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Employee Self Service enables employees to access information through a rich and intuitive user interface, cutting down the transactional effort.

Employee Self Service - greytHR

  1. 1. Employee Self Service Enabling employees to access information through a rich and intuitive user interface, cutting down the transactional effort
  2. 2. What’s In It For Your Employees ePayroll Publishing Payslip, Reimbursement Payslip, YTD Statement, PF YTD Statement, Loans Statement, Reimbursement and FBP Statement, Income Tax Statement, Digitally signed online Form 16. Process Automation Income Tax Calculator, Income Tax Declaration, FBP Declaration, Reimbursement Claims, Issue logging and response Leave Management Leave Card Online, Leave application, approval, Leave Credit & Encashment request and approval HR Zone Employee information management, Attendance, Document Centre, Bulletin board
  3. 3. All in one home page Access all services from here Comprehensive menu, easy to navigate through All Salary, Leave, and Attendance details in one place Bulletin board – provides useful information Quick link – Easy access to most used features
  4. 4. ePayroll Publishing • Payslip, • Reimbursement Payslip • YTD Statement • PF YTD Statement • Loans Statement • Reimbursement Statement • Income Tax Statement • Digitally signed online Form 16.
  5. 5. Payslip View Payslips of any month Print Payslips or download as a PDF file Facility to display Loan Balance, Leave Balance
  6. 6. Reimbursement Payslips • View Reimbursement payouts of any month • Print and PDF download options available
  7. 7. Reimbursement Statement • View reimbursement Statements for any month • View the approval status of claims applied for and payouts
  8. 8. YTD Summary View complete Earnings and Deductions till date or for any year
  9. 9. Loan Statement View details of Active or Closed loans View complete deduction schedule for every loan
  10. 10. PF YTD Statement • View the complete PF Deductions done and Employer Contributions • Voluntary PF if applicable is also displayed
  11. 11. Process Automation • Income Tax Calculator • Income Tax Declaration • FBP Declaration • Reimbursement Claims • Issue logging and response
  12. 12. Income Tax Statement • View Income tax statement for any month • Facility to print the statement Expand blocks to see full information See the taxable income for every month
  13. 13. IT Calculator • Enables employees calculate “what-if” of their Income Tax • Variations for Rent, Investments, Income and Other Income • Fetch accurate calculations by refreshing info from latest payroll • Payroll administrator onsite presence not required
  14. 14. • Enable employees to post Rent and Savings declarations every month • Rent can be captured monthly or annually • Capture Previous Employment Declarations • Check limits on each section. Provide tips to employees. • Mail alerts to intimate employee and administrators IT Declaration
  15. 15. Reimbursement Claims • Employees can view all their Reimbursement Details in single screen • Post new claims. Entitlements are verified during this process • View status of existing claims, Rejected claims and claims under process • Extensive use of mails to inform employees and administrators
  16. 16. Expense Claims • Create an expense claim and submit it for review • Attach bills • Review team work flow • Entitlements are verified during this process
  17. 17. Issue Logging – Help Desk • Enables employees to post issues on various user-defined categories • Facility for Administrator to review issues and post resolutions • Mails alerts to administrators and employees • Facility for employee to view posted issues and escalate if needed
  18. 18. Leave Management • Leave Card Online • Leave application, Approval • Leave Credit & Encashment request and approval
  19. 19. Online Leave Card • Configure any number of Leave Types • Setup Crediting, Availing and Year-end Business Rules • Enable employees to see complete information
  20. 20. Leave Apply and Review • Enables employees to apply for Leave online. Balances and other business rules checked while posting application • Manager reviews Leave online. Facility to see other employees on leave in same period. • Extensive mail integration • Apply for Leave Credit and Leave Encashment also
  21. 21. • Display Holiday List • Separate Holiday List – either Department-wise, Location-wise, Process-wise, etc. • Facility to configure Restricted Holiday or Optional Holiday Holiday List
  22. 22. HR Zone • Employee self info management • Attendance • Document Centre • Bulletin board
  23. 23. Self Information Management Edit and save self information Manage password Connect your social media accounts
  24. 24. Attendance Mark Attendance Enable employees to view their attendance information
  25. 25. Document Centre Find Offer letter, Payslips, Form 16s, Address proof, Policies, etc. - all in one place
  26. 26. Bulletin Board Keep your employees updated about important announcement with Bulletin Board
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