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  • 2. 2Connect,Collaborate,and Learn.
  • 3. 3CONTENTSAbout LabRoots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Demographics & Traffic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Banner Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Third Party Emails . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9Webinars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Newsletters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12Rate Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13About BioConference Live . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14Sponsor Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15Schedule of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Demographics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Testimonials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21Rate Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Contact Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24BioConferenceLIVE“We’re developing additional and stronger connectionsin the scientific community online every day. LabRootsand BioConference Live offer an avenue to deliver richcontent as well as interact with the many people whoengage in virtual events and social media.”Keith BisognoVice President of Brand Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific“The BioConference Live event represents a greatopportunity for us to support education in clinicaldiagnostics. The online format gives medical and labprofessionals a convenient way to stay up-to-date with thelatest practices in their field and discuss how diagnostictesting can provide greater medical value.”Randy PritchardVice President of Marketing, Roche Diagnostics
  • 4. 4About LabRootsLabRoots is the leading professional networking website designed toconnect all science verticals:• Agricultural, Earth, &Environmental Sciences• Chemistry• Computer Sciences• Economics• Education• Engineering• History• Law• Life Sciences• Linguistics• Literature• Mathematics• Medicine• PhilosophyFounded in March 2008, LabRoots vision was to connect the scientific world leveraging a myriad of unique features andtools, discovering meaningful collaborations across geographic boundaries and fields of expertise.• Physics• Political Sciences• Religious Studies• Social Sciences• Space Sciences
  • 5. LabRoots Advantages:• Facilitates scientific communication and networking• Offers the highest level of social networkingfunctionality• Incorporates advanced data mining techniques fortargeted communication between the LabRootscommunity and advertisers• Targets all scientific disciplines• A global reach to a diverse audience• LabRoots has the tools, audience, and content whichmake it the ultimate destination for scientists todisseminate original ideas and information and tostretch the boundaries of scienceLabRoots Features:• Over 25,000,000 documents of publication metadata• Hundreds of live news feeds, updated daily• Watch and post videos, images, files, and links• Post reviews of publications, products, companies, pressreleases, and more• Access thousands of scientific events, conferences,seminars, and webinars• Find and post jobs from all over the world• Follow companies and institutions or start your owncompany page and update your progress• Connect, follow, and message your colleagues and peers• Post and track your activity and the actions of yourpeers in real time5Connect, Collaborate, and Learn.
  • 6. 6HighlightsCreate and develop a profile pagewith all your scientific background,then update your activity by postingnotes, links, videos, images, files,and publications.Watch thousands of videos in the LabRootslibrary: webinars, product reviews, 3Danimation, commercials, trade shows, andmoreSearch and review millions ofpublications
  • 7. 7DEMOGRAPHICS & TRAFFICMembership: FreeRegistered Members: 405,250+Number of Countries Represented: 179Degree BackgroundPh.D.35%M.D.21%B.A./B.S./B.Sc.16%Ph.D/M.D.11%M.A./M.S./M.Sc.13%Other4%Professional SegmentAcademic33%Hospital/Healthcare24%Industry27%Government7%Non-Profit5%Other4%Geographic DistributionAsia19%Europe23%Africa2%Australia3%SouthAmerica4%NorthAmerica51%Visitor Sessions Per Month: 520,000Page Views Per Month: 1.9 MillionAverage Visit: 2 minutes 35 seconds
