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  • Earliest Adopter – The first person to sign up and create a profile on LinkedInMost Connected– The person with the most 1st degree connectionsMost Popular– The person whose profile was viewed the most in the past 30 daysMost Endorsed – The person with the most total endorsements
  • Ever since we were founded in 2003, LinkedIn’s mission as been to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Everything we do is member first. For example, 20% of our revenues are reinvested into our member products and platform vision.Around 1,000 new products are being BETA tested by members every week, ensuring only the most beneficial make it through.
  • Today we are going to focus on Marketing Solutions, but it’s important to understand that LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for companies to find and hire the best talent as well as identify and acquire new customers. All this is achieved by our scale, social engagement on the platform and LinkedIn’s precise and authentic targeting capabilities.We are able to do this in an unprecedented way due to the convergence of two unique trends:Scalable infrastructure that connects hundreds of millions of people in milliseconds, andExtraordinary shifts in online behavior related to the way people represent their identities, build their networks and share information and knowledge. This is fundamentally changing the world in the way we live, play, and, of course, work. And that’s where LinkedIn is focused: on fundamentally transforming the way the world works.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective place to engage with professionalsLinkedIn enhances a company’s brand presence and helps to build trusted consumer relationships with high quality audiences at scale. LinkedIn enables companies to engage with professionals in unprecedented ways, e.g. seniority, functional area, type of company, size of company, geography, etc. When combined with highly effective tools -- such as the company follower model, i.e. the ability to target a company's followers with status updates, white papers, headlines, new product announcements, etc.; custom groups; and special editions of LinkedIn Today, -- LinkedIn enables companies to deeply engage with one of the most influential, affluent, and highly-educated audiences on the Web.  LinkedIn’s audience enables marketers to target at scale the highest composition of influential, affluent and educated decision makersMembers have 2X more buying power than average, more than other top 5 social media sites$83k HHI average for members in US3.9MM CXOs and VPs among our members55% of members are college grads or have post-grad degrees
  • Driving this increased engagement is the fact that LinkedIn has evolved into a professional publishing platform. Our members are 6 times more engaged with content on LinkedIn vs our jobs properties. LinkedIn members are investing time in content from four primary sources:Brands, 2) Thought Leaders 3) News and 4) Peers And the LinkedIn products that deliver this content are:Brands – Company Pages, Company Updates, SlideShare, GroupsLinkedIn members choose to follow the companies that they want to hear from, engage with content these companies post to SlideShare, and join Groups built or sponsored by these companiesThought Leaders – Influencers Members are getting unique content that they can’t get anywhere else by following Influencers. The Influencers program includes over 220 of the most influential thought leaders, from Richard Branson to President Obama.On LinkedIn, Influencers have become publishers virtually overnight, attracting – in the case of Richard Branson – 1.3million followers that engage with and share their content – posting hundreds of thousands of comments. (March 1, 2013) Companies have the same opportunity on LinkedIn. News – LinkedIn TodayThere are more than 40 industries and 480 news sources to follow on LinkedIn Today.Since LinkedIn Today was integrated into the LinkedIn Homepage in July 2012, traffic to 3rd party publishers is up nearly 60% Peers – Connections, Fellow Group Members Members visit their homepage and read their news feed to see what their connections are sharing. Since their connections are usually people in the same industry or function, they typically share information that is extremely relevant and useful. 
  • Anotherkey finding from the researchis that there is a huge difference between the content people expect on the different networks. Personal network users are looking for content and info that gives immediate gratification – info on friends, entertainment, updates on their personal interestsProfessional networks users want content that can help them build for the future – info related to their work and careers and updates from brands they are interested in. When we asked people what type of information they wanted to hear from brands/companies/products, the personal side was about hobbies, entertainment, concert updates, etc. The professional side was about how to improve yourself, how to be better in your career and in your industry, they want brands to talk to them in a relevant way to tap into this type of content.You can build relationships with professionals by sharing insights and listening.
  • An engaging “gamification” use of LinkedIn member profile and connection data where LinkedIn member compete for the strongest profile.The winner received a VW Passat.IMPORTANT TO PLAY THIS VIDEO!!Professionals ARE willing to engage with brand in this way—its contextually relevant activity.
  • ChallengesMercedes was facing stiff competition from the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4 in the luxury car market, and needed to demonstrate its innovation while creating a community of “hand raisers.”Specifically, the company wanted to improve perceptions and raise awareness of its C-Class car.SolutionMercedes and LinkedIn decided to associate the brand with a professional activity – in this case, managing and improving members’ LinkedIn profiles via InTips ads.The Mercedes interactive content ad allowed LinkedIn members to request brochures and test drives, and encouraged them to follow the Company Page.The Mercedes Company page allowed followers to share their experiences with the car and recommend it to other social media connections.Why LinkedIn?Ability to target affluent professionals holding senior management positions.Ability to drive traffic to Company Page creates community, increases reach of recommendations.Multiple touch points for messages from Mercedes to the right people, at the right time.ResultsInTips ads created increased engagement with LinkedIn members – generating a clickthrough rate of 0.20%.Follow ads generated a clickthrough rate of 0.77%Recommendation ads outclassed standard display advertising: created 139,354 viral impressions with engagement rate of 0.27%.12,000+ company page followers in only 5 weeksMember Quotes from Company Page“Great car! I picked up my new C-Class 2 weeks ago and it’s the nicest exec car I’ve owned. Super drive and super comfy. Great technology in it too!” –IT director, Birmingham, UK“Mercedes just gets better in its field.” – Marketing manager, Nottingham, UK
  • Influencers on LinkedIn are much more engaged and likely to share your brand messages Influencers are defined as LinkedIn members who are media professionals, bloggers, poll creators, mobile users, etc.
