Bonita Bay Real Estate Market Report January 1 2013


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Bonita Bay Real Estate Market Report January 1 2013

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Bonita Bay Real Estate Market Report January 1 2013

  1. 1. Bonita Bay Real Estate Market Report As of 1-01-13 Chris Griffith w The Griffith Group w 239-273-7430 Downing Frye Realty, Inc. w
  2. 2. A Decade of Historical Bonita Bay Real Estate SalesClosed sales inBonita Bay duringthe month ofDecember showlevel consistentsales.Sales in generalwere stable andnearly met lastyear’s sales unitnumbers.There were fewsales 600-1M andmost of those saleswere towerresidences.
  3. 3. No Foreclosures or Short Sales in Bonita Bay December 2012Bonita Springs, asindicated in thegraph, had fewforeclosure & shortsales. There were noforeclosure and noshort sale propertysales recordedclosed sale in BonitaBay in December2012.Bonita Bay is healthyby comparison toBonita Springs-Esterodistressed units ingeneral.
  4. 4. What Price Range of Bonita Bay Real Estate is Selling?Statistics weregathered from theSunshine MLS onJanuary 06, 2013.A total of 11properties wererecorded as closedsale in Bonita Bayduring the month ofDecember 2012.Only one Single FamilyHome in the$600,000’s closed sale.The Sanctuary $670K,slightly updated withexterior lawn careincluded in HOA.
  5. 5. Current Bonita Bay Real EstateInventory and Absorption RatesThis is the anticipatedtime it would take to sell Single Family Homes-Villas – 16.7 Monthsexisting inventory withinthe community of Bonita Low Rise Condominiums – 9 MonthsBay in Bonita Springs,Florida. Mid Rise Condominiums – 9.3MonthsSix months is considered abalanced market. High Rise Condominiums – 16.3 Months Attached Villas – 12.7 Months Statistics were gathered from the Sunshine MLS on January 6, 2013.
  6. 6. Bonita Springs Market Report January 1, 2013
  7. 7. A Decade of Historical Bonita Springs Florida Real Estate SalesClosed sales aremuch higher thanlast year at thistime and nearly at2005 sales levels.Sales have beensteady andinventory remainsrather thin inentry level pricedproperties under$400,000 whichaccounts for 79%of sales.
  8. 8. What is The Condition of BonitaSprings Florida Real Estate Sales?How distressed is realestate in BonitaSprings and EsteroFlorida?The level of soldforeclosures is thelowest it has beensince the foreclosurecrisis began. Shortsales are at very lowlevels compared torecent months, nearlynon-existentForeclosure propertiessell quickly andexperience multipleoffers when they docome to the market.
  9. 9. What Price Range of Bonita Springs Florida Real Estate is Selling?City wide, 83% of allclosed sales wereunder the $400Kprice point. The 600-800K price pointaccounts for about5% (+1% from lastmonth) of all closedsales (red).A total of 180properties wereclosed sale in BonitaSprings and EsteroFlorida during themonth of December2013.Statistics were gathered fromthe Sunshine MLS on January06, 2013.
  10. 10. Current Bonita Springs Real EstateInventory and Absorption RatesStatistics were gatheredfrom the Sunshine MLSon January 6, 2013. Single Family Homes-Villas – 9.8 Months (6 1 mo.)This is the anticipated Low Rise Condominiums – 9.6 Monthstime it would take to sellexisting inventory. (6 1.7 mo.) Mid Rise Condominiums – 18.7 MonthsSix months is considered (h .9 mo.)a balanced market. We High Rise Condominiums – 14.3 Monthsdo have a large amountof pending/pending- (6 .7 mo.)contingent properties Attached Villas – 6.8 Monthsskewing the marketstatistics so the months (6 1.4 mo.)of current inventory Manufactured Homes – 12.7 Monthswould be far less if they (6 .5 mo.)weren’t in the equation.
  11. 11. For More Information about BonitaSprings and Estero Florida Real Estate …Visit www. to view market statistics, current listings and toSearch for Homes to view realestate market reports from month prior visit: were gathered from the Sunshine MLS on January 6, 2013.All information is deem accurate, not guaranteed and subject to change. Check thedate on this report for freshness. If you have questions regarding your particularneighborhood, your street or your home specifically you’re welcome to contact us fora current market report.Real estate consumers that read this website are urged to seek independent,professional legal, real estate and financial advice before engaging in anytransaction. All information is deemed, accurate, subject to change and notguaranteed.