #DefiningMoment #BetterLater
  • 34. So who is doing it right? @Griner
  • 35. Audi was early to the scene in 2011,running the Super Bowl’s first ad hashtag. @Griner
  • 36. @Griner
  • 37. Audi’s ability to harness the buzz and convert itinto relationships drew instant praise.“Audi is a perfect model for what it means tobe a prestige brand on Twitter.” –L2 Think Tank @Griner
  • 38. Why not a URL?“For us, this was never a discussion.It was always the hashtag.The SuperBowl is conversation.” — Andy White, Senior Social Media Manager, Audi @Griner
  • 39. #SoLongVampiresThe 2012 hashtag mostly just served as a“social nudge” that would accelerate thespot’s reach and buzz. @Griner
  • 40. #SoLongVampires became the most-tweetedad hashtag of the Super Bowl @Griner
  • 41. “This may be a viewers first-ever touchpointwith Audi. We treat that first touchpoint as justone step on a very long purchase funnel thatmay result in a car purchase — or it may resultin a new aspirational fan, one that will take ourfuture messaging and run with it to their ownsocial graphs. Both of these goals are our socialholy grails.” — Andy White @Griner
  • 42. In addition, the #WantAnR8 hashtag effort hasbeen called Twitter’s most successfulcampaign of all time. @Griner
  • 43. Audi’s efforts have put it neck and neck withLexus in a race to be the No. 1 luxuryautomaker on Twitter. @Griner
  • 44. Lexus Audi Mercedes Porsche BMW FollowersLamborghiniAston Martin Cadillac Acura 0 75,000 150,000 225,000 300,000 @Griner
  • 45. But the most truly social TV ad campaigndoesn’t have a hashtag.And hasn’t really needed one. @Griner
  • 46. @Griner
  • 47. The Most Interesting Man in the World is theperfect ad campaign for the social media era.The campaign for Dos Equis beer is pithy,funny and easy to embrace. @Griner
  • 48. @Griner
  • 49. @Griner
  • 50. @Griner
  • 51. Results:• Doubled U.S. sales of Dos Equis in 5 years• Grew to the No. 6 imported beer in the U.S.• 15.4% growth in 2011, compared to industryaverage of 2.7% Source: Ad Age, “On the Set with The Most Interesting Man In the World,” March 2012 @Griner
  • 52. Beer Brand Facebook Likes Bud Light(No. 1 beer in America) 2.6 million Dos Equis 2 million Corona(No. 1 imported beer) 1.1 million Source: Facebook, June 2012 @Griner
  • 53. So how can more ads duplicate this success? @Griner
  • 54. 1. Give audiences a conversation starter, not aflat product statement. @Griner
  • 55. 2. Spend time analyzing what motivates yourspecific audience. @Griner
  • 56. 3. Make hashtags and other calls to action asclear and direct as possible. @Griner
  • 57. 4. Create a plan for harnessing short-termbuzz into long-term engagement.A reply isn’t a relationship. @Griner
  • 58. Thank youfor your time. David Griner VP/Digital Content, Luckie & Co. @Griner on Twitter