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Ignite Orlando - Act 2
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Ignite Orlando - Act 2


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The second batch of slides from Ignite Orlando

The second batch of slides from Ignite Orlando

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Act II Using new media tools to make Orlando Greg Rollett cool(er) Rob Williams Social Media Amplifies What Happens IRL Amazon at your service Nathaniel Bibler Co-working in Orlando John Todero Building referrals from exisiting and Greg Pederson previous clients Beer - An introduction to home brewing Matthew Williams The Lies We Tell Ourselves Anthony Eden
  • 3. Using New Media to Make Orlando Cool(er) Greg Rollett from Endagon Innovations
  • 4. Rock For Hunger
  • 5. doterati
  • 6. Jones High School Alumni
  • 7. Orlando Bloggers
  • 8. Sentinel Bloggers • 12 news blogs • 16 sports blogs • 7 business / consumer blogs (incl. Etan) • 9 entertainment blogs • 7 lifestyle blogs
  • 9. Community Bloggers • The Disney Blog – • Pulse of Central Florida – • The Daily City –
  • 10. things to do
  • 11. Tweetups
  • 12. meet ups Only 17 are Internet and Technology!
  • 13. volunteering
  • 14. volunteering cont
  • 15. more nonprofits and volunteers
  • 16. local music
  • 17. orlando arts + entertainment
  • 18. the o-mag
  • 19. Where do we go from here? • Government use of New Media Tools • Educational use of New Media Tools • More bands, artists, filmmakers, etc • Smaller niche groups continue to grow (user gorups, tweetups, etc) • Spammy local businesses trying to game system
  • 20. What I would like to see… What I would like to see… More use of mobile technology from local companies
  • 21. …and that is Orlando getting cooler in 5 minutes…
  • 23. !quot;#$%&''&()*
  • 24. AMAZON AT YOUR SERVICE Nathaniel Bibler
  • 25. Amazon@Your.Service A quick glimpse at what’s available through Amazon Web Services Presented by Nathaniel Bibler For Ignite Orlando on Wednesday, March 4, 2009
  • 26. How may I service you? • Affiliates and Fulfillment • Payments and Billing • On-demand workforce • Infrastructure services
  • 27. I’ve used it! This is the part where you raise your hand. Come on, Jeremy can do it and so can you.
  • 28. Affiliates and Fulfillment • Traditional affiliate program • Fulfillment by Amazon • Warehouse management • Shipping, branding, packing slips, API
  • 29. Payments and Billing Amazon Flexible Payments Service • Built for developers • API for • Accepting and sending payments, • Aggregating micropayments, • Taking donations, and • Charging recurring subscription fees • Supports Marketplace fees
  • 30. Payments and Billing Amazon Simplepay • Form-based, simpler version of FPS • Similar to Paypal payment buttons • Supports taking: • Payments, • Donations, • Simple marketplace, and • Recurring payments (by invitation only)
  • 31. Marketplace Fees Lets build Shopifycation So, you’ve built a pretty lil’ hosted e-comm site. You let merchants build their own, unique stores for free. You ask merchants to agree to a 2% sales fee This happens automatically in “one” transaction.
  • 32. On-Demand Workforce Amazon Mechanical Turk • Crowdsourcing • Programmatic access to human intelligence • Or, get paid for doing someone else’s mundane tasks
  • 33. Give me some ideas, man
  • 34. Infrastructure Services Simple Queue Service (SQS) • Hosted FIFO messaging queue (roughly) • Built-in failover protection / timeout • REST and SOAP interfaces
  • 35. Infrastructure Services Amazon SimpleDB • Schema-free data store • Attribute-value pairs • Multi-value attributes • Automatic indexing
  • 36. Infrastructure Services Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) • Infinite disk in the sky • REST and SOAP • HTTP or BitTorrent™ • Storage and bandwidth
  • 37. Infrastructure Services Amazon CloudFront • S3-based global CDN • United States • Europe • Japan • Each bucket gets a unique URL • Edge node updates are automatic • Guaranteed 1GB/s and 1000req/s
  • 38. Infrastructure Services Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) • Virtual Private Servers • New machine(s) in minutes • Metered bandwidth and uptime • Volatile storage
  • 39. Infrastructure Services Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Elastic IP Addresses • Block level storage for EC2 • Static IPs • Persist independently • Attach to any EC2 instance • Attached as a storage device • No DNS changes • Automatic replication and • No software updates snapshot support
  • 40. What can you do with it? • • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Oracle 11g • • Windows Server 2003 Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2005 • • Oracle Enterprise Linux MySQL Enterprise • • OpenSolaris IBM DB2 • openSUSE Linux • Java Application Server • Ubuntu Linux • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform • Fedora • IBM Informix Dynamic Server • Gentoo Linux • IBM WebSphere • Debian • Windows Media Server
  • 41. Payments and Billing Amazon DevPay • Offload ordering, metering, billing, and account management • Customers sign up with a link • Build your product and be done • Supports: • Amazon EC2 • Amazon S3
  • 42. Payments and Billing Amazon DevPay • Create an EC2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and register it • Post a link or blog about your DevPay AMI • Customer buys your AMI • Customer launches an instance • PROFIT!!!!
  • 43. Attributions • Yes I Did, courtesy of Seven Morris at • Raise Your Hand, courtesy of dynet at • Money Bag in Blue, courtesy of dolphinsdock at • Apple Queue, courtesy of william couch at • improved data storage capability; superior technology-fu, courtesy of JulianBleecker at, referenced from “It's 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future” at • Hard Drive Nights, courtesy of scimanal at • More Server Racks - Data Center, courtesy of jaxmac at All graphics referenced use the following license:
  • 44. CO-WORKING IN ORLANDO John Todero
  • 45. Orlando’s Official Coworking Space
