Sustainable development and public policy


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Lecture Explores how sustainable development is relevant to public policy

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Sustainable development and public policy

  1. 1. Gregory Borne
  2. 2. 1. Contextualising my approach2. Primary challenges facing management the public sector3. Addressing Public Sector Challenges research in action
  3. 3. Schools Fire service HospitalsInland Revenue Prisons Local Councils Health Centres Universities Social Security Public Parks THE PUBLIC SECTOR & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: EXPLORING THE LINKS
  4. 4. John KayKay argues: “The most complex systems come into being, and function, without anyone having knowledge of the whole” and “While it seems to make sense to plan everything before you start, mostly, you can‟t: objectives are not clearly enough defined, the nature of the problem keeps shifting, it is too complex, and you lack sufficient information. The direct approach is simply impossible.” (J Kay, „Obliquity: why our goals are best achieved indirectly‟, Profile, 2010)
  5. 5. Sustainable Development provides a way of accommodating complexity About holistic approach About making connections About considering environmental, social and economic dimensions About the Global and the Local
  6. 6. Why is this time scale significant? Financial Bottom Line – Government spending round – budget deficit of 11% = cuts of 81 billion pounds by 2014 – Uncertainty over the depth and extent of the global recessions Political Imperative Lead up to the general election May 7 2015 Legislative Transition – Consequences of Localism Act – Changes in Planning regulations and the presumption towards sustainable development Ideological Shift – Big Society - A full system shift – Increasing importance of sustainability and the sustainable development agenda Delivery Mechanisms – Public/ Private cooperation
  7. 7. •Constrained Resources•Changing nature of Risk•Complexity•Uncertainty•Reflexivity
  8. 8.  1. Exploring Competencies in the British Public Sector ◦ Borne, G., ( forthcoming 2012)Competencies for Sustainable Development in the British Public Sector (Forthcoming 2012), The Innovation Journal ◦ Borne, G. (2009) Widening Participation in the British Public Sector, Responding to the Sustainable Development Agenda, Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning 11(12):43- 46 2. Promoting Sustainable Communities in Devon and Cornwall Borne, G., ( forthcoming 2012) Sustainable Development at the Local Level in the Global Context: Governance in Transition, Edwin Mellen Press
  9. 9. Primary Challenges for Management Resource constraints Cultural transition A need to adopt a holistic and integrated approach to public sector management Embedding an effective sustainable development agenda
  10. 10.  Choice – Increased choice Decentralisation – Power should be decentralised to the lowest appropriate level Diversity – Public services should be open to a range of providers Fairness – Fair access to public services Accountability – Public services should be accountable to users and taxpayers.