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Greythorn Inside Technology 2013 Market Report
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Greythorn Inside Technology 2013 Market Report


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As a specialist recruitment agency, we are immersed in 7 niche markets and take pride in our personal interest regarding our clients. Therefore, on an annual basis, we bring you a comprehensive market …

As a specialist recruitment agency, we are immersed in 7 niche markets and take pride in our personal interest regarding our clients. Therefore, on an annual basis, we bring you a comprehensive market report that discusses salary, benefits, expenses and other important hiring information.

Our expert team provides their insight and outlook on the markets for the coming year, as well as report on some captivating industry statistics to help you better understand your business.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. INSIDE TECHNOLOGYMarket ReportNORTH AMERICA | 2013INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 2. 6. SALARY SUMMARY.....28Introduction....................................... 3Methodology..................................... 32. MARKETPERSPECTIVE.................... 84. ContractEMPLOYMENT..................183. FULL TIMEEmployment..................125. CAREER MOVES...........217. NEWS & INSIGHT..........33Staff................................................. 9Job Security.................................. 11Economy....................................... 11Profession....................................... 6Working Week................................. 7Compensation............................... 13Length of tenure............................ 14Benefits......................................... 15Bonus............................................ 16Big Data & Cloud Computing........ 29Business Intelligence & Database.. 29Information Security....................... 30Microsoft Stack............................. 30Mobile Application Development.... 31Project Management / Business Analysis.......................... 31Web Development......................... 32Compensation............................... 19Length of tenure............................ 19Benefits......................................... 20Previous........................................22Current..........................................24Future............................................26About us.......................................... 39Acknowledgements & Disclaimer..... 40CONTENTS1. DEMOGRAPHICS............4INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 3. In Q4 2012, Greythorn conductedthe second survey with itscandidates focused on thedemographics, length of tenure,working week, job security, careermotivations, department changes,reward and bonus trends of ITprofessionals.Professionals from across the UnitedStates responded to the survey;helping us to determine key trendswithin the market for you.This market report is based onthe data received through theonline survey, as well as theexpert opinions of our experiencedrecruiters.Please contact us if you would liketo receive a report tailored to yourbusiness 425 460 4285+1 312 283 8510MethodologyAt the end of 2012, we surveyed our database of ITprofessionals about their careers as well as the currentjob market conditions. These findings have enabled usto present you with a clear insight into key trends anddrivers in the IT market.This report provides some of the most comprehensiveinformation available. We hope you find the data usefuland we welcome any comments or recommendations.We would also like to extend a big thank you toeveryone who took part in the survey, your inputis greatly appreciated.Ben Weber, Managing 425 460 4285IntroductionINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 4. DEMO-GRAPHICSINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 5. DEMOGRAPHICSWhere is your role located?What isyour gender?How old are you?2% 25%15%4%4%42%11%16%8%24% 4%24% 21%18 - 24years oldFemalePrefer not to say Male 43 - 50years oldWest CoastCentralSouthwestPacific NorthwestSoutheastMidwestNortheast35 - 42years old60+years old25 - 34years old51 - 60years old16%4% 80%The IT industry is undergoinga huge change in terms of datastorage which has impacted allpositions. Cloud experience isrequired, and in fact, I am seeingseveral Systems Admin positionsbecoming obsolete with the adventof Cloud storage.Terre Rigali,Senior Technical RecruiterINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 6. DEMOGRAPHICSWhich