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Portfolio of work created by MDI designers, modelers & engineers.

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Mdi Portfolio

  1. 1. MDI OVERVIEW Montgomery Design International is a full service Industrial Design consultancy based in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA. Originally established in 1983, MDI has grown to a ten man office offering professional design services in the areas of Industrial Design and Styling, Human Factors Engineering, Graphic Design, Product Modeling and Prototyping. In addition to our work in the U.S., MDI has extensive experience working with clients in Europe and Asia. MDI has concentrated in the areas of off-road heavy equipment design, recreational vehicles, and major appliances. However, we maintain a well-rounded balance in the design of diverse products such as computer equipment, medical products, and communication devices. MDI’s work has been published in numerous periodicals and design related books, and we have received recognition through many design awards including the coveted “IDEA” Gold Award and three “GOOD DESIGN” awards--the most recent in 2007. We incorporate the latest in CAID and CAD technologies into our work with systems such as Alias for advanced surfacing and visualization, Pro/E for solid and surface detailing of designs as well as Vellum, Autocad CAD, and all of the Adobe graphics products. We have long been at the leading edge of computer-aided Industrial Design technology. MDI has supplied product design service to several clients for over fifteen years and also supplied graphics and/or packaging services for these clients. Our industrial design work consists of overall design/styling, user interface design, seating, control and display ergonomics, and product graphics. Our accomplishments include the design and styling of the CaseIH complete product line, New Holland’s most recent line of agricultural tractors, and several new AGCO products. Other projects we have worked on include Amana’s highly successful laundry products and the new French Door refrigerator, the Rockwell “Plugger” global positioning unit, and the Damon Ultrasport motorhome. We have recently been working on several products for Agco and Caterpillar. Two of our designers have post-graduate training in Human Factors Engineering and automotive styling experience at Ford and Chrysler in Detroit. As a group we have a working knowledge of virtually every method of molding, casting or stamping, and assembly of various plastics, metals, and composites. We have also been very successful at prototyping and simulating most of these processes. Even with our extensive background and experience, we are a young thinking firm able to offer our clients truly creative and effective design concepts. Most importantly, we have the experience and expertise to carry ideas through to production. We would appreciate the opportunity of providing these services to your firm.
  2. 2. MDI DESIGN PROCESS MDI has developed its proprietary design process over nearly 25 years of continuous operation in product design and development. At the outset, our goal was to offer a range of services on an international basis, and this process has served us well in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The MDI Design Process mirrors our phased project proposals, allowing us to better manage the overall work and accountability, while providing the client with a detailed project guideline. 1. RESEARCH a. Review of client knowledge base. b. Independent review of competitive and related products. c. Review of any available analyses of the industry or competitive products. d. Structured surveys targeted to specific market segments or products. Deliverables: Design Brief outlining product specification and general direction of design effort. 2. PRELIMINARY CONCEPT a. Kick-Off - MDI / client brainstorming session, including real-time sketching. b. Ideation – Refinement of the brainstormed concepts and any related concepts into more detailed black and white sketches with callouts and detailed features. c. Working Model – development of a rough 3D model that will establish a preliminary volume and form, allowing early ergonomic study and evaluation. Deliverables: Black & white concept sketches and / or rough 3D model. Formal presentation. 3. DETAILED DESIGN a. Concept Renderings - Detailed color renderings of a selected range of concepts. b. Human Factors Engineering – Application of ergonomic data available from various sources, and generation of unique user interface based on researched conclusions. c. Graphics – Application of brand identity, safety and instructional graphics, user interface. d. CAID Styling Model – Creation of data file detailing proposed “A” surface design in 3D digital form / Alias software. e. Physical Styling Model – Creation of hard model containing all surfaces, finishes, colors, graphics and unique functional details as may be required. Suitable for customer reviews. Deliverables: Digital color renderings, ergonomic layouts and conclusions, graphic layouts, CAID 3D model, full sized 3D appearance model. Formal presentations.