  • Connect -- technically Connect: Professional Women's Network -- is a collaboration between Citi and LinkedIn to bring professional women the best curated and original content and resources on topics that matter most to professional women.Citi Women’s Professional Group Case Study-          54K members -          ~328 members/day (Created 4/20/2012, active 139 days)Unaided brand awareness is 47% higher for Connect Group members when compared to non-group members — Non-Group: 30%; Connect Group: 44%.Fastest growing group in 2012Membership / # of days since created2.5x more engaged than avg# of discussions and comments / membership
  • Citi’s Connect group became so engaged that the members organized their own offline meetup in NYC which resulted in a group of 30 professional women from various ages and backgrounds. One member mentioned she works with all men in IT, and loves the LinkedIn group for the female camaraderie and perspective. Another member mentioned that she doesn’t have co-workers or other people that she trusts for career advice, but the group fills that void for them. “What probably impressed me the most was the strong bond forged among the women, although most had only connected online a few months or even weeks ago.” – LindaDescano, CFA (from Women & Co blog)Women and Co. meetup event in NY: http://blog.womenandco.com/2012/08/making-the-right-connections.html
  • Setting the Stage: Social Transformation, Personal vs. Professional LivesSocial Media Environments MatterSocial media environments are not made equally. In our personal lives, we may use social media to share photos and videos or play games with our family and friends. Meanwhile, 90% of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldn’t get elsewhere (Society for New Communications Research, 2010)Three quarters of professionals rely either lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions (Society for New Community Research, 2010)These differences in social media environments drive 81% of LinkedIn members to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives (Source: LinkedIn Audience 360 US Member Study, Aug 2011)
  • Don’t forget about...Segments: Influencer Segment, Custom Segments:http://bit.ly/NJPIRX *Coming Soon - YUM (young and upwardly mobile) & Degree TargetingPackages: Profile Decoder, Managed Groups, iPad Sponsorship, Sponsor Your Employees, Career Changers, Sign-out Page (beta), Member Get Member (Coming Soon)
  • Ce lunch and learn aug 13 2013

    2. 2. Campbell-Ewald: LinkedIn Power-users Most Popular Most Endorsed Earliest Adopter Most Connected Mary Evans Colleen Reaser Bryenne Korte Stacy Vick
    3. 3. 3 Agenda Platform Overview Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid Case Studies and Success Stories Priority and Initiatives Discussion Next Steps 1 2 3 4 5
    4. 4. Our Mission. Connect the world‟s professionals to make them more productive and successful
    5. 5. Transforming the Way Companies Hire, Market and Sell PRECISE TARGETING Authentic Profile Data Replacing the Resume Reinventing the Consumer Relationship Eliminating the Cold Call
    6. 6. LinkedIn‟s Global Footprint 235M+ Registered members as of August 1, 2013 3M + Australia 17M+ India 4M+ SE Asia 6M + Canada 70M+ USA 10M+ Brazil Europe Americas 34M+ APAC39M+ 80M+ 2M + DACH 3M + Italy4M + France 3M + Spain 3M + NL 10M+ UK 125M+ Monthly Unique Visitors 63% Of LinkedIn members are outside of the US EMEA 50M+ UAE 1M+ 1M + Sweden 1M + Belgium Global Reach at Scale
    7. 7. 1 in every 3 Professionals in the world are LinkedIn 55% 2 College grad or post grad $83K 2 Average household income Business Decision Makers 7.9M 1 Sources: 1. Internal LinkedIn data, October 2012; 2. The Nielsen Company @ Plan Rel 4 2011; 3. comScore US Media Metrix Data, September 2012 3 2xMore buying power than average Internet sites
    8. 8. 8 Agenda Platform Overview Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid Case Studies and Success Stories Priority and Initiatives Discussion Next Steps 1 2 3 4 5
    9. 9. 9 6XMore engagement with content vs. jobs BRANDS 2.7MM Company Pages Company Updates SlideShare Groups THOUGHT LEADERS 200+ Influencers NEWS 1.3MM Publishers LinkedIn Today PEERS 1.5MM Groups Connections NY Times | June 16, 2013 LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing Presence LinkedIn has evolved into a Professional Publishing Platform
    10. 10. Professional NetworksPersonal Networks Career info Updates on brands Current affairs Info on friends Info on personal interests Entertainment updates Source: Q10a– Information to receive Base: Professional SN users (5204) Personal SN users (8692) …and Users are Actively Leaning In and Participating in the Dialogue 26% higher than personal 1 2 3 10 “Spend Time” dd “Invest Time”
    11. 11. The Company Page is Core to Establishing a Brand Presence 11
    12. 12. Job Function Industry Seniority Occupation Company Size Education / Degree Geographic Location Company Name Age Group Participation # of Connections … then Precisely Target your Audience