of the following best describes your industry?3% 7%22% 12%4% 1%11% 6%2% 5%6% 5%5% 4%3% 4%Application  / ASP Leisure  / Travel  / EntertainmentFederal Public SectorBusiness Services / B2B Not for ProfitHealthcare Software HousingDigital Media Professional ServicesIT Product or Service Other (Telecom, Publishing, Hospitality, etc.)Banking Manufacturing / UtilitiesFinancial Services RetailPROFESSIONINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 7. WORKING WEEKDEMOGRAPHICSHow many hours per weekdo you work on average?Less than 2046-50 hours21-30 hours51-55 hours31-40 hours56-60 hours41-45 hoursMore than 60 hours2% 4%10%19%30%3%30%2%Which of the followingbest describes your role?PROFESSION (FOLLOWING)21% 18% 13%10% 9% 8%7% 7% 6%1%SoftwareDevelopmentProject Management& Business AnalysisInformationSecurityInfrastructure Other (Telecom,Sales, etc.)BusinessIntelligence& DatabaseExecutive WebDevelopmentCloudComputingMobile ApplicationDevelopmentINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 8. MARKETPERSPECTIVEINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 9. MARKET PERSPECTIVESTAFFDid your organizationincrease or reduce theoverall headcount last year?55%IncreaseDecreaseDon’t know21%24%With the number of audits and theimportance of keeping data protected,compliance will play a key role in2013. If organizations are not alreadycompliant, they should be aware thatthey need to be and work towardprotecting themselves, their customersand employees. Having ISO, audit,SOX, and PCI experience will bebeneficial qualifications for candidates.Andrew Kent, Information SecurityAccount ExecutiveINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 10. MARKET PERSPECTIVEDo you expect yourorganization to makeany layoffs over thenext 12 months?What is the size of the organizationor team you work with?11%28%17% 44%16 - 30teammembersMore than31 teammembers6 - 15teammembersLess than5 teammembers2%Don’t know6%Yes, there will be significantheadcount loss 16%Dependent on the volatile economy,we review every quarter42%I suspect the headcountwill remain the same 25%We are hiring aggressively nowthat the market has turned9%No, we’ve made ourcuts alreadyWe constantly work with companiesthat feel there is growth in their future,but are concerned about not being ableto find the talent they need. The days ofcalling companies only to hear that theywill be doing layoffs instead of hiringhave passed. While there are still somedoubts in the local and internationaleconomy, the overall outlook foremployers and investors is becomingmore positive.Travis Sjostrom, Senior Big DataAccount ExecutiveSTAFF (following)INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 11. Throughout 2013, we will see severaltrends; mobile development isexpected to rise even more, socialmedia will continue to have a heavyinfluence and the exploring of newventures with new technologies willcontinue. Certain technologies will befavored as pioneering developers workwith emerging technologiesand processes.After experiencing OSCON (OpenSource Convention) in all its splendor,open source technologies havethe technical robustness and wellconnected community of equallyenthusiastic evangelists to reallyimpact 2013. The support andcollaboration between these groupswill yield much more effective results.Patrick Anderson, Web ApplicationDevelopment RecruiterOverall, the industry has a verypositive outlook as the need forreal time information and reportsare at an all time high. Companiesthat do have the ability to accessand create this information aregaining a huge advantage overthe rest of the competition.Taylor Williamson, Senior BusinessIntelligence RecruiterMARKET PERSPECTIVEJOB SECURITYECONOMYHow secure do you feel in your current role?How are you feeling about the futureof the economy over the next 12 months?6%Extremelypessimistic18%Pessimistic21%Indifferent50%Optimistic5%Extremelyoptimistic9%Very insecure13%Insecure51%Secure27%Very secureINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 12. Full timeemploymentINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 13. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENTCOMPENSATIONWhat level is your current basic salary?Would you expect a salary increaseover the next 12 months in your current role?3% 3% 4% 3%6%19%10%12%41%43%Yes, up to 5%4%Yes, between 11% and 20%19%No28%Yes, between 6% and 10%6%Yes, more than 20%Less than$30,000$30,000- $39,999$40,000- $49,999$50,000- $59,999$60,000- $9,999$70,000- $89,999$90,000- $129,999$130,000- $59,999More than$160,000INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews &
