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Pinterest for Brands is presentation which helps you to learn about business startegies which are commonly used by upcoming brands. This covers pin to win contests, creating an appropriate pin board according to your brand keywords. It includes ways of integrating other social media platforms for better reach.

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Pinterest for Brands

  1. 1. Convert Your PersonalPinterest Account Into Business Account
  2. 2. How To Verify Your Website
  3. 3. #1 To Allow User Generated Content
  4. 4. #2 Smartly Integrate ‘Words’ into Your Images
  5. 5. Tip: Add hashtag to your selected keyword ifnecessary, for example #socialmedia.
  6. 6. #3 To Make Use of Humors, Infographics & DIYs
  7. 7. A decent idea to collect infographicsrelated to your niche in one place
  8. 8. #4 Comment on Pins RegularlyTip: Look at ‘Recent Activity’at your Pinterest sidebar andstart engaging with thosewho recently commented,liked or repinned from yourboards.
  9. 9. #5 Tell a Story on Pinterest If you manage to share a story that resonates with your audience, people are very much willing to re-tell (repin) that story over and over again. Tip: NEVER copy the entire article from the site.
  10. 10. #6 To Monitor Your Brand Visibility via ‘Source’ Tip: Make sure there is at least one image with a minimum size of 110 x 100 pixels or else people won’t be able to pin your article directly.Check here:
  11. 11. #7 Pin Videos, Slides other than Images
  12. 12. Showcase your slide presentations on niche topics
  13. 13. #8 Create a Social Media Résumé Board
  14. 14. #9 Describe YOU/Your Brand with Style
  15. 15. #10 A Little Shameless Self-Promo Doesn’t Hurt Tip: Add the price in your pin description (with the $ symbol) will create a price tag for the item, which also features it in the ‘Gifts’ section where people can browse by price range.
  16. 16. #11 Remember to Drive Traffic BACK to your Website
  17. 17. #12 Build Your Email List (and Exposures) Tip: If you own a blog, leverage your Pinterest contest for referral traffic and persuade the contestants to stay as blog readers. Give them something to come back for.
  18. 18. Pin-to-Win Contests No. 1: Make it Easy to Enter No. 2: Offer a Significant Prize No. 3: Have Things Worth Pinning No. 4: Support the Contest on Other Networks, Media No. 5: Reward Everyone Who Enters
  19. 19. #13 Integrate Pinterest Effort into other Social Networks You can leverage your Facebook page to hold a pinning contest like GAP did via a third party app.
  20. 20. Great example from Pinterest itself with ‘pins you’ll love’
  21. 21. You may create something similar or use a ready-made template foryour emailing campaign like how Mailchimp did by integratingPinterest in their service.
  22. 22. #14 As a Research Tool to Understand Your Audience Better • Discover what people are pinning from your website • Understand Customer Perception • Capture descriptions, comments & board name
  23. 23. Pinterest Tools• Pinreach• Pinalytics• Share As Image• Pin Search• Pin Right click• Pinterest Pro• Shareaholic• Pinfluencer• PinLeague• Pingraphy
  24. 24. #15 How about ‘Milestones’ on Pinterest?
  25. 25. #16 Create Seasonal Boards for Your Brand Trending Topic Board – Ex: Christmas Décor & Recipes
  26. 26. Gift Buying Board – Ex: Gift Ideas for Lovely Ladies
  27. 27. #17 Be Selective with What You’re Cross-Posting For syndication or when promoting a particular board on Pinterest, try to use the unique board RSS Feed so your followers can easily add it to their feedreaders
  28. 28. #18 Deliver Your Survey Results via ‘Infographic’
  29. 29. #19 To Make Full Use of Your Secret Boards • Brainstorm ideas for future projects/boards • Secret board for discussions, exchanging ideas with selected community members, colleagues. • Motivational content that are not meant for public. • For organizing special events, occasions for a cause or someone.
  30. 30. Tip: You can turn ‘Off’ the secret board to make it public.However you won’t be able to make it ‘secret’ againonce converted. Remember, only the board creator canmake the board public without the permission fromother collaborators.
  31. 31. #21 Never Stop Observing & Learning
  32. 32. Case study
  33. 33. “World’s First Pinterest Campaign” The campaign was called “Womens Inspiration Day by KOTEX” an out reach campaign using Pinterest to find 50 women in Israel and what inspires them.