  3. 3. 4. PROTOTYPE a. CAD Model – 3D geometry containing all features, draft, “B” side details in Pro/E. b. Prototype Model – Creation of selected components or molds for multiple components. using MDI!s in-house CNC machining capability. Suitable for field test. Surfcam software. c. Assembly – Working independently or with client!s development staff, MDI will assemble. the unique components generated in this phase to create a working prototype. Deliverables: Complete 3D geometry, pre production components, functional prototype model. 5. PRODUCTION FOLLOW-UP a. Final Engineering – Working either with clients engineering staff or our certified Pro/E engineering partners, MDI will assist in creating the final engineering data files necessary to produce parts capable of being tooled and manufactured in production quantities. b. Vendor Sourcing and Follow-up – MDI will work with client in sourcing, selecting, and overseeing vendor activities to ensure the highest quality results. Deliverables: Production engineering CAD models, high quality manufactured product. Copyright, Montgomery Design International, Inc. 2008
  4. 4. KEY MDI PERSONNEL GREGG MONTGOMERY - President and CEO Gregg Montgomery is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Industrial Design curriculum where he was selected as “outstanding senior” by the department staff. He began his career with Caterpillar Tractor Company as an industrial designer and later worked for the Ford Motor Company Styling and Design group before joining International Harvester. He held various design and design management positions including Industrial Design Manager for their Agricultural Equipment Group. Prior to establishing his own consulting firm Gregg served as Vice President of Design and Human Factors for another Chicago based design consulting firm. Major industrial design programs for which he has held design responsibility include the entire International Harvester agricultural and construction equipment product line as a manager / employee, and the entire agricultural product line for CaseIH and New Holland as head consultant of MDI. Other significant responsibilities include the design of the complete motorhome line of vehicles for the Damon Corporation, a line of professional computers for SIA, consumer electronic designs for Sears, and various AC and whitegood products for Amana Appliances. Gregg is a member of the Human Factors Society and holds a certificate in this field from the University of Michigan. He also has been a very active member of the Industrial Designers Society of America and served as secretary and chairman of the Chicago chapter of that organization. He has been a member of the Association of Professional Design Firms for several years and has received numerous design awards and patents for the many products he has designed. DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY - Vice President Design and CTO Doug Montgomery is also a graduate of the University of Illinois Industrial Design Curriculum and began working with MDI shortly after its inception. In addition to heading up many of our key projects, Doug also acts as our Chief Technical Officer on a corporate basis. Doug has a great deal of experience in the use of Alias Studio for design and surfacing work and has been highly successful at coordinating the interface between Alias and CAD systems such as Pro Engineer and Catia. He often works with our client’s CAD organization on site in order to aid in implementing our design concepts. This has led to strong relationships with worldwide companies such as UTS (Italy) who provide body engineering for the likes of Ferrari and Maserati. He holds numerous design patents and is recognized by many of our clients as one of the most technically gifted CAID specialists in the world. DEAN SWANSON - Senior Designer Dean Swanson, a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, has nearly thirty years of experience in automotive and related products. He began his career with General Motors working in the Chevrolet and Advanced Interiors Studios. He was later transferred to Opel in W. Germany where he was responsible for their interior design operations. Dean also worked at Chrysler before taking a position with International Truck in Fort Wayne, IN. He later transferred to IH Agricultural Products in Hinsdale, IL. In addition to his design education, he also has a Certificate in Human Factors Engineering from the University of Michigan.
  5. 5. MDI Personnel - page 2 ROBERT RAJSKY - Chief Modeler Bob has worked as a pattern and model maker for twenty years having completed a five year apprentice program at IH. During his career he was one of four pattern makers selected to staff a newly created engineering center model shop and spent much of his time in this area. Projects for which he held major modeling responsibility include scale and full sized tractor models, various patterns and models for toys, advanced instrumentation, and interior trim packages. Bob has modeling experience and capabilities in automotive styling clay, wood, plastic and composite materials. He has operated as working leader of a twenty man model and pattern shop and is proficient in CNC machining and CAM. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Association of Professional Design Firms Industrial Designers Society of America Human Factors and Ergonomics Society National Computer Graphics Association