  • 14. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENTLENGTH OF TENUREHow long have you been in your current role?12%10%18%18%5%0 - 6 monthsMore than 10 years1 - 3 years3 - 5 years6 - 10 years6 - 12 months37%INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews & Insight
  • 15. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENTBENEFITSTelecommute / Remote workWhich benefitsare included in yourcurrent package?None of the above401KVision insuranceLife insuranceContinuing educationGym membership / fitness / wellnessFlexible benefits (choosing from a range of options)Dental insuranceMedical insuranceShare incentive / stock options25 days PTO / holiday or moreBonusCar / transportation allowance83%87%49%44%71%76%63%30%66%49%32%45%17%4%Rating average*3.093.462.952.892.872.812.812.512.52.442.431.821.8• The top 3 most vital benefits areMedical insurance (64% callingthis ‘vital’), Dental insurance (34%)and 25 days PTO / holiday or more(22%). Insurance outweighs bonusopportunities and flexible workinghours in contrast to the 2012 report.• This information indicates thatalthough there are demands forperks such as flexible workinghours and stock options, a medicalbenefits package and amplevacation time are vital offeringsfor higher employee retentionand satisfaction.*(on a scale of 1 to 5,where 5 is the highest)INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 16. FULL TIME EMPLOYMENTBONUSWhat is your bonus calculated on?16%Company performance20%Personal performance64%Both company andpersonal performance• 2012 saw an increase in bonuspotential with 55% receiving abonus (contrast to 47% in 2012),while personal performance hadmore of an influence (doubledsince 2012). This could indicatethat company performance isimproving across the board, withonly 16% of bonuses calculatedon company performance alone.Did you receivea bonus in 2012?55%45%INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 17. As a percentage ofyour base salary, whatlevel was your lastannual bonus?27%30%18%8%9%4%4%0 - 5%6 - 10%11 - 15%16 - 20%21 - 30%31- 40%More than 50%When isyour bonus paid?• 57% of bonuses are less than10% of an individual’s basicsalary, up from 53% in 2012.Those who receive bonuses inthe 11 - 20% range saw a 10%reduction.FULL TIME EMPLOYMENTBONUS (FOLLOWING)62%Annually12%Semi-annually4%Bi-annually20%QuaterlyINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 18. ContractemploymentINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 19. Less than $20 $20 - $30 $31 - $40 $41 - $50 $51 - $60 $61 - $70 $81 - $90$71 - $80CONTRACT EMPLOYMENTCOMPENSATIONWhat level is your current hourly rate?1%5%1%6%9%21%9%13%LENGTH OF TENUREHow long haveyou been in yourcurrent role?6%9 - 12 months12%6 - 9 months27%3-6 months38%Over 2 years17%1 - 2 yearsINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 20. BENEFITSTelecommute /Remote workWhich of these benefits are includedin your current package?Do you receive benefitsas part of your package?401KDental insuranceContinuingeducationFlexible benefits(choosing from arange of options)Vision insuranceCar / TransportationallowanceMedical insuranceShare incentive /stock optionsGym membership /Fitness / WellnessNone of the above25 days PTO /holiday or moreLife insuranceBonus32%82%32%77%18%41%32%55%14%36%9%32%55%CAREER OVERVIEW | CONTRACT EMPLOYMENT• The amount of contract professionalswho receive benefits as part of theiremployment package has only waiveredby 1% (2012 results showed 32% of ITprofessionals receive benefits).5%31%69%• From these results, we can determine that contractors are generallyenjoying the most vital benefits desired – Medical and dentalinsurance, but only 36% receive 25 days PTO or more. Employerscan respond to this gap by providing other perks such as flexibleholidays or the option to work from home.INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 21. CAREERmovesINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 22. PREVIOUSCAREER MOVESMore than $160,000$130,000 - $159,999$90,000 - $129,999$70,000 - $89,999$60,000 - $69,999$50,000 - $59,999$40,000 - $49,999$30,000 - $39,9995%Application / ASP14%Leisure /Travel /Entertainment9%Banking27%Manufacturing / Utilities14%BusinessServices / B2B23%Not forProfit5%Digital Media32%Professional Services36%Federal23%PublicSector14%FinancialServices9%Retail14%Healthcare41%SoftwareHousing9%IT Product or Service64%Other18%9%32%18%14%9%9%5%What level was yourprevious basic salary?In which industries haveyou previously worked?INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 