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Wealth Map with an Invesment Clock


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My Investment clock covers 4 Basic States of an Economy, Investment Philosophy & Strategy. Asset Allocation is the primary driver of portfolio performance, and significant value can be added by tactically allocating assets between:
Growth (assets that are sensitive to movement in GDP),
Income (assets that are sensitive to interest rates,
Real Assets (assets that are sensitive to inflation),
Safety (assets that are sensitive to none of the above).

The “Investment Clock” & Economic Cycle informs our Tactical Asset Allocation decisions:
Growth vs. Income vs. Real Assets vs. Safety, US vs. International vs. Emerging Markets, Growth vs. Value, Large Cap vs. Small Cap Sectors.

The Wealth Map covers where you are today and sets targets around where you WANT to be - Wealth, Health, family, Risk, Assets and Legacy. Use my Map and the Investment clock and let me know how I can help YOU.

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Wealth Map with an Invesment Clock

  1. 1. WEALTH MAP ™ N “What’s Important About Success to You?” For Living Life with Passion W E “Everyone needs something to aim for. You can call it a challenge, or you can call it a goal. It is what makes us human. S It was challenges that took us from being cavemen to reaching for the stars.“ MILESTONE Sir Richard Branson DATE: Where I am Today ? FAMILY CASH RESERVES GROWTH ASSETS RISK Value Stocks Commodities Overseas Now Want to Be Now Want to Be Now Want to Be Rising Real estate Equities Property Values Rising Interest Rates 12 Easier Late Cycle Action/Date: Action/Date: Action/Date: Early Cycle Money 1 Sector 11 Sectors Rising Overseas 2 Falling Share HEALTH RETIREMENT INSURANCE Reserves 10 Prices ART Small Cap Now Want to Be Now Want to Be Now Want to Be MILESTONE BOOM SLOWDOWN Rising Falling High Yield Commodity 9 3Commodity Large Cap Bonds Price Price Action/Date: Action/Date: Action/Date: DATE: RECOVER RECESSION Corporate Short-Term Bonds 4 Falling Treasuries Overseas Rising Share 8 Reserves LIFESTYLE DEBTS LEGACY Prices Now Want to Be Now Want to Be Now Want to Be 7 5 Defensive Rate Sensitive Falling Tighter Sectors Sectors Interest Rates 6 Money Falling Real estate Values High Quality Assets Growth Stocks Action/Date: Action/Date: Action/Date: Long-Term Treasuries Finding good advice is harder than you think. ©2010 Dr Greg Nazvanov CFP® MBA FFin www.linkedin.com/in/gregnazvanov www.twitter.com/gregnazvanov
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