Fyp brief – meteoric4 updated


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Fyp brief – meteoric4 updated

  1. 1.  
  2. 2.  One Liner: “Spot the ones that are violating or not following the airport restriction” Game type: Casual, Spot the Difference Game Objective:Player are suppose to spot violators in the game o Example: Those who are smoking which is violating the rules. People with too much hand carry bags o Time pressure of 1 -2 min and through level the game become more and more challenging as time pressure is involved in the game. o Player roles in game would be the security in the airport.
  3. 3.  One Liner: “Multi-task the various task that is happening in the airport” Game type: Multitasking, Casual Game Objective:Players are expected to play both the security check and ticket attendants o Using the control pad, players would need to answer to the security check point and assign the passenger to the right line of queue. o Players last as long as possible against the juggernaut of passenger
  4. 4.  One Liner: “Fill the cargo with all the luggage available in order to complete the task” Game type: Puzzle Game, Arranging Objective:Game that require players to fill up the entire available cargo space using the luggage available o Puzzle based game. o Player drag luggage into space. Turn the luggage around to fit it into space o Fit all the luggage into the given constraint space.
  5. 5.  One Liner: “Manage an airport to keep your customer happy and you airport running” Game type: Management Objective:Properly manage an Airport District for the passenger o Game screen show different parts of the airport Shops, Ticketing/ Lounge and Hangar o Airport Tycoon as you try to manage the passenger happiness and the airport capital o Players need to be efficient and responsible
  6. 6.  One Liner: “Cut, arrange, mix and match the viruses in accordance to its color in order to kill them” Game type: Mix & Match, Puzzle Base Objective:Cut and break the virus in accordance to its colour o Play as Biologist o Cut, Mix & Match the virus accordingly to kill them o A certain chain might result to reward, bonus or combo o Complete the stages to move on to the next one
  7. 7.  One Liner: “Gain dominance over other parasites as you take control over a race and consume other races, gaining new abilities to assist in your dominance” Game type: Territorial Acquisition Objective:Search and destroy as you breed your assistance with genes obtained o Control a player parasite and consume enemy parasite o Gain assistance by achieving Genes from the fallen enemies o Summon these assistance by using the Genes obtained o Seek to control the “Parasitical World”
  8. 8.  One Liner: “Explore the Olympian Continent as Hercules in a quest to Slay the Nemean Lion” Game type: Point & Click, Adventure, Exploring Objective:Venture Athens as you search for clues to defeat the Nemean Lion o Control Hercules as he explore the continent in hopes of finding clues to defeat the Nemean Lion o Face him over and over again as he tries to stop you in your track o Advance on initial missions to reach the end goal
  9. 9.  One Liner:” Escape the maze of Tartarus as Sisyphus as you make use of clues and puzzle in order to escape from Thanatos” Game type: Point & Click, Adventure, Exploring Objective:Find a way out of Tartarus using puzzles as clues and find hidden stories behind what Sisyphus did. o Run from Thanatos chasing you as you evade the puzzles and traps o Use the puzzles as clues to find your way out of the maze o Control Sisyphus and explore various parts of the maze to locate vital clues o Make the right decisions or face tragic consequences