23. PREVIOUS (FOLLOWING)CAREER MOVESWhy did you leave your previous role?It’s a very competitive market;companies need to make sure theycan offer a strong product, direction,technical challenge and growth aswell as a competitive salary, benefitsand positive work environment. It isno longer just about money. It’s aboutbeing a part of the next big thing.Andrew Kent, Information SecurityAccount ExecutiveMore responsibility /accountability3%Improved employer brand1%Career development /advancement17%Relocation4%Higher salary12%Better commute / proximity2%Better bonus potential1%Job security2%Better work / life balance7%For an improved relationshipwith my manager / colleagues3%Improved benefits package2%Laid off12%New challenge / more interesting work14%End of contract / assignment13%Internal promotion2%Not applicable / first job3%Other (retirement, closing, etc)2%INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 24. CURRENTCAREER MOVESHow would you assess your levelof satisfaction with your current role?Culture Salary BonusJob description  / responsibilities Benefits Other54% 44% 18%49% 25% 17%Reasons for dissatisfaction21%Highly satisfied47%Satisfied26%Dissatisfied6%Highly dissatisfied• Year-on-year, there has been a 12%decrease in the overall satisfactionindividuals experience in their currentrole. 54% of professionals indicatedthat company culture is the primaryreason for their dissatisfaction, butthey are staying in their currentposition due to the progressionopportunities (48%) and the challenge(42%) that the role presents.INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 25. AwaitingbonuspaymentMain reasonSecond reasonTertiary reasonCURRENT (FOLLOWING)CAREER MOVESWho or what inspires you in your current role?LongevityColleagues /BossEnjoymentCareerprogressionSecurityChallenge10 20 30 40 50%0• Career progression (48%),Challenge (42%) and Security(39%) are the primary reasons thatIT professionals feel inspired intheir current role. Bonuses are anobvious motivating factor, but onlyas a tertiary inspiration, showingthat there is more to a fulfillingcareer than money.Would you recommendyour current employerto a friend or colleague?73%27%INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 26. FUTURECAREER MOVESHow likely are you to changeorganizations in the next 12 months?The experience that companies areseeking is very hard to find rightnow. Bottom line: most emergingtechnologies are less than 5 years old.It’s hard to find a lot of experts in thattime frame.Working remotely is a huge incentive.I have a ton of highly skilled “big data”gurus in the Midwest, yet not a lot ofcompanies in this space have officesthere. Let the person come to youroffice once every quarter for a weekand you’ll have an amazingly skilledemployee at a lower cost.I also see a lot of small companieswith incredible medical plans, wherethe employee incurs no cost at all- even for their dependents. This isa really attractive selling point formost candidates.Lindsey Thorne,Senior Big Data Recruiter33%Very likely26%Likely26%Unlikely15%Very unlikelyINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 27. What are your key prioritieswhen considering a new job?RelocationJob Security End ofcontract /assignmentMoreresponsibility/accountabilityFor an improvedrelationship withmy manager orcolleaguesBettercommute /proximityCareerdevelopment /advancementLaid offHigher salaryBetter work /life balanceBetter bonuspotentialImprovedbenefitspackageInternalpromotionBettertrainingNew challenge /more interestingwork Main priority Second priority Tertiary priority100100100808080606060404040202020%000FUTURE (FOLLOWING)CAREER MOVES%%INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 28. SalarySummaryINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 29. Big Data / Cloud ComputingBusiness Intelligence DatabaseSALARY SUMMARYJob title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxJunior Software Engineer $80,000 $110,000 $75 $90Mid Software Engineer $115,000 $135,000 $90 $105Junior Data Scientist $120,000 $140,000 $95 $120Senior Data Scientist $145,000 $180,000 $105 $135Architect $135,000 $150,000 $110 $140Senior / Lead Sofware Engineer $140,000 $160,000 $120 $145Principal Engineer $160,000 $200,000 $125 $150Chief Architect $155,000 $200,000 $130 $180Job title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxReport Developer $80,000 $100,000 $75 $90Business Intelligence Analyst $75,000 $90,000 $75 $90ETL Developer $95,000 $120,000 $90 $110Database Developer $100,000 $120,000 $95 $110Database Administrator $90,000 $120,000 $85 $110Business