  • 8. 8Banner advertisingBanner ads deliver cost-effective and highly visible coverage for all your products and services. LabRoots specializes increating personalized advertising and sponsorship packages to help clients inform and attract new customers. With a range ofonline advertising options that can be targeted, clients can be assured that the size and diversity of our advertising networkwill provide the best marketing opportunities. You can also target your banner advertisements by:• Geography:Reach users in specifiedcountries, regions, or states.• Category & Discipline:Advertise directly to specificdisciplines such as Genetics,Oncology, Microbiology, orImmunology. Add keywords aswell.• Work Sector:Target your campaign toacademia, industry, hospital,government, non-profit, andmore.• Date & Time:Deliver your banner ads onspecified days of the week, weeksof the month, or months of theyear.AdvertisingSpecifications• File formats accepted:JPG, GIF (static or animated),SWF (Flash)• Maximum file size: 50 KB• Leader Boards: 728 x 90• Sky Scrapers: 160 x 600SkyScraper160x600Leader Board 728 x 90“While working with LabRoots on a number of campaigns, we’ve seen somegreat results with high click-through rates and genuine leads. What’s more, the teamis friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible. We are happy to recommendLabRoots to our clients.”Alto Marketing, healthcare and life science communications consultancy
  • 9. 9Third Party EmailsCommunicate your message and content to your audienceby renting a targeted segment of our 400,000 opt-ine-mail list. Generate interest in your product or service andreceive immediate leads and feedback.Through our email program, we work with our communityto ensure that the emails they receive are relevant andanticipated. We then work with our advertisers to send tothe most targeted lists possible.Target your email based on geography, work sector,specialty, title, job function, and key words.The result is an email universe growing by thousands ofnames each month, and campaign performance that issecond to none.Pricing: $350 CPM (discount with volume or packages)
  • 10. 10WEBINARSLabRoots will:• Produce webinar with live streaming video (or audio), along with powerpoint slides and Q&A• Create registration page with your questions• Customized background with your creative and logo (video window and slide sit on top of background)• Promote the webinar with active online marketing: email campaigns, banner ad, social media pages, and posted onLabRoots website• Automatic reminder emails to the registrants beforethe webinar, and during the on-demand period• Offer Continuing Education (or CME) credits to theattendees• Manage the data collection and deliver qualified leadswith contact and professional information of eachregistrant• Feature on-demand for six months, hosted on theLabRoots website• Assist in speaker selectionShowcase Your Companys Leadership on Important Industry Topics. Partner with LabRoots toproduce, host, and promote a scientific webinar featuring your content, products or services.
  • 11. 11WEBINARSPricingAudio with powerpoint $8,500• 3-Pack Webinar Series$14,950Video with powerpoint $14,500• 3-Pack Webinar Series$24,500Video in studio withpowerpoint $28,500• 3-Pack Webinar Series orPanel $35,750 (same studio)*Volume and package discounted pricingavailable. Ask your representative!
  • 12. 12NewslettersAdvertise in our highly anticipated weekly LabRootsnewsletters and promote your companys products orservices.• Primary Position (160x600) $950/Newsletter• Secondary Position (160x600) $650/Newsletter“LabRoots and BioConference Live have been a valuablechannel for bringing Enzo Life Sciences messaging to thelife sciences marketplace. The large LabRoots subscriberbase helps us efficiently target an engaged global audience.”Randy Strube, PH.D.Technical Marketing Manager, Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.“The team at LabRoots has always been quick to respondto our needs and is a pleasure to work with. We receive alarge number of responses through LabRoots’ third-partyemails and plan to utilize their subscriber base to furtherconnect with the scientific community worldwide.”Jenny HsuSr. Marketing Communications Specialist,Molecular Devices, LLC“In times where scientific research is becomingmore interdisciplinary, LabRoots provides an efficientand convenient way to stay up-to-date with the latestdevelopments in various research areas. Based on thecomprehensive segregation into research topics andapplications, LabRoots enables you to globally updatescientists with information relevant to their day-to-day research and tips about how to improve theirexperiments.”Product Manager, Abcam
