Ignite Orlando - Act 1


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These are the first series of talks from Ignite Orlando #1

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Ignite Orlando - Act 1

  1. 1. WELCOME TO OUR FIRST EVENT Ignite Orlando
  3. 3. HISTORY OF IGNITE Ignite started in Seattle at a bar in 2006. quot;We knew it was going to be great, but we didn't know it was going to be this great!quot; - Brady Forrest Brady Forrest Bre Pettis
  4. 4. WHAT IS IGNITE - 5 minutes - Assigned a project - 20 slides - Split into small teams - 15 seconds each slide auto advance - Make Something
  5. 5. WHY 5 MINUTE PRESENTATIONS It makes for an exciting time. The speaker does not know when the slide will switch or maybe that it has already switched. At the end of their presentation it will be very clear when it is time for them to come off the stage.
  6. 6. WHY A MAKE PROJECT It will make you network with other people that you do not already know! Not to mention it will make for great event photos!
  7. 7. HOW WILL THE COORDINATORS - Access to alcohol - Free downtown parking - Keep the presentations moving - Keep the event simple
  8. 8. HOW WILL YOU IN THE AUDIENCE, - Don’t heckle the presenters - Meet someone knew - Get in front of a camera - During the Make Project, do not team up with anyone you know!
  9. 9. HOW CAN YOU AS THE PRESENTER If You Get Stuck, Make Something Up! You will stumble, what is important is how you recover!
  10. 10. HELP ENSURE THE FUTURE SUCCESS - Tease your friends and tell them that they really missed out - Tag everything as igniteorlando - Blog about it! - Nag me about the next event!
  11. 11. MEET YOUR IGNITE TALK Gregg Pollack Email: Gregg@railsenvy.com Twitter: @greggpollack Website: RailsEnvy.com
  12. 12. MEET YOUR MAKE PROJECT Tyler Hunt Email: tyler@tylerhunt.com Twitter: @tylerhunt Website: Devoh.com
  13. 13. MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER Adam Wiggall Twitter: @turnandface Website: TurnAndFace.com
  14. 14. YOUR EVENT COORDINATOR Dan Kinchen Email: dan@oness.com Twitter: @igotdreams Website: Oness.com
  15. 15. SPONSORS
  16. 16. Act I Obama's Stimulus in Orlando Gregg Pollack 300 Seconds of OAuth Tim Rosenblatt Nerdapalooza John hex Carter OpenID vs. Facebook Connect vs. Google Derek Gallo Friend Connect What are you doing? Eric Marden My Social Media Roadtrip Mark Krupinski Freelance in the new Economy Cory Collier
  17. 17. OBAMA'S STIMULUS IN ORLANDO Gregg Pollack
  18. 18. Obama’s Stimulus in Orlando with Gregg Pollack Wednesday, March 4, 2009
  19. 19. John Maynard Keynes “Failure of effective demand”
  20. 20. + =“The New Deal”
  21. 21. Gov’t spending Economy = Taxes Gov’t spending Economy = Taxes
  22. 22. 1970 = High Unemployment + = Higher Unemployment
  23. 23. Economy = Interest Rates (encourages banks to borrow more and invest more) Economy = Interest Rates (discourages banks to borrow more and invest more)
  24. 24. December 16, 2008 0% Interest Rate
  25. 25. 15 Trillion Economy should be producing 14 Trillion Economy is only producing 1 Trillion What we’re missing
  26. 26. 15 Trillion Economy should be producing 14 Trillion Economy is only producing 1 Trillion What we’re missing = 1.5 1
  27. 27. 667 Billion 787 Billion
  28. 28. http://www.StimulusWatch.com
  29. 29. OAUTH IN 300 SECONDS Tim Rosenblatt
  30. 30. OAuth in 300 seconds aaannd.... go
  31. 31. Not convinced?
  32. 32. Addons
  33. 33. Why aren’t more people using OAuth? • They’re too busy testing all the f-ing time? • Giant Robots were smashing into Other Giant Robots, and landed on their house. • Trying to duplicate DHH’s hairstyle takes a lot of work.
  34. 34. NERDAPALOOZA John Hex Carter
  35. 35. Nerdapalooza The Nerd Music Revolution
  36. 36. what is nerdapalooza? Nerd Music Concert  Series An annual event  where nerds congregate to celebrate their music and culture
  37. 37. what is nerd music? Music made by and for  nerds Music that celebrates  nerd culture and ideals More clever than  most... For examples... 
