Stages of Production - Contents Page


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Stages of Production - Contents Page

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Stages of Production - Contents Page

  1. 1. Gregory McLaney Stages of Production – Contents PageStep 1: In the first step of my production I added a black background to mycontents page. I used the swatches tab to do this.Step 2: Here I added the contents page title. I used the text tool to create this.Font used: Impact. I also made it bold and white to stand out and contrast withthe background.
  2. 2. Gregory McLaneyStep 3: Here I took an photograph of a male. This is going to be my mainimage for the contents page. However, I need to manipulate the image inPhotoshop first.Step 4: I edited this image in photoshop by manipulating the levels,brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. I also added a filter tint to create a
  3. 3. Gregory McLaneysepia effect as this photography is going to be edited to look like a polarizedphotograph.Step 5: In this screen shot of my process I added the image and tilted it usingthe rotate tool. I then added the date in red using the text tool.Step 6: In this step I placed my mast head and positioned it next to the title ofmy contents page. I also changed the date to white to create a better contrast.
  4. 4. Gregory McLaneyStep 7: In this step I added 2 shapes on white box with text in it sayingMore... and a red bar which is planned to act as a footer for my contentspage. I added the shapes with the rectangle shape tool and added text withthe text tool. I also re positioned my main image and added a drop shadow tothe more box.Step 8: In this step I added the sub heading for my contents page BandIndex I used the text tool to do this.
  5. 5. Gregory McLaneyStep 9: In this step I added two side headings for the contents of themagazine News and Reviews I put these inside rectangle shape boxes usingthe shape tool. I then added the information below them using the text tool.Step 10: In this step I added all the bands which needed to go under theBand Index sub heading. I wrote every band that will be featuring in themagazine.
  6. 6. Gregory McLaneyStep 11: In this process I added the name of the artist in the image of himJack Jones I did this by using two different texts, making them differentcolours and positioning them below each other.Step 12: In this step I added the article text about the male above Jack JonesI wrote the information in Microsoft Office Word first then I imported It in toIndesign. I made the text white to stand out and stay within my colourscheme.
  7. 7. Gregory McLaneyStep 13: In this step I added the information below the Review heading usingthe text tool with red and white colours.Step 14: In this step I added a white rectangle under my main image whichcreated a polarized effect. I then added the text to the bottom of the image.Finally using the rotate tool I rotated the whole image.
  8. 8. Gregory McLaneyStep 15: Here I added another Contents heading Live I used the shape boxmethod under the heading to keep the consistent effect. I also added the textinformation underneath it using the text tool.Step 16: In this step I added a subscription box with the shape and text tools.However I felt as if it wasnt very professional so I looked at some examples tofind a better design.
  9. 9. Gregory McLaneyStep 17: Here is and example of the magazine contents page which Im tryingto gain ideas from. I already used the ideas from the subheadings andinformation. Now Im going to produce a subscription section like the one inthis example.Step 18: Here is the beginning process of my subscription box. I have addedthe colour scheme and text using the text tool. I have also added a brown boxto bring in some alternative pastel colours.
  10. 10. Gregory McLaneyStep 19: This is a screenshot of my final subscription box. I have added animage of a front cover of BASS to bring in the elements of the example. Thiseffect works well and looks more professional than the initial subscription box.Step 20: In this step I finished off the Contents subheadings I added Radarusing the shape tool for the red box, the text tool for the Radar and the texttool for the information and numbers.
  11. 11. Gregory McLaneyStep 21 (Final Step): This is my final step in completing my contents page. Iadded all the page numbers using the text tool to the Band Index artists andbands. Finally I added to magazine page highlights in the More... section inthe footer of my page. I made these black and white on top of red to create acontrast within my colour scheme.