  • 13. 13RATE CARDContact LabRoots for a Custom Package built to meet your needsBanner AdsLeader Board 728x90 $50 CPMSkyscraper 160x600 $40 CPMNewslettersPrimary Position 160x600 $950/NewsletterSecondary Position 160x600 $650/NewsletterDirect Emails$350 CPMPACKAGES100,000 Emails for $10,000 | 200,000 Emails for $15,000SILVER Package (6 months):1 Banner 6 Months4 Primary Newsletters2 Secondary Newsletters15,000 Emails$9,000GOLD Package (9 months):2 Banner Ads 9 Months6 Primary Newsletters4 Secondary Newsletters50,000 Emails$17,500Platinum Package (12 months):2 Banner Ads 12 Months10 Primary Newsletters6 Secondary Newsletters100,000 Emails$27,50013TRIAL1 Banner Ads for 1 Month1 Newsletter Sponsorship1 Email Blast to 5,000 Recipients$950
  • 14. 14ABOUT BioConference LiveBioConference Live is the worlds largest producerof virtual events focused on the life sciences, clinicaldiagnostics, and laboratory animal sciences community.BioConference Live brings together researchers, clinicians,medical experts and professionals from around the worldexclusively online.This conference offers an amazing opportunity as it isfree to participants, and there will be no out-of-pocketexpenses for travel. However, participants will still benefitfrom interacting with a global community of like-mindedcolleagues, without leaving the comfort of their office orhome.Conference participants will be able to...• Search and attend live streaming video sessions of theirchoice• Have their questions answered in real-time by experts• Receive Free Continuing Education & ContinuingMedical Education Credits• Chat live with peers and speakers• Browse a virtual exhibit floor for solution providersBioConferenceLIVE91.7%Attendees EnterExpo HallAverageVisitor Spends2.3 HoursLogged InAverage749 Visitors toEach Booth 392Viewersper Session105,650Registrants10,596AttendeesPer Event
  • 15. 15Sponsor benefitsBioConferenceLIVENo crowded airports, delayed flights or expensive hotelrooms, but still the look and feel of a first-rate conferencewith world renowned experts. Participants benefit from thefact that experts and vendors are more accessible. No morewaiting in line to speak to someone, only to have themleave before your questions can be answered. Live onlineevents provide global reach, online access to live videocontent, real-time networking with presenters and peers,and the efficient use of time and resources.• Engage your audience in a rich 3D onlineenvironment• Generate highly qualified, actionable leads• Save time and money. No travel required• Exhibit online, booth design included• Associate your solution with thought leaders
  • 16. 16 BioConferenceLIVEClinical Diagnostics | May 29-31, 2013Topics Include:Laboratory Animal Sciences | February 13-14, 2013Topics Include:• Behavior & Enrichment• Biocontainment• Biological Work Stations• Clinical Support Services• Environment & Phenotype• Facility Management• Genetic Testing• Genetic Engineering• Health Management (all speciesincluding aquatics and transgenics)• Housing (all species includingaquatics and transgenics)• Management• Pain & Distress• Animal Protocol Development• Animal Protocol Harm& Benefit Analysis• Rules & Regulations• Safety; animals & people• Surgery with concentration inrefinements & aseptic technique• Science of Animal Models• USDA & AAALAC Inspection• Wireless Animal InventoryManagement• Laboratory Testing• Clinical Chemistry• Personalized Healthcare• Infectious Disease• Vitamin D• Oncology• Cardiology• Immunology• Pathology• Molecular Diagnostics• LIMS• Pharmacology• Diabetes• Point of Care• Allergy• Hematology• Clinical Research• MicrobiologySchedule of Events
  • 17. 17BioConferenceLIVEGenetics & Genomics | August 21-22, 2013Topics Include:Cancer: Research, Discovery & Therapeutics | October 16-17, 2013Topics Include:• RNAi• Next-generation sequencing• Cancer research• Sequencing• Genome-wide association studies• Epigenetics• Mapping• Exomes• Genomic medicine• Pharmacogenetics• DNA/RNA Purification• Epigenetics• Drug Discovery• Therapeutics• Detection• Stem Cells• Cancer Evolution and Resistance• Bone Marrow• Global Cancer Crisis• Brain Cancer• Cancer Genetics• Nanotechnology• Human Genome StructuralVariation• Mutations• Translational Genomics• Bioinformatics• Genotyping• Pharmacogenomics• Cloning• Gene Expression• Phenotyping• Transcription• Lung Cancer• Colon Cancer• Cell Technologies• Breast Cancer• Prostate Cancer• Vaccines• Pancreatic Cancer• Melanoma• Liver Cancer• Lymphoma• Leukemia• Functional Genomics• Synthetic Biology• Genome Engineering• Immunology• qPCR/Real-Time PCR• Human Identification• PCR• Biomarkers• Stem Cell research• Bioproduction• Molecular Diagnostics• Biomarkers• Monoclonal Antibodies• Cervical Cancer• Epigenetics• Immunology• Drug Development• Molecular Diagnostics• Research Funding• Kinome/Kinase• Cell Engineering• Next-Generation Sequencing“I was very impressed with the reach and response of our presentation. BioConference Live is a high-efficiencyway for the life sciences industry to collaborate.” Kevin Hrusovsky, President at Perkin Elmer