  38. 38. Nerdcore hip-hop Nerdy rap  The fusion of the opposing  forces of the hip-hop and nerd cultures mc chris  MC Lars  MC Frontalot  Emergency Pizza Party 
  39. 39. chiptunes “Gameboy Techno”  Electronic music  utilizing old-school technology Pixelh8  Anamanaguchi  Depreciation Guild  Jay Tholen 
  40. 40. Wizard rock Music about Harry  Potter Supporting literature  in music Harry and the Potters  Draco and the Malfoys  The House of Black 
  41. 41. Video game inspired music Covering and  Reinventing Video Game Music Music inspired by  video games The Minibosses  The OneUps  Select Start 
  42. 42. Everything else Nerdy & Unique  Uncle  Monsterf a ce (sock puppet rock)‫‏‬ Killer Robots  (gia n t robot costume rock)‫‏‬ Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew  (aut
  43. 43. Bringing nerd culture together
  44. 44. History of nerdapalooza I Founded by me!!  March 23, 2007  Meant to be in  California... But played it down  Still had Pixelh8!  Nerdapalooza “Beta” 
  45. 45. History of nerdapalooza ii Quickly spread to  Florida and the UK! Nerdapalooz  a Southeast (Aug 2007)‫‏‬ Nerdap  a looza UK (June 2008)‫‏‬ Pics from both shows 
  46. 46. Nerdapalooza 2008 July 4th & 5th, 2008  Taste :: Orlando, FL  MC Frontalot  Harry & the Potters  Exclusive Pixelh8 video  International artists  MisterB & Wordburglar
  47. 47. Nerdapalooza 2008 Over 300 attendees  Over 30 artists  Featured in Blender  Magazine Raised $2000+ for our  Charity
  48. 48. sponsors A Comic Shop  EMPulse Records  Troma Entertainment  Zombie Duck  Car Ninja  Private Donations 
  49. 49. Coalitions :: a comic shop Built a strong  coalition with local sponsor A Comic Shop Pre-Party hosted at  the shop Felt a boom of  customers during and after the show
  50. 50. Coalitions :: talk nerdy to me Local radio show on  91.5 WPRK Working with them, I'm  the music director Promote one another  Get nerd music and  Nerdapalooza exposure Wed 9 – 11 PM :D 
  51. 51. Nerdapalooza 2009 My favorite part  is that he lost his glasses, so he can only make a rough estimation as to when he'll hit the ground.
  52. 52. Nerdapalooza is...
  53. 53. Special thanks Genoboost and GM4A  Z. and Hipster, Please!  EMPulse Records  Weird Al  MC Lars  Nintendo & Sega  Freezepop  Pixelh8 
  54. 54. credits John “hex” Carter made this  For more information go to  nerdapaloozafest.com hex@nerdapaloozafest.com  for a copy of this slideshow or images Feel free to talk to me, too  ^_^
  56. 56. OpenID vs. Facebook Connect vs. Friend Connect What’s The Difference? Derek Gallo http://nfistudios.com
  57. 57. The Problem People are getting sick of registering and re- declaring their friends on every site. Developing quot;Social Applicationsquot; is too much work.
  58. 58. Identity Federation The assembled identity, of a person's user information across multiple systems
  59. 59. Social Graph The interconnections among people, groups and organizations in a social network
  60. 60. OpenID OpenID is a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the Internet. Users are identified by a URL at a provider (ex: http://derekgallo.myopenid.com) Users are directed to their provider to identify themselves and then returned back.
  61. 61. OpenID Pros Open Source! Multiple Providers (Yahoo, AOL, Google, ...) No Central Control of User Data Largest Pool of Users(kinda). Possibilities limited by developer imagination
  62. 62. OpenID Cons Requires application development to utilize (although it is a standard) Only addresses Authentication although can be combined with other standards (Social Graph API, Portable Contacts, OpenID Attribute Exchange) Most non-technical users are unaware of it or don’t understand it.
  63. 63. The Open Stack
  64. 64. Facebook Connect Allows users to login to sites using their familiar Facebook credentials. Allows sites to import users’ data from Facebook profile. Sites can add items to users’ feed on Facebook
  65. 65. Facebook Pros Already richly populated with data. HUGE, self aware user base. Familiar and usable for end-users Quickly being adopted by many sites (thus adding to its familiarity)
  66. 66. Facebook Cons Proprietary Requires application development to utilize New custom markup to learn Limited to what Facebook implements. Single provider of identity
  67. 67. Google FriendConnect Javascript “Gadgets” that are placed on your site to add social functionality Small but growing selection of gadgets becoming available from the OpenSocial community Actually uses OpenID
  68. 68. FriendConnect Pros Super Simple to setup Register your site and paste some javascript code. Select social features you want (friends, wall, etc.) Growing gadget base Easy for non-developers to implement
  69. 69. FriendConnect Cons Interaction is sandboxed behind Google’s widget code No way for developers to get access to the user’s data for incorporation in their site So far appears to be very “widgety”
  70. 70. Which One Should I Use? Examine your site’s needs and target audience. Are your visitors more technical? Will most of them be on Facebook? Do you need access to the users’ data to act upon it?
  71. 71. Which One Should I Use? OpenID if you: Want to comply with emerging standards. Want to support several sources of identity Have technical resources to implement.
  72. 72. Which One Should I Use? Facebook Connect if you: Want simple brand familiarity for general end users. Want to promote actions on your site to a huge user base. Want to easily get data about a user from one protocol Have technical resources to implement
  73. 73. Which One Should I Use? Google Friend Connect if you: Don’t need ready access to work with the user data. Want to quickly add fun widgets to your site or blog. Don’t have technical resources to implement.
