Success Mindset: Three Pillars Of Success


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Success Mindset: The Three Pillars of Success

In July 2011, I was privileged enough to see Anthony Robbins speak for 5 hours non-stop at the National Achievers Conference in London. I'd seen videos of him in action on YouTube, but wasn't convinced that he was THE personal development coach for me, even given his huge reputation! However, seeing him ‘perform’ live, changed my perception entirely.

Tony Robbins live is an enigma to behold. He is energy personified. And his information or content is succinct and profound.

I want to share with you his Three Pillars of Success, as I, personally, took a lot of meaning from them, and they have helped change the way I take action and move forward.

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Success Mindset: Three Pillars Of Success

  1. 1. gre gandf io nasco t t .co m http://gregandfio nasco m/success-mindset-2/Success Mindset: Three Pillars of SuccessSuccess Mindset: The Three Pillars of SuccessIn July 2011, I was privileged enough to see Anthony Robbins speak f or5 hours non-stop at the National Achievers Conf erence in London. I’dseen videos of him in action on YouTube, but wasn’t convinced that hewas T HE personal development coach f or me, even given his hugereputation! However, seeing him ‘perf orm’ live, changed my perceptionentirely.Tony Robbins live is an enigma to behold. He is energy personif ied. Andhis inf ormation or content is succinct and prof ound.I want to share with you his T hree Pillars of Success, as I, personally,took a lot of meaning f rom them, and they have helped change the wayI take action and move f orward.Success Mindset: Pillar I – Focused GoalsYou need to have sharp, laser targeted f ocus on what you really want toachieve, why you want to achieve it, and by when. You must make your goalsso clear and compelling – and that’s not just ordinarily clear, but crystalclear, because where f ocus goes, energy f lows.Why?It’s all to do with how the conscious and subconscious parts of your brainconnect. Now this is key, so keep reading.Imagine your brain is a computer. T he conscious part of your brain is thescreen and keyboard, while the subconscious is the inf ormation stored on the computer. So thecomputer screen and keyboard is how you interact with the world around you and is used to set yourgoals and measure perf ormance.Your subconscious controls about 97% of your perception, behaviour, belief s, and achievements, makingyou who you are.But it’s also a bit stupid.Your subconscious is only stored inf ormation sodepends solely on the instructions passed to it by theconscious mind and can’t work anything out on its own.Most people identif y so strongly with their consciousmind, they think their conscious mind is enough to givethem successf ul results in their lives.But how can this be true if it’s only a keyboard andscreen and only accounts f or approximately 3% ofwhat we do? It can’t possibly produce long-termsustainable results.So, most people set goals only with their conscious
  2. 2. mind, then get discouraged and sidetracked becauseresults don’t show up.However, if your goals are well def ined, realistic,measurable, and timely, and you habitually repeat them,they will be mass stored in your subconscious and your conscious mind will have no choice but toretrieve them.By repeating your goals you embed them in your subconscious. Your conscious mind starts believing thegoals are true and you then have a much greater chance of achieving them.Phew – that was deep.Back to basics – without f ocus, there’s simply no point setting goals!Without the constant repetition of a crystal clear, def ined target, your unconscious mind won’t f orm thebehaviour and belief that you can achieve exactly what you want to achieve – and this won’t get etchedinto your conscious attempts at measuring perf ormance.Success Mindset: Pillar II – Resources ToolboxTony Robbins pointed out that the reason f or most people’s f ailure isn’tf rom a lack of resources, whether it be money, time, energy, other people.Most people’s f ailure results f rom a lack of resourcef ulness.Successf ul people get the resources when no-one else can. So to besuccessf ul, you need to go out and hunt down the best strategies, the bestmentors, the best tools, the best map/blueprint/steps, and the bestcoaching – in order to achieve the best results.You need to f ind someone who has demonstrated that they have theanswer to your problem and can tick all of the above qualities. It’s always sensible to copy someone thatis successf ul, by doing what they do (without question), and copying what they do.Nothing succeeds more than the pattern of success.Success Mindset: Pillar III – Integration – Get Inner AlignmentWork out what your big driving f orce to succeed is, and what’s important f oryou today. Resolve any inner conf licts that you have to ensure thateverything you want is aligned. Like will having success mean that you’re stillloved?; or can you have success if you have an issue with money?; or willyou still f it in society once you’re successf ul?; if you’re a spiritual person –will your success impact your spirituality?If you unlock and unleash your vault resolving inner conf licts, then you alignyour lif e with what you really value. When all your inner belief s are aligned,there won’t be any inner conf lict, and you will take action – you won’t be ableto help it – massive action will happen automatically.Once you achieve your goal, you must then celebrate it.T hen contribute – take what you’ve learned and bring it to someone else to continue the cycle of joy andf ulf ilment.So if you believe you’ve got what it takes to develop a success mindset, or you’re already privilegedenough to think that way, join us and other Digital Experts who are looking f or partners – f or buddingentrepreneurs looking f or time f reedom – click here f or f ree video training.