National fitness trade journal article june 2013


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Preview of National Fitness Trade Journal Article on Sproing

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National fitness trade journal article june 2013

  1. 1. 10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNAL10 NATIONAL FITNESS TRADE JOURNALSproing returns us to ournatural running formLong before the invention of treadmillsand the rise of cushioned runningshoes, humans ran without any specialgear or machines. Efficient running isgenetically coded into our bodies, whichincludes using gravity assisted falling topropel us forward, so that we land onour mid foot. Today’s modern runningmachines and over-cushioned runningshoes however, have negatively affectedour natural movements, changing ourform, landing pattern, and overalltechnique. The result has been that upto 80% of all runners suffer running-related injuries each year.Sproing was created to help runnersrun better, more naturally and with lessinjury by promoting natural movement.Combined with our soft surface thisreduces impact by up to 50%! As inreal running, Sproing’s surface doesnot move. Our unique, spring systemholds you from behind so you can “fall”naturally into your next step withoutfalling completely causing you to landon your forefoot rather than your heel.This replicates, better than any othermachine, the correct landing.Sproing’s, soft, cushion surfaces areamong its most unique features. As inreal running, the surfaces have ‘give”creating a controlled instability whichactivate more muscles than a hard, flatsurface. Users can select how firm orsoft a surface they want, by choosingSproing: The Natural Way to Enjoy Running Again
  2. 2. SPECIALEDITION 2013 || 11between the air surface or the beachsurface, which mimics the feeling ofrunning on sand.How we startedAs fitness industry veterans, we attendedmore than our share of fitness shows overthe last twenty years and saw and triedalmost every product on the market. Wewere continually struck by the fact thatthere were only five pieces of cardioequipment (treadmill, bike, stepper,rower and elliptical). While changes weremade to these pieces year after year, thechanges were small and incremental.Furthermore as aging athletes ourselveswe couldn’t take the pounding fromrunning on hard treadmill decks anymore(and we weren’t even that old).We felt strongly that there had to be abetter way to run—a way to fill the hugegap between the low impact ellipticaland high calorie burn of the treadmill.We loved running on the beach as itallowed us to run naturally and the softsand absorbed the pounding impact. Webegan work in our garage to replicatethat feel. Our first prototype was built outof wood, lawnmower tires and campingmattresses and from that we workeddiligently to evolve the product to thehighest commercial standards.The result of our efforts is Sproingwhich we introduced to the public inSpring 2012. Today, Sproing can befound in dozens of health clubsacross the United Statesand in seven foreigncountries includingGold’s Gym, Bally TotallyFitness, LifetimeFitness, WorldsGym, Virgin,TCA . The foreign countries includeAustralia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico,Singapore, Germany and the UK. TwoNFL teams are already using Sproingfor conditioning and rehab. Sproingcan also be found in dozens of physicaltherapy centers across the Midwest.Sproing is a tool for Cardio, Training andRehabSproing can be used as a cardio piece,a training platform for running-basedtraining or in small group trainingsessions. The addition of four strengthpods allows you to do resistance basedstrength work without leaving theSproing. Just grab hold of the handleson the rear or lower pods and you canpush or pull in every plane of motion withresistance. And, thanks to Sproing , youcan move easily and quickly betweencardio, strength, balance and powermovements, making Sproing an idealinterval trainer. Sproing provides a moreintense workout in less time, without theimpact conventional treadmills, reducingforces on the foot, ankle, knee, hip, orlower back.  Some questions we hear often: Can I reduce my time in the gymwhile increasing my cardio efficiency?AbsolutelyCan I do plyometric training?YesCan I run backwardsor do side runningmovements? YesCan I do lunges on the soft surface toincrease strength, flexibility, and balance?Of courseI don’t have the space for a Sproing.Sproing is treadmill sized so it fits into acardio line, small studio or rehab centereasily. It also has wheels making it easyto move.I can’t run anymore, will I be able to runagain? We have many examples of peoplewho long ago stopped running due towear and tear, current injuries, or simplyage who can run again on Sproing. Sproing...train hard land soft To see Sproing in action or foradditional information call BrettSchuchat at (305) 807-5559 or EDITION 2013 || 11