Intelligence Developer $100,000 $125,000 $95 $115Data Warehouse Architect $125,000 $150,000 $120 $160INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 30. Information SecurityMicrosoft StackSALARY SUMMARYJob title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxManagement and Executive $110,000 $150,000 N / A N / ASecurity Control Analyst $70,000 $90,000 $70 $90Security Engineer $80,000 $100,000 $75 $95Security Researcher $90,000 $105,000 $85 $100Application Architect $95,000 $120,000 $90 $110Security Architect $90,000 $110,000 $85 $110Job title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxSystem Administrator / Network Administrator$50,000 $70,000 $50 $80QA Engineer $65,000 $85,000 $65 $90System Engineer / Operations Engineer$70,000 $90,000 $60 $90Network Engineer $70,000 $120,000 $70 $115Software Developer $70,000 $115,000 $75 $120Project / Program / Product Manager$70,000 $120,000 $70 $120Data Warehouse Architect $125,000 $150,000 $120 $160INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 31. Mobile Application DevelopmentProject Management / Business AnalysisSALARY SUMMARYJob title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxMobile Test Engineer $75,000 $90,000 $70 $90Mobile Developer $90,000 $120,000 $85 $120Android Developer $90,000 $120,000 $85 $120iOS Developer $90,000 $120,000 $85 $120Job title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxBusiness Analyst $70,000 $90,000 $70 $90Project Manager $80,000 $110,000 $75 $105Technical Project Manager $90,000 $125,000 $85 $115PMO Manager $105,000 $130,000 $90 $120Project Director $140,000 $160,000 $105 $140INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 32. Web DevelopmentJob title Full time Contract hourlyMin Max Min MaxFront End Developer $80,000 $100,000 $70 $90Software Engineer $90,000 $105,000 $85 $95UI / UX Developer $90,000 $110,000 $85 $100PHP Developer $100,000 $115,000 $90 $105UX Designer $100,000 $120,000 $90 $110Web Development Manager $120,000 $140,000 $110 $125SALARY SUMMARYINSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 33. NEWS INSIGHTINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 34. NEWS INSIGHTWhat is important to your people?Tater tots? You’d be surprised…“It is no longer enoughto have market-leadingcompensation.” Employersneed to create a positive,innovative culture. One thatfosters personal growth,independent thought andcreativity.1Nowadays, employees are seekingmore than just a good base salary.From promoting flexible workschedules and the ability to work fromhome to in office lounge areas andskateboard ramps! Tech companiesin particular are continually inventingnew ways to attract and retain theirstaff. Any way you look at it, this is agood way to stand out from the crowd.One of our clients offers up tatertots as a mid afternoon snack. Insuch a talent short market place,the little things have the potentialto go a long way.Here are a few tips to consider if youare facing a challenge in attracting andretaining top talent:• Holidays and time off. Over 24%of survey respondents state that thecompany they work for offers 25 ormore days paid vacation. Offeringand encouraging your staff membersto take time away from work will helpthem to be more productive.• Flexible working hours orthe ability to work remotely.Approximately 35% of surveyrespondents are offered the abilityto create their own schedule or towork remotely. This is attractive tocandidates because it promotes ahealthy work-life balance, decreaseddaily commute time, and enablesindividuals to work for companiesall around the world, regardless ofwhere they live. At the same time,it allows companies to hire talent“in market”, which exponentiallyincreases the size of your talent poolwithout the worry of relocation costs.• Training on new technologies.• Communication andtransparency.• Informal work area or breakroom.That said, we’re hearing more andmore that telecommuting isn’t all it’scracked up to be by those workingfrom home. So be sure to spendsome time focusing on how to makeyour work culture more inviting andexciting. This includes encouragingan entrepreneurial mindset; allow forthe free-flow of ideas and create andatmosphere of “truth at all costs”where the best ideas float to the topafter vigorous and healthy debates.Breathe life into every corner of yourorganization, leave no one out of thediscussion wherever possible.1Greythorn Salary Survey and Market Report, 2012INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 35. NEWS INSIGHTAdvantages of a contingent workforceContingent work forcesoffer companies flexibilityand cost savings. That iswhy it’s not surprising thatnearly 38% of companiesin the US employ them 2.Microsoft, for exampleemploys thousands ofcontractors.How can staffing contractors benefityou organization?