    13. 13. 13 Generate buzz and create a brand community with Sponsored Groups & Sponsored Polls Create a branded community where members discuss topics that matter to them  Influence organic discussions with potential advocates  Demonstrate thought leadership and build loyalty  Own ad space in the Group to distribute content
    14. 14. 14  Ensure standout; just one message is sent every 60 days  Prompt user to take action with customizable response button  Encourage on-going dialogue with optional social widgets Speak Directly to your Audience with InMail Strong Engagement Send a personalized message directly to a member‟s inbox
    15. 15. 15 Expand your content’s reach Feed status updates to users who have yet to follow your brand Benefit from trusted context Content is consumed alongside members’ network updates (not within an ad unit) Achieve ubiquitous presence Updates appear seamlessly across all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile ©2013 LinkedIn Drive Awareness and Stay Top of Mind with Sponsored Updates
    16. 16. Leverage LinkedIn Audience Data with Custom API Solutions „The Butler‟ API Solution : Chance to win a trip, Career Coach and more..
    17. 17. 17 Agenda Platform Overview Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid Case Studies and Success Stories Priority and Initiatives Discussion Next Steps 1 2 3 4 5
    18. 18. 18 Creating a Community & Dialogue
    19. 19. 19 Accessibility & Driving Sales
    20. 20. Brand and Product Awareness: Contests Objectives Solution  Compete with connections  Stronger profile = more points  Win Volkswagen Passat  Increase brand awareness  Increase product awareness Data Leveraged  Member profile  Connection profiles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtorsGeHlMs
    21. 21. 21 Agenda Platform Overview Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid Case Studies and Success Stories Priority and Initiatives Discussion Next Steps 1 2 3 4 5
    22. 22. Priority Accounts and Joint Planning Analyze & Optimize Engage Followers: Post Updates Build Community: Acquire Followers Establish Presence: Develop branding assets xyzCo xyzCo Ed Franklin Grow Your Career by Following: XYZ.CO Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO Jobs, News & more! XYZ.CO Grow Your Career by Following: XYZ.CO Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO Jobs, News & more! XYZ.CO
    23. 23. Thank You & Next Steps 23
    24. 24. Targeted Display Ads– Desktop & Tablet  Prominent placement  Limited competition  Clutter-free environment
    25. 25. Frame how your brand helps users gain knowledge and success 50 followers at start 12,000 followers, 5 weeks later 240x increase in just 5 weeks
    26. 26. More likely to create content within Groups More likely to follow companies More likely to share updates with their network6x 6x 9x Influencers Average LinkedIn Member Engage information-hungry influencers with exclusive information 26
    27. 27. 2.5X More Engagement than Avg. Professional Women‟s Network 47% Higher Unaided Brand Awareness 54K Total Members Match your message to the user mindset 27
    28. 28. “What impressed me the most was the strong bond forged among the women, although most only connected online a few months ago.” - Linda Descano President and CEO of Women & Co. 28 NYC Connect Meet-up Build meaningful relationships by participating, sharing, and listening
    29. 29. 36% 28% 19% 17% 16% 14% 12% 10% 9% 8% 8% 6% 6% 29 Source: BE: Global 2012 459K+ BE visit LinkedIn monthly 202K+ BE visit LinkedIn daily
    30. 30. Professional and affluent audience 1Society for New Communications Research, US 2010 2LinkedIn Audience 360 Survey, US, August 2011 90%of professionals use social media to get access to thought leadership and information they couldn‟t get elsewhere1 81%of LinkedIn members prefer to have separate social networks for their personal and professional lives2 3 out of 4professionals rely either lightly or heavily on professional networks to support business decisions1
    31. 31. Our Marketing Solutions All powered by our precise and authentic targeting Company Pages - Follower Updates (free) - Sponsored Content to non- followers (paid) Social Ad: Follow Company Groups - Enhanced 100% SOV Ad Units - Custom – Custom Right Rail - Managed – Custom Right Rail & Editorial Curation Social Ad: Join Group Mobile - Mobile – sponsored content - iPad – - Sponsored content - Targeted Display - Full Page takeovers Slideshare Channels, Sponsorship, Banners APIs/Plug-Ins Custom Executions built by LinkedIn Certified Developers (CDP) Standard Display Ads 300x250, 1x1 text link, 728x90, 160x600 Sponsored InMails Sponsored Polls Content Modules Exp video content modules Slideshare Content Modules Social Ads Join Group & Follow Company SocialCore PRECISE TARGETING Authentic Profile Data API / Off-Platform