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M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton
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M&L Refrigerated Rail Terminal Port Stockton


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Cold Chain Compliant Rail Transload at the Port of Stockton …

Cold Chain Compliant Rail Transload at the Port of Stockton
M-580 Barge Container - Overweight Corridor
Deep Water - Rail - 3PL, PRW - Blast Freezers - Variable Temp

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  • 1. M&L Refrigerated Terminal, Inc. Full Service ‘State-of-the-Art’ Public Refrigerated Warehouse Rail / Truck Transload Terminal On Heavyweight Container Barge Corridor Fuel Cell Power Generation Port of Stockton, California, USA Lineage Logistics, LLC Formerly Castle & Cooke Cold Storage
  • 2. Management Team •Lineage Logistics, Operator –Third largest refrigerated storage company in North America –Founded through the combination of five premier, temperature-controlled warehousing companies, some of whose roots date back to the early 1900 –Has a footprint of 12 million square feet and 240 million cubic feet of refrigerated storage capacity • •M&L Commodities, Inc., Developer & Owner –Involved in international trade for the past 35 years –Southwest Hide Company, one of America’s largest dealer and processors of Hides. –Recipient of the President’s “E” Award for excellence in export –Solid experience in designing, building, and operating large- scale international projects –Employs the latest technologies and the best talents to create world class teams that run deep with experience and proven track records of success
  • 3. Port of Stockton Strategic Central California Location •Located in the heart of the agricultural San Joaquin Valley which produces 12.8% of United States' agricultural production (as measured by dollar value). •The major West Coast US focal point for regional, national, and international distribution and logistical services. •Approximately $6 Billion in U.S. agricultural products exported through Port of Oakland Customs District annually. •The Port is situated in the hub of four major freeways, two transcontinental railroads, and on an international waterway. •Ability to reach 18 million people in 3 ½ hours and 40 million people in 10 hours. •Provides ‘bypass’ of the congestion in other West Coast ports for destination points worldwide.
  • 4. West Coast 4th largest port by tonnage Port of Stockton M&L Refrigerated Terminal Phases #1 through #4 Fuel Cell Power Generation Berths 9 & 10 for reefer ships Container Barge Terminal Interstate 5 UP/BNSF rail via own CCT shortline Refrigerated Rail Trans- load Facility on dock to handle expedited refrigerated service to and from the Mid-West, served by both BNSF and Union Pacific
  • 5. Expedited Rail Service from/to Mid West US Significant revitalization is taking place in rail transport of refrigerated products The facility is served by both Union Pacific (UP) and BN Santa Fe Railroads (BNSF) via Central California Traction (CCT) their short line Expedited Rail Service. With both class one Railroads' owning their own short line, at a deep water central California port, it allows quicker turn times & less elapsed time from Midwest to overseas destinations, bypassing over-crowded Bay Area rail networks. UP offers coast to coast expedited service in 5 days with twice a week delivery through the “Rail-Ex” program. Intermodal Facilities. Adjoining UP Lathrop and BNSF Mariposa Intermodal facilities located within 5 miles of port and major interstate networks. Transload. Bulk rail and medium haul trucking into the facility for trans-loading to containers will facilitate increased import/export volumes and the ever increasing problems of sourcing empty reefer containers in the interior. Dockside Refrigerated Rail Facility. Key additional services, increasing volume for reefer cargoes routed by rail for longer distances. Cost effective moves. Expansive 60 foot shipping dock connected to rail dock for quick turns of rail trans- loaded product into overweight containers. Heavyweights. Ability to overweight containers using the Green Trade Corridor Marine Highway Container-on-Barge service to/from the Port of Oakland in 2nd quarter 2013.
  • 6. California Green Trade Corridor M-580 Marine Highway M&L RefrigeratedTerminal will benefit from M-580: •The M-580 Corridor includes the San Joaquin River, Sacramento River, and connecting commercial navigation channels, and the Port of Stockton/Central California to the Port of Oakland. It connects to the M-580 Corridor at Oakland. •Container shuttle barge service between the Ports of Stockton and Oakland starting Q2- 2013. • On-dock capability to inspect trans- load imported freight containers to rail or truck. •Rail trans loading capabilities and services providing containerization of heavy-weights. •Eliminates major volume transit of refrigerated containers and trailers from highway routes, reducing road congestion, pollution, and transit time.
  • 7. Miles 8 Times More Efficient than Truck 3 Times More Efficient than Truck
  • 8. Contact: Michael Girdner M&L RefrigeratedTerminal, Inc. Port of Stockton, California Tel: 209-599-7575 Email: On-dock Public Refrigerated Warehouse Terminal Complex As fully built-out through all four (4) phases John Weihrouch Port Facility Direct 2323 Port Rd. A Stockton, CA 95203 (209) 460-3404 Lineage Logistics, LLC Formerly Castle & Cooke Cold Storage