• Most importantly – they can saveyou money. Hiring a contingentworkforce means that you arehiring staff to work only until theycomplete a specific amount of workor a specific amount of time, thisis known as “time and materials”work. Therefore, you are not payingto keep someone employed whenyou do not have enough work tokeep them busy. This eliminatesunproductive time. There are alsoadministrative cost savings becausehiring contractors minimizespaperwork, documentation, andother administrative tasks for yourhuman resources department.• Greater skill sets and abilities.By hiring contractors for a specificperiod of time, you are exposedto a pool of talent that is highlyspecialized in the skills that relateto your project. It enables you toemploy industry experts withoutbeing concerned about how tokeep them busy when the project iscomplete.• Job security for your core staff.If you read the Greythorn SalaryReport 2012, then you know that jobsecurity is extremely important in themarketplace. It is ranked fourth forstaff considering a new job, behindcareer development, higher salaries,and a new challenge. Therefore,it is very important for companiesto minimize employee turnoverwithin their organization in order tomaximize job security and preventyour top staff from leaving voluntarily.A contingent workforce can take thepressure off of your core staff that iscaused by the natural project cycleswithin your company. It will help toensure that these staff members,your most valued assets, stay withyour organization for a long time.• Because it is easy. Hiringcontractors through a staffingagency is easy to do. It removesthe burden of sourcing, recruiting,and on boarding new employeesand leaves those tasks to trainedindividuals that specialize in just that.Your time is valuable.238% of 2,000 companies surveyed by CareerBuilder, as reported in CareerBuilder 2012 Q4 Hiring Forecast.INSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 36. NEWS INSIGHTFinding your unique selling pointI used to producecommercials for a largedepartment store chain.There were a wide varietyof items to sell, mostof which were not theexciting, high-fashion,wildly creative garmentsI wanted to shoot.Let’s face it, more people needmattresses than need $2,000 highheels. As a result, I produced a lot ofmattress and rug commercials, all thewhile positioning my company as ahigh-fashion front-runner. I often foundmyself standing in front of a stackof not-all-that-attractive mattresseswondering how I was going to sellthese uninteresting rectangles. I hadto “fall in love” with something aboutthem, find the reason people wouldabsolutely need these mattressesover any others, and would needthem now.Of course I also hired the best lightingdirectors and camera men in LosAngeles to make them “pretty”… aspretty as a mattress can be, that is.And that is how I sold record numbersof mattresses, rugs and fashiongarments. I found the reason to lovethem, I committed my heart and soulto it, I knew my target audience, andI sold them in a tasteful, upscale andcompelling way.As I fast forward to my current life asa technical recruiter, I am still selling.I sell an open job to candidates,sell myself and Greythorn as theirrepresentative and I sell my candidatesto the hiring manager. Withoutexception, my first communicationwith a potential candidate about myopen job is crucial to the successof the entire deal.Not long ago, I read an email froma recruiter to a candidate. It said,“Here’s a job. Interested?” I cringed.Translated in mattress terms, thatwould sound like, “Here’s somethingto sleep on. Want it?” Probably not.Translated in recruiter terms, “I am toobusy to care about this position – wantit?” Again, probably not.Truthfully, we are not going to loveevery open job that comes acrossour desk – but there is alwayssomething about every opportunitythat is different, or exciting, or right forsomeone – there is something aboutit to love. This is where qualifying itsets us apart from recruiters who takea bland three line job description andrun with it.INSIDETECHNOLOGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013DemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews
