Simplify Operational Processes with Greytip


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With Greytip Online, Multi location company eases its data management process

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Simplify Operational Processes with Greytip

  1. 1. Primus Global Selects Greytip Online toSimplify Operational ProcessesAbout Primus GlobalFounded in 2002, Primus Global Technologies is involved in ITProjects and Product development activities with branches inBangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Noida. Primus is in the businessof staff augmentation, strategy consulting, technology integration(offsite or onsite, time and materials or fixed bid projects) or offshore development solutions.ChallengesIt is common for multi location companies to face logistical challenges in operational data collection andinformation availability. In the absence of an automated system, this data is usually maintainedmanually in excel files. Spreadsheet, though a great tool, has its drawbacks when it comes to datamanagement. Primus Global faced similar challenges.At Primus, spreadsheet was used for Payroll processing and leave tracking. Managing multiple sheets,tracking and updating attendance, leave and statutory information was a cumbersome procedure. Apartfrom this Payslip distribution and statutory reporting resulted in significant time being spent on Payrollactivity. The information was not easily and readily available to all consumers – Management,Employees and Managers.Primus Global wanted to deploy a web based solution to simplify the process. They wanted a solutionthat could serve the head office and the locations. But this meant a sizable investment in softwarepurchases, data center, VPN, security, etc. Further, it required a good IT team to consistently monitorthe entire setup, keep it in running condition and ensure high uptime.
  2. 2. SolutionTaking stock of the situation, Greytip Online (SaaS bases HR and Payroll Software) was deployed. Thissimplified and automated most activities related to payroll and leave management. For a small monthlysubscription, the company now had professional and mature enterprise software with zero impact oncapex. Location level employee data getting consolidated at the Why on premise model couldn’t Head Office without having to maintain various excel files work Payroll processing time was significantly reduced as data Capex was too high collection and updation was now online and up to-date Need for a good IT team with skills in All statutory reports got generated at the click of a button system administration, networking, and security Employee Self Service empowered employees and reduced A good multi-location setup would be transaction costs. Employees could access Payslips, PF costly to setup and require regular effort Statements, Tax calculations without having to ask HR and Investment risk if the solution was wait not suitable for the company Various process automation tools like Reimbursement Claim, online IT Declarations, online Leave application, etc resulted in less time being spent by both employees and HR The HR administrators were able to complete their work in hours instead of days leading to better utilization of their time for other important activities. There is also minimum rework since the errors and omissions are mostly eliminatedResultUsing Greytip Online, Primus can now process accurate payroll with all statutory requirements. All leaveand attendance data for multiple locations is tracked and monitored at a centralized platform. ESShelped employees to easily view data without having to ask managers/HR. With automation, Manualworkload decreased considerably thus increasing turnaround“Greytip’s service is appreciable…the team is available whenever we are in need of their assistance toresolve our queries. Customizing the software as per our requirement is one of the best service they areproviding…which is ultimately making the software very user-friendly”- P R Saibabu, Finance Manager, PRIMUS Global Technologies Private Limited