  • 18. 18 BioConferenceLIVEDemographicsGeographic DistributionM.A./M.S./M.Sc.23%MedicalCenter16%Medicine10%AcademicInstitute12%Microbiology8%BioTech 8%LabTesting7%ClinicalResearch 7%ResearchInstitute12%Immunology8%Hospital19%ClinicalChemistry12%Ph.D.23%B.A./B.S./B.Sc.21%M.D.17%Ph.D./M.D.13%Other2%Endocrinology 1%Allergy 1%QC/QA 1%Consultant 1%Hematology 1%Executive 2%Private Practice 1%Association/Society 1%Non-Profit3%Pharmaceutical2%Government3%MedicalDevice 3%Diagnostics3%PhysiciansOffice Lab 4%AmbulatoryCare 4%Asia13%Australia2%Europe17%Africa3%SouthAmerica2%NorthAmerica62%Affiliation DegreeSpecialtyClinical DiagnosticsOncology 5%Nutrition 3%Biomedical Eng. 3%Healthcare 3%Pathology 3%Point of Care 3%Infectious Disease 3%Pharmacology 3%Cardiology 3%Molecular Diagnostics 4%Clinical Diagnostics 5%
  • 19. 19BioConferenceLIVEDemographicsGeographic DistributionBiochem9%AcademicInstitute18%MolecularBiology8%Biotech10%Chemistry8%ResearchInstitute42%Biotech13%M.A./M.S./M.Sc.25%Ph.D.26%B.A./B.S./B.Sc.20%M.D.14%Ph.D./M.D.13%Plant Scenes 1%Ecology 1%Agriculture 1%Physiology 1%Association/Society 1%QC/QA 1%Pharmacology 1%Medical Device 1%Executive 2%Diagnostics 1%Consultant 1%Government 2%Manufacturing 2%Clinical Research 3%Non-Profit 3%Hospital 4%Pharmaceutical 5%Medical Center 5%Other2%Asia15%Australia2%Europe19%Africa3%SouthAmerica3%NorthAmerica58%Affiliation DegreeSpecialtyLife SciencesGenetics 6%Biomedical Engineering 6%Microbiology 6%Dev. Biology 2%Neuroscience 5%Analytical Chemistry 5%Animal Sciences 5%Organic Chemistry 5%Physics 2%Inorganic Chemistry 2%Nanotechnology 2%Immunology 2%Proteomics 4%Cell Biology 4%
  • 20. 20Geographic DistributionM.A./M.S./M.Sc.18%Ph.D.21%B.A./B.S./B.Sc.41%VMD1%DVM5%M.D.8%Dsc.8%Asia19%Australia1%Europe20%Africa4%SouthAmerica4%NorthAmerica52%Affiliation DegreeSpecialtyLaboratory Animal SciencesDemographicsVeterinarySciences21%AcademicInstitute26%BioTech 11%Genetics7%ResearchInstitute33%Biotechnology11%AnimalSciences24%Healthcare 1%QC/QA 1%Biomedical Engineering 1%Molecular Diagnostics 1%Immunology 1%Clinical Research 1%Executive 1%Association/Society 1%Consultant 1%Non-Profit2%MedicalDevice 2%Government3%MedicalCenter 3%Hospital4%Pharmaceutical5%VeterinaryHospital 6%Cancer Research 3%Executive 2%Clinical Diag. 1%Pharmacology 1%Cell Biology 4%Microbiology 4%Molecular Biology 5%Biochemistry 5%Analytical Chemistry 5%BioConferenceLIVE
  • 21. 21Testimonials“My experience at BioConference Live was positive,professional and very easy to participate in. I look forwardto presenting at future virtual events.”Alan Wu, PHD, DABCCChief of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology, San FranciscoGeneral Hospital, Professor of Laboratory Medicine,University of California, San Francisco“BioConference Live is an effective forum that providesan alternative means for laboratorians to learn about newtechnologies and services and pursue continuing educationopportunities. In a market where staffing shortages andexpenses make it difficult for our customers to free up stafftime and budget for travel, we’re pleased to be sponsoringsuch an efficient, cost-effective event.”Cyndi CarterVice President Market Management at Cardinal Health“I found the BioConference Live production ofmy lecture to be interesting, effective and very userfriendly. The team worked well with me, there were notechnical snafus, and I felt well supported as I deliveredthe presentation from my office computer. I enjoyedthe international audience. An effective and professionalprogram.”Paul Billings, MD, PhDChief Medical Officer, Life Technologies“I enjoyed speaking about clinical lipid and lipoproteinassessment as part of BioConference Lives ClinicalDiagnostics session. As a speaker, I independentlydeveloped the topic and content of my presentation. Theonline conference platform was a great mechanism tointeract with a diverse audience from around the globe,without any carbon footprint. The ability to poll theaudience in real-time during the conference, have a liveQ&A session, and chat with audience members afterthe talk provided valuable avenues for thought sharing. Idefinitely look forward to participating in BioConferenceLive sessions in the future.”Seth Martin, MDCardiology Fellow, Division of Cardiology, The JohnsHopkins HospitalBioConferenceLIVE