  • 37. NEWS INSIGHT“What sets this position apart – whywould someone want to work here?”This question, posed to a hiringmanager, can bring you some amazingfeedback. Perhaps they stop work at2:00 on Friday, have a game room,let you bring your dog to work, or payyou to take the bus. One company hada once-a-year paid group vacation!Perhaps they pay you to be certifiedin your area, promote from within andquickly. Whatever it is, finding out canturn a seemingly bland position intosomething truly special. In a candidate-driven market, this will set yourposition, and you, apart!For example, an organization withwhich we work is very staid, slow inhiring and not particularly exciting.I sifted through the seemingly blandand boring aspects and found somepretty interesting elements. Thedepartment manager is an amazingman who is dedicated to his team andto technical excellence. Techies cravetechnical excellence – they want towork with the best toys, so this washigh on my selling point list.The manager is passionate aboutwork / life balance. Who doesn’t wanta boss who wants you to enjoy yourlife? He is creative outside of work andhe is one of the most down-to-earthpeople with whom I have worked.There are exceptional educationalbenefits along with the opportunityto be heard; team members are a partof the process and have a voice in thesolutions. The team truly cares aboutone another. Without exception, everyperson with whom I spoke has wantedthis role. When the offer came throughall I had to say was, “You did it!”I already knew the candidate was sold.And the best part? He loves his newjob. He wanted a voice, he wanted amanager who cared, he wanted a teamwho interfaced and communicated,and he wanted cool toys.Whether it is a huge company or a tinystart-up, there is something there tolove for the right candidate. In the rightlight, and with excitement and passionbehind it, your job is going to be theabsolute perfect fit.Finding your unique selling point (FOLLOWING)Finding your unique selling point was originally written by Greythorn Senior Recruiter,Terre Rigali and published in The Staffing Stream.(|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
  • 38. Vertical Edge:Evaluating your Business Intelligence needsThanks to the incrediblespeed and ease of useof the BI tools out there,companies continue tobecome more reliant onthe reporting abilities thatthey offer. Since theiroriginal introduction, intothe financial marketplace,BI tools have allowed fora greater level of reportingaccuracy.I have heard about a number ofdifferent tools, which one is rightfor me?If your company is consideringimplementing BI software, here area few helpful points to begin yourevaluation process:What defines a BI platform?A BI platform is defined as a softwareplatform that can deliver the followingcapabilities to your company: BIinfrastructure, metadata management,development tools, collaboration,reporting, dashboards, ad hocqueries, integration, search-basedintelligence, mobile intelligence, onlineanalytical processing, interactivevisualization, predictive modelling anddata mining, and scorecards [source:Gartner].What are your needs?Before you begin evaluating all ofthe BI options in the marketplace,we recommend defining andunderstanding your core requirements(and budget). How much data do youenvision processing? Some platforms,Apache Hadoop with Teradatafor example, have been designedspecifically to process and analyzeextremely large amounts of data.What level of customization will yourreporting require? And finally, who areyour key users? A primary advantageto implementing a BI platform is itcan be accessed and used by allemployees in your company. Thisis because of their incredible visualreporting capabilities and streamlineduser interfaces. However, if your targetuser audience is just the technologyteam, a more customizable, less userfriendly choice may be a good option.Who will you want to hire to help?We recommend starting with aBusiness Intelligence Project Manager.Hiring a PM in the beginning willhelp your implementation to stay onschedule and within budget. Fromthere, a Database Architect can helpto design, develop, and implementthe database. The architect can alsowork with the security team to ensurethe integrity of the information storedin the database. Keep in mind thata business analyst should also beemployed to ensure your stakeholdershave access to the data in a mannerthat suits their needs. Technical andfunctional specification creation willallow all parties to be on the samepage.NEWS INSIGHTINSIDETECHNOLoGYMarketReportNORTHAMERICA|2013greythorn.comDemographicsMarketPerspectiveFull TimeEmploymentContractEmploymentCareer MovesSalary SummaryNews Insight
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