  • 46. Who Am I? • Co-Founder of DyVERSE • Founding Member of CoLab Orlando
  • 47. DyVERSE’s First Home
  • 48. Movin’ On Up
  • 49. Coworking? • Wikipedia - Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.
  • 50. Coworking?
  • 51. A Worldwide Movement • Citizen Space San Francisco, CA • Founded in 2006
  • 52. A Worldwide Movement • Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA • Founded in 2007
  • 53. Who’s a Typical Coworker? Citizen Space Co-Founder - Tara Hunt “Coworking is about providing affordable, open, collaborative spaces for people as an alternative to working from home or from noisy coffee shops. It’s like an artistic collective with a technology twist.”
  • 54. Creative Scene in Orlando? • Technology Growth • Growing Digital Media Industry • Numerous Colleges • Talks of Creative Village
  • 55. CoLab Orlando • Invited to Check Out CoLab • Perfect Downtown Location • Historic Angebilt Building
  • 56. CoLab Orlando Memberships • Free Wi-Fi • Open Desk Space • Private Suites • Conference Room • Printer / Scanner / Copier • Free Coffee • Interesting People • Event Venue
  • 57. Open Desk Space
  • 58. Private Suites
  • 59. We Found Our Home
  • 60. Why Should You Care? Cheap Office Space
  • 61. Why Should You Care? Collaborate with Cool People / Businesses • Up and Coming Businesses • Independents • Professional and Social Networking
  • 62. Why Should You Care? Grow the Creative Community
  • 63. Put Orlando on the Map! • Get involved • Build on Orlando’s strengths • Become an active member of the creative community
  • 64. Come Visit CoLab!
  • 66. Building Referrals from Existing and Previous Clients
  • 67. New Clients come from: Advertising Networking Referrals
  • 68. Advertising Expensive Elusive Lower Conversion Rate
  • 69. Networking Difficult to find events that benefit your business Time Consuming
  • 70. Networking Preparation Don’t get me wrong, networking events are good and should be part of your sales and marketing strategy Have a 30 second, 1 minute and 3 minute elevator pitch prepared and polished.
  • 71. Referrals Will be more receptive to working with you Will be cheaper and require less time to close (theoretically)
  • 72. How Do you get these Referrals? Ask for them. Ask clients for referrals at the start and end of a project. Ask your clients if they have any friends, associates or colleagues whom they think might benefit from your services.
  • 73. Why do Clients want to give You Referrals? Because you have done such a great job that they can’t help but to sing your praises.
  • 74. Building Client Trust and Respect Under commit and over deliver Keep your client in the project loop Regularly check in with them to see how things are going from their perspective
  • 75. Checking in with your Client Ask them if they are happy with the progress and direction of the project Ask them if they are happy with you? Ask them if there have any questions or concerns. Ask and they will tell you.
  • 76. Client Management Remember, you are selling the client a service. That service is usually more about holding their hand during the development process than it is about the development itself. You’re the expert and the client is relying on you to guide them.
  • 77. Client Perspective They expect you to do what you have committed to doing They expect you to complete what you have committed to doing on time A client is really paying because they believe you will take care of them. They trust you and feel comfortable that you are the right person for the job.
  • 78. Getting Referrals Take care of your client Deliver what you say you will deliver Deliver it on time Happy Client == Referrals
  • 79. Ask for Referrals Ask at the beginning of the relationship Meet and exceed your clients needs And ask for referrals again at the end of the project If you’ve done a good job the client will most likely become a promoter and will be more than happy to provide you with referrals
  • 80. Contact those Referrals You’ve done a good job on your client’s project And they’ve rewarded you with some promising referrals CALL THOSE REFERRALS
  • 81. Follow up with those Referrals Stay on top of those referrals Use a CRM tool (I use
  • 82. Thank your client for the Referrals Always thank your client for referrals Show special thanks for referrals that become clients.
  • 83. Reward clients for Referrals Consider rewarding your client when their referrals convert into paid work Rewards can be money (a flat rate or a percentage of the value of the new project) Rewards can be gifts Rewards can also be free development hours
  • 84. Ask for Work and Referrals While thanking your client for a referral that has become a new project ask them for more referrals Use the opportunity to ask them about their project
  • 85. Their Project Are they happy with the application? Are there things they like/dislike? Is there something else they would have liked to have in the application if they’d have had more time and/or more budget? There’s a good chance this will turn into more work.
  • 87. An Introduction to Home Brewing Matthew Williams @mwilliams
  • 88.
  • 89.
  • 90.
  • 91.
  • 92.
  • 93.
  • 94.
  • 95.
  • 96.
  • 97.
  • 98.
  • 99.
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102.
  • 103.
  • 104.
  • 105.
  • 106. Thanks for your time, go home and brew! Local brewing supplies in Orlando Brewing supplies online Free online brewing book
  • 107. THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES Anthony Eden
  • 108. The Lies We Tell Ourselves And how to overcome them a motivational rant
  • 109. Lying Is Easy
  • 110. I can’t...
  • 111. Get fit
  • 112. Be passionate
  • 113. Change jobs
  • 114. Set goals
  • 115. Start a business
  • 116. Safety net
  • 117. Learn a language
  • 118. Immersion
  • 119. Manage my money
  • 120. Educate yourself
  • 121. Spend time with family
  • 122. Turn off technology
  • 123. Get organized
  • 124. Start small
  • 125. I won’t...
  • 126. Accept responsibility
  • 127. Plan and act