5 Keys To The Importance of Flexibility In Business


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You know how many things in life don’t always work out as you’d planned?
It happens a lot doesn’t it?
But guess what?
It’s the same with your online business.

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5 Keys To The Importance of Flexibility In Business

  1. 1. gre gandf io nasco t t .co m http://gregandfio nasco tt.co m/flexibility-in-business/5 Keys To The Importance of Flexibility In BusinessYou know how many things in lif e don’t always work out as you’d planned?It happens a lot doesn’t it?But guess what?It’s the same with your online business.We’re not talking here about bolts of lightning f rom the blue or crises of tsunami proportions. We’retalking about niggly issues that throw unexpected speed bumps in your way without warning – whichrequires the need f or flexibility in business.T he f amous Scottish poet Robert Burns said it best when he penned: “T he best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”Or in ‘english’ “T he best laid plans of mice and men, go often awry”flexibility in businessT he key reason why we’re sharing our 5 key tips to maintain f lexibility in business is that . . .We’ve just had our main YouTube channel shut down . . . not because we were breaching their communityguidelines (why would we – that would be brain dead!) – but because some rogue person out there hasdecided to take a dislike to us because of our success, and they know that YouTube have an automatic,human-less, complaints process – theref ore it lacks human reason and rationality.So our page rank 4 channel was there one day and gone the next!Frankly,It’s a nuisance because in this instance having f lexibility in business means interrupting doing incomeproducing tasks to restore backup copies of all videos so we could re-link them in our blog posts.
  2. 2. However, it’s just a speed bump that can be overcome.PS: If you f ind a video here on this site where the link doesn’t work, we’d appreciate you letting us knowWe believe f lexibility in business is an art. As it’s an art to have the ability to react, adapt, and change –and thrive as a result.In truth,T hat’s the beauty of having a digital business working f rom home – you can shif t gear whencircumstances dictate and you can alter your f ocus in the morning and see results by the evening.5 key tips to maintain f lexibility in business are:1. Don’t set a course and blindly stick to it2. Don’t just do what others tell you3. Don’t accept everything as it f irst seems4. Always keep developing your vision and your goals5. When your vision changes, change direction with itSo the real truth about f lexibility in business is having the speed to adapt.T he f irst step to adapting quickly hinges on not being disappointed when there’s a ‘f ly in the ointment’ –or we’d go as f ar to say – expect speed bumps and celebrate days when there aren’t any.In a nutshell . . . accept that there will be change when you least expect it!T he second step is taking action quickly to avoid any f allout. So, maintain the f lexibility to adjust tochange. T he great thing here, with regards home based digital businesses is that such change is totallywithin your control.
  3. 3. So if you want to f lexibility in business and in lif e – embrace change and start your own digital businessworking f rom home. We can help you – as we’re wise and have extensive experience.Learn f rom people in the know ==> Click Here <== to discover how you can have f lexibility in businessand in lif e and build sustainable wealth in your own digital business.Seriously,If you’re looking f or an opportunity to escape your current employment issues, or maybe provide f or theretirement you deserve, or simply to live a lif estyle f ull of f ree time – then embrace change and takeaction today.If you don’t act now, nothing will change two years down the line ==> Embrace Uncertainty <==Skype Us: gregory.john.scott or f iona.molly.scottConnect with us on FacebookConnect with us on Pinterest or click here ==>Connect with us on Google +If you liked this please Tweet, Google + and Pin itPS: To change, you must be f lexible and you must act f ast.Business is always uncert ain so f lexibilit y in business is needed t o accommodat e it .