  74. 74. Which One Should I Use? You don’t have to pick! You can use more than one. JanRain’s RPX - Integrates with all https://rpxnow.com/
  75. 75. Who Will Win? Nobody will “win” Facebook Connect will and is gaining quick adoption The Open Stack may gain more support long term due to developers backing
  76. 76. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Eric Marden Eden
  77. 77. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? how twitter became a new communication medium
  78. 78. what is it?
  79. 79. twitter’s impact
  80. 80. asynchronous attention
  81. 81. unforced reciprocity
  82. 82. ambient awareness
  83. 83. instant crowd sourcing
  84. 84. geo-coded notifications
  85. 85. social news filter
  86. 86. citizen journalism
  87. 87. micro-blogging
  88. 88. for the lolz
  89. 89. real people
  90. 90. pseudo people
  91. 91. from the mundane
  92. 92. to the magnificent
  93. 93. twitter as a platform
  94. 94. pipe your messages
  95. 95. its not over yet
  96. 96. thank you! txt “follow xentek” to 40404
  97. 97. MY SOCIAL MEDIA ROADTRIP Mark Krupinski
  98. 98. My Social Media Roundtrip  Knowledge Networking Community = Priceless! Mark Krupinski 2009
  99. 99. Travel Day Mark Krupinski 2009
  100. 100. Vanessa & Sarunas facebook: the gateway drug to social media… Mark Krupinski 2009
  101. 101. BarCamp Miami “Business” Mark Krupinski 2009
  102. 102. BarCamp Miami “Wow” 800 Plus? Mark Krupinski 2009
  103. 103. BarCamp Miami “Fun” SOFLA Mark Krupinski 2009
  104. 104. WordCamp Miami  Kevin Markes  WordPress SEO Only Room w/ AC Mark Krupinski 2009
  105. 105. BarCamp Miami After Party Mark Krupinski 2009
  106. 106. Refresh Miami Geek Dinner Mark Krupinski 2009
  107. 107. Hotel Check-in Mark Krupinski 2009
  108. 108. FOWA Miami Morning Workshop Mark Krupinski 2009
  109. 109. FOWA Miami Afternoon Workshop Mark Krupinski 2009
  110. 110. SMC South Florida Mixer Mark Krupinski 2009
  111. 111. FOWA Miami “Business” Mark Krupinski 2009
  112. 112. FOWA Miami “Wow” Mark Krupinski 2009
  113. 113. FOWA Miami “Fun” Mark Krupinski 2009
  114. 114. Impromptu Tweetup “Eddie” from Casablanca Mark Krupinski 2009
  115. 115. FOWA Miami After Party Mark Krupinski 2009
  116. 116. Mark’s Key Takeaways Community wise, anything is possible Increasing velocity I love the web industry Mark Krupinski 2009
  117. 117. …Cheers! Mark Krupinski 2009
  118. 118. FREELANCE IN THE NEW ECONOMY Cory Collier
  119. 119. Freelance In The New Economy By me. (with a lot of help from freelanceswitch.com)
  120. 120. Prioritize Clients Not all clients are created equal. Because of this, you should not spend equal time and resources for each of your clients
  121. 121. Evaluate Current Clients Make a list of the pros / cons of your clients
  122. 122. Figure out who is awesome Clients that are Stable  Pay on time  Pay well  Have potential for new work 
  123. 123. Figure out who sucks Clients that : Don't pay  Unstable  Morally objectionable 
  124. 124. Keep one main client Of your awesome clients, pick one that's most stable, and try to make it at least a simple majority of your work (50.1%).
  125. 125. Have an interesting client Everyone likes something other than work. Find a client that's doing work that you'd like to do if you weren't a freelancer. If you like comic books, get a comic book client.
  126. 126. Find New Clients After you've figured out who the clients are that you want to keep, you'll probably need to figure out where new work is coming in from.
  127. 127. Old Skool Networking Facebook is cool, but the bar is better.
  128. 128. U Need Communication Skillz When you're at the bar, shut-up. If someone is talking to you, they want to talk _to_ you. Don't interrupt people. Be polite. Be friendly. Be geniune.
  129. 129. Use CoLab There's this awesome place to get work / opportunity. Use it.
  130. 130. When it's time to work, do it Don't even look at your XBox bad
  131. 131. Don't Be Flaky If the work starts to suck, don't flake out. Remember that it sucked, and don't get more work like that. Don't ever bitch out.
  132. 132. Figure out what makes you productive, and get more of that in your work life
  133. 133. “Hustle” It's true.
  134. 134. Save Money. If you're making good money, stock some away. Eventually, money will dry up. Cash flow problems is the number 1 killer of businesses
  135. 135. Don't wait for government Politics aside, nobody is going to save you. Don't be a victim of circumstance. You're an entrepreneur
  136. 136. Don't burn out!!!
  137. 137. Find what inspires you, and get more of that. Inspiration is work, what gasoline is to cars
  138. 138. Get more info (Google it) Don't listen to me. I don't know what I'm doing.
  139. 139. MAKE PROJECT Tyler Hunt
  140. 140. Beam Bridge
  141. 141. Arch Bridge
  142. 142. Truss Bridge
  143. 143. Suspension Bridge
  144. 144. Cantilever Bridge
  145. 145. Cable-Stayed Bridge