  • 22. 22RATE CardKey Event Partner: $50,000• Most prominent position at BioConference Live withtop level branding throughout the event• Keynote presentation: live in-studio video presentation(no concurrent presentations)• Four track presentations: live webcast presentation(concurrent presentations)• Three virtual booths with preferred position inexhibition hall• Choice of 26 booth templates• Complete registration list• Pre-event promotion on website, in all e-mailnewsletters and live promotion during event• Logo in lobby plaza, exhibit hall, and communicationslounge• Lobby banner• Logo on registration page• Logo on all marketing materials such as flyers,brochures, media packets, advertisementsPlatinum Sponsor: $30,000• Keynote presentation: live in-studio video presentation(no concurrent presentations)• Two track presentations: host a live video presentationwithin an agenda track• Three virtual booths with preferred position inexhibition hall• Choice of 20 booth templates• Complete registration list• Pre and post-event newsletter sponsorship• Logo in lobby plaza and exhibit hall, andcommunications lounge• Lobby banner• Logo on registration page• Logo on all marketing materials such as flyers,brochures, media packets, advertisementsBioConferenceLIVE
  • 23. 23RATE CardGold Package: $20,000• Host a live in-studio video keynote presentation (noconcurrent presentations)• Capture detailed lead information on all presentationattendees• Two virtual booths in exhibition hall• Choice of 15 booth templates• Pre-event email blast or newsletter sponsorship• Logo in lobby plaza and exhibit hall, andcommunications lounge• Logo on registration pageSilver Package: $15,000• Host a live in-studio video keynote presentation (noconcurrent presentations)• Capture detailed lead information on all presentationattendees• Includes a virtual booth in exhibition hall• Choice of 15 booth templates• Pre-event newsletter sponsorship• Logo in lobby plaza and exhibit hall, andcommunications loungePresenting Sponsor:Track Session $7,900($5,000 1st Time Exhibitors)• Host a live video presentation within an agenda track• Capture detailed lead information on all presentationattendees• Includes a virtual exhibit booth• Choice of 10 booth templates• Logo in lobby plaza and exhibit hall, andcommunications loungeExhibiting Sponsor: $3,900($2,500 1st Time Exhibitors)• Present your existing web pages, documents, videos,webcasts, surveys, and other digital assets in a virtualexhibit booth• Gain exposure in a directory that is searched bythousands of prospects looking for solution providers• Capture detailed lead information on all booth visitors• Choice of 10 booth templates• Logo in lobby plaza and exhibit hall, andcommunications loungeBioConferenceLIVE“As an organization, we’realways looking for alternativeways to reach our targetedaudience. BioConference Liveprovides such an opportunity bybringing together a communityof scientists eager for content,and enabling us to showcase ourlatest products and applicationsin an easy-to-navigate format.”Shimadzu
  • 24. 24SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIESLabRoots and BioConference Live provide next generation digital marketing opportunities that allow you to target yourmessage to specific groups of scientists and medical experts. For pricing, custom proposals or general information pleasecontact the appropriate representative below:HeadquartersTel: +1-714-926-6384Fax: +1-714-463-467318340 Yorba Linda Blvd.Suite 107 PMB 427Yorba Linda, CA 92886LabRoots, Inc.E-mail: Advertise@LabRoots.comBioConference LiveE-mail: Sponsors@BioConferenceLive.comSales Support & Editorial InformationFor website, newsletter, email and advertising metrics, and/or editorial inquiries please contact Jennifer EllisMedia Information & Press ReleasesMembers of the press may direct inquiries to or visit our Press Page at and/or Information & InquiriesAll other questions and inquiries can be sent to or Info@BioConferenceLive.comGreg Cruikshank, Director of SalesGreg.Cruikshank@LabRoots.comGreg.Cruikshank@BioConferenceLive.comTel: +1-714-926-6384Chris Ballesteros, Sales ManagerChris.Ballesteros@LabRoots.comChris.Ballesteros@BioConferenceLive.comTel: +1-562-690-1395Josephine Hernaez, Sales ManagerJosephine.Hernaez@LabRoots.comJosephine.Hernaez@BioConferenceLive.comTel: +1-949-307-2742Jennifer Ellis, Marketing ManagerJen.Ellis@LabRoots.comJen.Ellis@BioConferenceLive.comTel: +1-206-679-3228
  • 25. Lets talk science.Lets talk medicine.25
  • 26. 26Tel: +1-714-926-6384Fax: +1-714-463-467318340 Yorba Linda Blvd.Suite 107 PMB 427Yorba Linda, CA 92886LabRoots, Inc.E-mail: Advertise@LabRoots.comlabroots.comBioConference LiveE-mail: Sponsors@BioConferenceLive.combioconferencelive.comCopyright © 2012 LabRoots Inc. All rights reserved.